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I can

Dear all,

Success can not follow you.. you have to follow it... be a hunter chacing it from a bush to a bush from a hole to a hole... even if it flew high... aim high ..shoot it to achive it.

Say I can, Say I will, those words will turn you to a man of well.  Since the day we born, we never stop dreaming, cause dreaming is for free. But working to make those dreams come true means hard work, means struggel.. means ups and downs,, means pain.

Hope is big as the sun when it reaches close to the earth,, but only those who believe in it can see it. Only those who feel it can sense its light,, Only those are positive living creatures.. Yes, I  said creatures because Even animals and plants can apply this. Be a Hope believer and never lower your flage and walk away.

Take your role in this life as if its the most important role in the world.. 

You will not live for ever.. but your achivement will never die.. and never be forgotton..

If you can see that big sun like I do,, then Just believe you can be someone the world in need for.

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Make a wish!



Wake up the jinni
Make your wish
Be The king of this world
Be rich like no one else
Steal the hearts of the beauties
Be as tough as superman
Be the world largest man
But no matter what you can't reach
The thing that simple people have
To be happy from all your heart
To taste the life as the way it should be
To be with someone who loves you pure
To have the smile that worth more and more
More than a lamp forgotten for years
Buried in the eyes of a Wiseman who sees it clear
The fact that happiness is
granted by the simple you.



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Magic Mirror ( Poem)

I spent all my fortune to buy  a amagic mirror
I needed to find out how to reach a person  who can change my life
So I asked it:

Who can make me feel happy?
Who can make me be strong ?
Who can fill the space of my life?
Who can turn me on? 
Who can light my way? 
Who can make my day? 

The mirror said:
" That person, is simply... You! "

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Poem: The Dancing Fire


I saw the fire dancing on the wood
Eating there, there and there

It was moving with the blowing wind
Never thinking of a close end

It was breathing life the way it should
Having fun as much bigger growing as it could

Neglecting the coldness of this world
With its heat it makes the hard fold

Like it teaches how to deal with life
Fire up your spirit to revive.


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The Fly life ( Poem)

3 long days that much please
A tiny fly that soon will die

Day 1 is tasting the covered food ( Garbage)
and wondering with " Wow" this wonderful world.

Day 2 is teasing the giants ( Mankind)
its a challenge for a fly to be rude. 

Day 3 is to spin around the Sun! ( lamp)
until falling down to pass away.

Since life is too short, why not living the most of it? the main idea about this poem is to be happy and create from nothing many things. Sometimes we learn from even lower intelligent creatures such flies.

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I would like to share this poem with all my friends here in MyEC. I hope you like it. I wrote it to my wife in our 3rd wedding anniversary. Well, she liked it. I hope you all enjoy.


Poem title : Tell her


Tell her now before it's too late

Tell her you love her.. till the last beat..

of your heart that will never quit..

loving her, being her soul mate

Be the warm sun that she awaits

Make her feels happy

Make her feels great

Be who you are, all fears you can defeat

Walk to happiness... just go straight

Shes the one.. you 've got to meet

It's ment to be.. you and her

Tell the word...Say it clear!

" I love you so much "

" I love you, my dear! "



Thanks all for your time. I wish you all the best love in your lives.

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A word makes a Poem ( Part two)!!!

This is part two of my previous blog, I am very sorry for keeping you all waiting, I had been going through a hard time in my life.  And now please enjoy!


Surawan  "Flower"

Reema "Dying"

Bluerose "Disappeared love"

Soria "Friendship"

Nadiyah  "Harmony"

Maya   "Hope"

Beautiful mind  "Madness"

Vindos "serenity"

Tereza  "Passion"

Carelesswhisper (april) "Thanks"

Artem "procrastination"

 Lilac "My only child"


Click on this link below!!!!!!!

you will hear my poems                                                            class="font-size-6">" Flower"

I breath your love or shall I say

Your love conquered my heart

And ruled my mind

Like a bee blindly hooked in love with a flower

you made my life taste sweet.. not any more sour.



Dying in my room

Alone... dying

Dying in the dark


I wish a friendly hand pulls the curtain

So the light enters my life


" A disappeared Love "

Little zombies in my mind

are eating every joy I have

They force me to be sad

and sometimes mad

They are the thoughts that born because of

a disappeared love from my simple life

The cure they say is to move on

and leave the past just behind

It is something hard to do

because I'm the one who've been left behind

Sorry, This medicine I can't afford

I shall always be sad and mad.


