Jeopardy Game: October

Hi, everyone! Let's strat the game. Onee is the first to ask as she is the winner of the last round.

Hope, you all remember the rules.

Here are our categories:

1. Culture/traditions/customs.

2. Literature/language.

3. Nature/animals/pets.

4. Science/engineering/technology.

5. Music/art/architecture.

6. History/philosophy.

7. Movies/theater/TV.

8. Gastronomy/cuisines.

9. Sports.

10. General knowledge.

11. Puzzles/numbers.

12. A Black Box.

Please, don't forget about the rules, especially the rule of 3 attempts.

Good luck!


Tanya 1450

Mishaikh 650

Onee-Chan 2800

Laura 300

Roman 1600

Danny 950

ELF-Noor 1400

Luci 300

Rahul 250


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  • Thank you Danny!

  • Dear Onee, Roman! My sincere congratulations!

  • Welcome, my friends!

    Let me finish my new question!

  • Seriously, Teacher Tanya......???

    I can't wait to receive award.:D

    Thank you in advance.... Hug! ^^
  • Thank you!:))))
  • My friends! October is over and our winner is ONEE-CHAN again!

    As Onee has won almost all our library till now, our awdards will go to Roman and Onee will get a link to a nice site she may use in her teaching.

  • Hi, Roman! 

    What is The Addams Family?

    • Hi Tanya! Yes, you are right! Congratulation! Btw, how was your Halloween celebration?
    • Thanks, Roman! The celebration had been VERY good as we hardly woke up after noon! LOL!

      I will ask my question in a new discussion "Jeopardy game: November"

  • Round 24.

    Category: 7. Movies/theater/TV.

    Score: 350.

    Question: The name of the old TV series about one weird family that also related to Halloween. Genre: satirical comedy.

This reply was deleted.