Onee's Writing Challange: The Breaking EC News

Hi, ladies and gentlemen! Here is the breaking news on our EC channel! Stay with us!

After returning to EC megalopolis, one of our favorite teachers suddenly changed his traditional orientation and started going nuts! His traditional learning blogs about idioms, phrasal verbs and grammar have been replaced by his sarcastic blogs deriding learners’ mistakes. He must have rested his brains somewhere in the jungle of the blunders he faces every day! He writes down all your mistakes in a long hand on the paper not to lose them due to a blackout, flooding or any other trouble. He locks his notes in the safe for nobody to read them. He started seeing nightmares, eating his dirty clothes and munching! He has been accustoming his coach to drinking hard and a great athlete is about to become a zombie or a ghost living in our house!

The problem is that a bad example is infectious. Following their idol, many EC learners decided to change their orientation, too. Now, instead of correcting their mistakes and learning from them, they started providing their favorite teacher with more and more funny expressions he can’t help laughing at!

The last breaking news is that EC learners decided to compete in making as many mistakes as they can to win in this endless marathon.

I think it is time for the community to pay attention to what is going on in our purpose-oriented megalopolis although its citizens prefer to learn being unconscious.

Stay with us!

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  • Thanks, dear Onee! Sure, all the nightmares are just kidding for you to remember the mistakes and to laugh together with us

  • Sure, Teacher Tanya. ^^

    I hope Teacher Dan won't have real nightmare just because of our mistakes. I think most of us enjoy this correction. :D

  • Dear Onee, I am happy you liked my breaking news! LOL! I do believe that most of our learners have a good sense of humor. If they don't, it is the worst mistake we can't correct. Someone said (I don't remember) that if a nation can laugh at itself, it is a healthy nation. We can say the same about each individual, can't we?

  • Dear Bet, let me tell you that at my lessens/classes I do the same as Dan. I tell my students what I imagine hearing them or what I have experienced saying the same. And I tell you, they never make such mistakes again!

  • :)
  • Dear Roman! Danny decided to go to the USA to hear the habitual English language. I hope he will come to after spending a week among his compatriots who are as ignorant as him! ROLF!

  • Hi, everyone! Sorry, I was a little busy to relpy but thank you all for the nice comments.

  • Teacher Tanya, LOL..

    Thank you so much for reporting such an important event. LOL...

    I really love the last line, though my favorite mistake is one of my own mistakes. :D :D

    I don't think those are his nightmares, it now becomes learners' nightmares. ha...ha...ha... I beg you please....teacher......please stop this. :D :D At least for a while.... kkkk... *I'm okay, but I'm not sure others. :D

    By writing this repeatedly, how can we forget our mistakes. This is a great lesson.

    This breaking news should be heard by every learner... :D

    I'm so glad that you take part in this challenge. So many thanks, Teacher Tanya. ^^

  • Hahaha....but dear Tanya I think if we can remember at least some of them it will be helpful, what do you think?

  • Hi Tanya! I know that I am one of those mistake makers... But mmm... I did it not intentionally :-! But yes, it is not really good at all.

    And what about Danny... I am sorry to hear that:( I just hope that he will recover soon, because of resting there in the jungle. And indeed, a dream can become a real nightmare, after reading those mistakes:)

    Thank you Tanya! Let's see how it ends.

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