Nothing like friendship, when it grows between two.

love and respect mature it, loyalty is what it shows

it is like a hand grabbing another hand & never let go

a trade that seems so profitable, since trust is it's law.


  " Harmony"

In MyEC we live in Harmony

our words are our money

We spend it to learn, to teach and to love every body

It's the kind of place which makes you act so socially

It's run by honest people

who took care of us very faithfully


 " Hope"

Even if life rains troubles on you

Even if your future misery shows

Even if the sun kept missing from your sky

Even if the demonic thoughts are playing in your mind

Even if your faith started shaking

Even if your soul is agony bleeding

Even if your trusted love turns back on you

Keep always holding hope!

Hold it tight to survive!


  " Madness"

I see the world turned into madness

Since the strong conquered the weak

Every mankind tasted sadness

War & hate made their faith shake

As If peace migrated to abseness

It appears clear in children's tears on cheeks

I wish the giants weren't mindless

So I can believe their justice isn't fake


 " Serenity"

Serenity of mind & purity of heart

Make the life seems so simple

Make the person so humble

Make the peace never crumbles


 " Passion "

Poetry is my Passion

It's the world that I run to

It's my own made unlimited fiction

Read my words.. you will have fun too!





Take this word from my..

Heart.. Thanks!

And with it all my love & respect

No one

Knows how good I feel

See... I'm smiling to life!



People fed up with your Procrastination

Give them peace if you have sensation

Your chair is your world  but you rule by killing your nation

No one will live for ever, no point to fight in your situation

a white flag Mr. President, will be your best regulation


"My only child"

My only child

My lovely son

Your smile is my smile

When you are happy I feel it too

Your success is my success

I shall be always proud of you

Your life is not my life

Yet I am sure you'll follow my foot steps the bright side










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A word makes a poem ( Part 1 )



One month ago I sent an e-mail to all my friends here in MyEC, I asked them to inspire me with words each should chose one so I can write poetry about them. It was a challenge, a great one. I got 25 requests from my friends.

During this time, I like any human, moved through good and hard times in my life, So some of the poems will look sad. Sorry about that.

Any way, I divided my blog into two parts because my blog will look very long if I posted all of them. The second part will be posted next week.

Part one contains 12 poems from MyEC friends


Tara " Language "

Valentine  " Time "

Nadira " hatred and destruction "

Viviana v " Sunrise "

Sylwia " Separation "

Amber Lyn Dinges " Amber "

tania " Happiness "

Poetry amelya gucchi  "Papa"

Olesya " Giraffe "

Mahasa " Love "

Natia orzhonia  " OK "

Rema mohammad abdullah " Longing"


Now please, click on this first  >>>>      Poetry :)

Then  follow below


" Language "

The Language between us is like a bridge

Without it we won't reach to one and another

Lets build it the way it should be build

To make the two worlds united to geather!




Every tick is followed by tock

Time is not waiting when you are stuck

Reset your life like resetting a watch

Looking back is for sure a block

Take the journey of life  like a flying duck

success does not need only a good luck!



" Hatred and destruction "


Hatred and destruction

This is how a criminal mind function

The fire burns every good

But it ashes soon to extinction!




" Sunrise "

Here comes the sun to rise after a long night

Telling us a new day has just born

Unfold your arms.. hug its rays

Let it light your dark path

Life that can't contain hope
Is unworthy to be called life.





Since we ve taken the road of separation

My smile left my face to the unknown

My heart became broken

I don't think if it can be fixed any soon

My soul is sadly knocking in my body every bone

So desperate I am in the prison of lonliness

Wishing you in my life again to be shown

No one can fill in my heart your room

No one can make me happy since you are gone

I know it is impossible to have you back

It's just like writing in the air

" And they lived happily ever after "

Unfortunately, It can't be read.


 " Amber "

Amber like you have to be

From out side it looks pretty

What kept inside can never flee

Do the same with love.. live in glee




If you got happiness.. you got every thing

It's the treasure behind a closed door

Find the right key that you believe in

To make your destiny reaches the ultimate score




" Papa "

One day he will be between my arms

Hearing him saying for the first time " Papa "

That word will move my caring heart

to hug my future son.. to kiss him on forehead

I think I will melt in fatherhood

And be the base of my family!




 " Giraffe "

A giraffe can feed on high trees

But it hardly drinks water on ground

So does the person who fall in greed

Will always feel happiness is far beyond


" Love "


Love is a great thing to have...

It's the sport of hearts,

It's the joy of life...

You may seem like blind when you fall in love,

But in fact you become the opened eyes

When all around are blind.


  " OK "

Is it OK to live with you the live that I haven't had

I'll save you in me.. My pearl..

