pineapple pizza

A couple weeks ago I decided to make homemade pizza I dont like store bought pizza neither pre made frozen pizza so I planned to do my own version of pizza I looked up on the Internet for pizza crust recipe or a pizza dough I was lucky to finde a very good one recipe I also wanted to have some delicious toping so I made a pizza sauce , so after I finished rolling the dough to a thin base I had decided to top my pizza with a pineapple and some mozzarella cheese and it was very good decision the pizza came out very delicious and very presentable too .


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  • Wasn't that sweet i had used unsweetened canned pineapple ,but of course it was something different to try ,did i like it ? Yes and i think next time i will spice up the pizza sauce a little bit ! Thank you for your comment
  • Hello Saba, it looks nice, but how was the taste? Wasn't it sweet and salty?

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