If you treasure food, enjoy eating, want to share a local recipe, please sign in as a friend. Also please do post some photos to make everyone here mouth watering!
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  • interesting group .. pleased to be here..Smile.gif

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  •    The  most traditional  of all these  recipies  is  Bean soup.

    The ingredients are dry beans,onion, tomato sauce,celery,salt and pepper and olive oil.We put the dry beans into water a whole night and in the morning we boil them until they are soft.We add onion chopped ,small pieces of cellery,tomatoe sauce, salt and pepper. At  the end we add some olive oil.

  •     Here  are some pictures of traditional Greek cuisine.2388473189?profile=original2388473094?profile=original2388473134?profile=original2388473334?profile=original2388473278?profile=original2388473425?profile=original

  • Traditional%20chick.odt

  •   I  will send you  some healthy  Greek recipies. 

  • Can somebody tell me how to make dough for Italian pizza? I mean  recipe. I will be very thankful. Now, when I make pizza, I buy ready made dough, but I don't like it at all.

  • are you kidding!! ofcourse not. you are one in a million..lucky us we have u here Tanya


  • Hi, friends! I was glad to find this group a few days ago. Hope, you don't mind my joining it. I like cooking very much, I like to try or invent new dishes and I will be happy to share my recipies with you. Unfortunately, my camera is out of order now. May I  take part in your discussions without pictures for some time?

  • Hi Allahverdiyeva ? where do u come  from ? this kind of bread looks delicious it's very common in my country_ Jordan.

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pineapple pizza

A couple weeks ago I decided to make homemade pizza I dont like store bought pizza neither pre made frozen pizza so I planned to do my own version of pizza I looked up on the Internet for pizza crust recipe or a pizza dough I was lucky to finde a very good one recipe I also wanted to have some delicious toping so I made a pizza sauce , so after I finished rolling the dough to a thin base I had decided to top my pizza with a pineapple and some mozzarella cheese and it was very good decision the…

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Have you ever tried Corn Pickled?I made it last weeks and use it to decorate salads and mostly food plate.so simple, only corn leaves are peeled off , put them in a dish.Boil water and salt, after it cooled, add a little vinegar to it ( it depends to your taste, I myself like it to be salty not too sour; so I use little vinegar), then add it to the dish which corns are set.If you are familiar to make different local pickles, shared with us.

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 This is a simple easy fast making salad.Ingredients:                          Potato,green onion,                                                                    Parsley,grated carrot                                                    and beetAfter steaming potato , chop it into small pieces, add a bit salt,mixed it with chopped green onion and parsley, then in a dish, put a cellophane , add grated carrot, then add mixed potato and press them (be careful do not mixed carrot with potato due…

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