Like a bivalve shell would do

You are my precious.. you are every thing I've got

They have to break me.. to get you.



  " Longing "


I feel longing to be with you.. now more than ever

The cruelty of loneliness drowned me in suffer

Can my dreams defeat my nightmares?

Can my tongue say the word " I love you " ?

Every step I take forward I return two steps

I'm like a piece of wood floating on the sea for ever

Can you read my mind?

Can you feel my heart?

If yes..

I bet you will hear your name

Repeatedly in a sad tune

Something in me always tells me

When ever your around..

" Now or Never! "

" Now or Never! "

But I fail,... My attempts can't be born.






To be continued...


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The Story of me & my tooth!


Today! On the 10th of July, 2011, I made a bravery step! I killed My Tooth!!!!

Let's go back by time, and find out what was the reason to execute my tooth. Last year, I had a nice Burger sandwich called "Five stars" from a western fast food restaurant known as "Hardees". It was consisting of a delicious thick beef burger (the core), Greenish lettuce, and white snowy colored cheese and of course the sandwich. They all looked like happy friends tightly hugging them selves before a fare well good bye. No wonder why? :) Because they will be smaller and smaller pieces in my belly! Ha ha, Well, lets go back to the main story. I grasped it with joy, waiting to taste its sweet meaty taste while watching my best friend the "TV".

" Humm" was the sound that started the marvelous event, it was my delicious dinner .One bite after another, like an aggressive lion just had a long time spent with his bad friend "Hunger". I was enjoying chewing and slicing the burger with my sharp teeth, and crushing it with my fearless girding teeth. But then boom!!, something painful cracked my right lower grinding tooth, it was a little tiny mini piece of stone in side the beef. It half broke my happy tooth. It really ouch-ed me :( and ruined my night.

                   X-Ray of my tooth, it is the second one from left






Since then, me and my tooth, we did not get along together, it was all the time causing me pain, and giving me a hard time cleaning it, because it was always hiding some food particles inside it. It never fed up doing that, and never had listen to my soft feelings towards it. By Time, My anger became super; I can't stand you My Tooth ANY MORE!!!!!!

My tooth, "You have put our friendship on the edge, I know I made a mistake by eating this such giant beef burger, but listen!! I didn't know! You never gave me another chance!!!" Said the poor me.

"So, I Here by, Mr. Night,, decided to give you a death sentence after all this suffering from you!! " Said the angry me!

I decided to take my self, to Mr. Dentist, to execute that devilish Tooth! Oh yaah, he was a great executor, he pushed and pulled it, many times, I felt pain, the scream came from my heart!! Awwwwwoch! He gave me the magical drug that made me to feel nothing, about my old friend "My tooth" he passed away. Do I miss him?? No!!
Off course not. I said to him: RIP!

Finally, I am happy he went to the other world away from my kind mouth.

The advantages of his leaving are as following:

 1-I don't have to stand pain any me
 2-No need to clean it's hidden food particles
 3-I am enjoying right now eating Ice Cream!! because it makes the wound frozen and then closed.



I am Happy Now Yaaay!!!!




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Chatting in my point view is a very useful way to develop your skills in how to connect your words and sentences in order to express your point view in a topic or any discussion. I am not new to the chatting world, I can tell any one who has weak typing skills, that the best fun way to improve your self is by chatting. Like any thing else, If chatting is used too much or in a wrong way, this will lead to the danger zone.
Who ever go or being pushed to that zone, will for sure suffer. I will classify the Danger zone into two, A & B.

Danger Zone:

A- Being Hurt:

1- From stranger:


When ever a debate or discussion takes place in the main chat, there must be some different views, If the people who are chatting to each others are matured and having a little sense of manners, then it will turn into a safe chat.But If every or some parts are fighting each others, by using angry words, or swearing , this will lead to hurt, even for others whom are not into that topic, this will affect their mood and will most probably will ruin their entire day!

Mostly when chatting about religions, a fight would take place. I am a member who has a religion, If I want others whom are non believers in god to respect me, or to respect what I believe, I must treat them in politeness and in good manners. I should not force them to believe what I believe it is their freedom of choice. My duty is to show and inform about my religion when asked or needed, but if they don't want that then I should never annoy them. I in the other hand will be hurt if someone talks bad about my religion, I expect respect from the other side, so any one can get hurt from the chat room since it's a place where people come from different backgrounds, different cultures, different beliefs and even from different level of manners. The main chat room's members range from very low to very high quality members, so your chances of having a good chat depends on the other side. This chat abuse might hurt you for few minutes or one whole day, not for ever. How to prevent it, well, By not being part of it, or by leaving it when fire seen by miles.

By time, when you become a regular member in the main chat, you will know the members who always start fighting, so avoiding them is better thing to do. At the end, time is money, and your goal is to learn or to have fun, so leaving is better than seeking.

2-From a Friend:

When you give all your love and care to someone you think and believe that he or she is your best friend, then you get hurt because of his or her words and bazaar attitude , now that is something really  going to make you fall in pain. This is the worst thing happened to me here in MyEC which made me decided to leave the main chat once in for all. It happened to me, couple of times here, and I can tell you for sure, you're going to be really shocked and confused from what you might experience from this situation.

Put your self in my shoes, someone you treated as a brother or sister, you stuck with him or her, you gave him or her the best words you’ve got and you made his or her day most of the time but when ever you advice that person, because you see that a wrong path has been taken by him or her, or strange attitude comes from him or her, he or she mistreats you, and lack in respect with you which leaves you in a fog of understanding the meaning of trust. It really hurts, and my brain tells me now to be a friend but by distance.

This feeling of pain may last for long time, and the effect would be higher if that person is very close to your heart. You need a loyal trusted friend who can give you a hand to stand again on the hard floor, also you need Dr. Time as well to close your wounds and you need your inner self to be strong and resistible to bad thoughts.

How to prevent this? well, It is hard to prevent it, its like a virus, you can't see it, and it may cause you a severe damage. The only way to recover, is to move on. And as my dearest friend " Nafis" told me to have the philosophy of " Any way" , It is to do good any way, even if your best friend mistreated you, do good anyway. Don't care about losing a friend, but care of being the good side. Nafis wrote this in a blog, which helped me in my life, I am really thankful to her, she is one of the wisest persons here in MyEC and her friendship worth more than a mine of gold in Chile!!!

B-Being Addicted:

It is really a disease, when you are all day and all night chatting. It is fun in the beginning, but then it will be the same every time. You might develop your English Language by doing this but this development by time won't go any further cause you are doing the same thing over and over, which will make you in the same level. This beautiful website does not only have a Chat room! There are many areas where you can develop your English language with. It will be really fun if you try every part of MyEC, such as: Blogging, groups and living in and between the forum corners.

There are two types of chatters in MyEC chat room, those who are trying to develop their English, and those who are only having fun. It is OK to have fun, I don't have any thing against it, but what I am trying to say, is to look away from this screen! Have a break for awhile, visit your real friends, check on your family, enjoy life out there, go for a walk, go shopping what ever, life is not only chatting with people you barely know! Just wake up for a moment for god sake!!

I can tell that the Addicted chatters are feeling sad because of this habit, yet they can't admit it. Why they always feel bored?  Sometimes they type this word!

I told that advice to some of my friends who are almost 24 hours in the main chat, and they felt offended, I told them, that a person can't see the holes in his cloths, but a friend can be his mirror. No one is right for ever, no one is wrong all the time, so why not listening to the advice that might make you feel sorry for all this time wasted.

Honestly, I was Addicted person before, I missed family meetings, I missed going out with friends, I had back problem cause of setting for long and I wasted my time on people I don't know and I am definitely sure that they don't remember me now. I am not saying quit chatting, but be wise with your time and health. Yes, there are many members we believe that they are like a family to us and we trust and love them, but come on! "Get a life!" be balanced and I believe that they will respect that.

At the end, I wish my words are not misunderstood, this is my point view of chatting, you may accept it, you may not, at least take it as an advice!

Regards with love

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Sweet home! (Poetic story)



On the tree of hope their nest lies
A mother &Two twits
Whom they just hatched
One of them is "Twis" and the other one  is called "Rob"
Twis loved the sun he called it the land of light

And Rob was a normal bird he eats seeds and always fights


Their mother loved them so much

She taught them nothing is like home

the place which saves them from storms

and any creature that frighten

they pecked on the tree their names

showing the world and them selves

That their home, their family and loving god

are the reasons why they are happy.

All the good memories that mixed with joy & love

are living in their minds, can't be forgotten.

















But Twis made his mom lived in grieve

He wanted to leave to the land of light

Like his father, the missing one.



Mother I want to fly
High till the roof of sky

I want to fulfill my dream
Which is the land of light
The first thing that I have seen
When I came to this life

Don’t fly on your father's trend
He has never come back
The sun which you are so keen
Burns more than it lights

You will miss us so bad
You cant get rid of loving home
The place where you belong
How could your mind reset that?


Mother I can't look behind me
What if I saw your sad tears?
Then I know I would give up
And let my dream die
Goodbye from now on
I love you my dear!

You're waving to me your hand
Saying to me goodbye
Asking me not to wave back
And in my life just go on
Well, my heart is not cold
I have sensitive feelings
Warm just like the water
When it's facing the sun for long


On a say day he flew

when about the dawn was breaking

to meet his bazaar destiny

and end his life in a mystery


With full of joy he was sinning:


" I reached the sun"

" I reached the sun"

" The land of light "

" The land of fun"

" My fears are gone "

" I'm newly born"

" I reached the sun"

" I love the sun"





suddenly, while he was flying, facing his smiley sun

The tape of memories started to run

He remembered his dearly mom, and his annoying brother

whom he purely loved .

All the images of his family, their nest and their tree

Forced him to turn his back on the land of light

letting his dream fade way

flying fast...

panting towards his lovely home

"So sweet is my home"


At least that what Twis will keep in mind

for ever.







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Exams & me!


Before any exam there is stress, it is the feeling that drives you to the edge of worries, finding your self falling even thought your feet are still on the ground. “I’m gonna lose”, “I’m gonna fail” this uncertainty would wrap you like a rattle snake capturing a rate, squeezing it till the bones scream loud. You might get bored and lose your hope, putting on your fighting spirit the sign “sold”. But Ask you're self, why? It is just an unnecessary fear, your mind is playing devil on you, It is all illusions and fake pictures of your failure. All what you need is to study hard for it using the value of time before the mid or final or what ever exams. Well, I have this experience and I want to share it with you, it might be a little bit mad & crazy, but it's for sure made me feel ready for exams.

I’m gonna mention some techniques that will make you relief and happy:

Madness fight:

One day, I thought of exams as if they are my worst enemies and they are hiding in a castle (the school).

My mission was to destroy them in a battle in their castle, and who was I? Well, I was a samurai warrior who came from an old century looking for troubles. I set the plan to attack them and defeat them for good. I sharpened my pen, I used all the knowledge of the world ( My school books) I studied and mastered “the Art of solving”. In my mind there was the image of victory, no matter what consequences would I get, I’d pass the door of success dead or alive. And you know what? My flag was risen all the time in every battle I had.

Friendly mind trick!:

I imagined my exams as if they are my best friends ever, whom I get to see them only for specific times during the year. As you know, a real friend is the one who are welling to give you more than to take from you. Therefore I studied hard with full of attention and care not to hurt my friends by answering them a silly answer or telling them I don’t know. So I have taken my duty very seriously but with a smiley face waiting so patiently to meet them, like waiting for the sun to rise after a long cold night.

Live in the cloths of a scientist :

I’ve done this technique and it is really affective. I have mimicked some of scientists whom had an input in different fields of knowledge. So I dressed up like them, I spoke somehow similar, and acted as if I’m them.

For example, when I had a physic exam, I became "Sir Isaac Newton" (1642-1727) a mathematician and physicist who was one of the foremost scientific intellects of all time. His famous story with an apple made the human leaps to the future of modernity and development. I got into his cloths and sunk into his character. I sat on the table putting on it my red apple, solving every physic exercise proving that Newton wasn’t wrong. I felt that if he was here now, he would say to me, “What is that?” “It’s a piece of cake, you’re A”.



Another example, was when I had a Geography exam, I mimicked "Ibn Battuta" (1304-1369) a Moroccan scholar & traveler who is know for his travels & excursions which were recorded by his pen on books worth gold in knowledge scale. He was known for his passion to geography, So I wore a turban on my head, which was an old Arabic hat, and was wearing a cloak ( I used a quilt instead). I was drinking my Arabic coffee with a small cup as they used to drink back in the old days. I lived the part and found it fun to draw my map of success in geography exams.

                                         Ibn Battuta




Cheer your self! ( signs of hope) :

When you watch an advertisement on TV or on news papers, by looking at it every day, it captures you and hunts your mind. It is similar if you do it to your mind. Write down cheerful words such as "Your the winner" You gonna succeed" OR write your name next to it a smiley face on a folded papers, use them as signs. Keep them on your desk, after every 1 hour of studying take a deep breath & then look at your signs, repeat what's written on your signs. Then go back to your study. I call this technique "Signs of hope".



                                                    "Look at me!! Be happy!" 






Remember you can always surf on the waves of your fears! Nothing is impossible! Take a cup of tea, relax and enjoy. I leave you with a poem written by me that suits this blog.

Title: The big challenge

Let the day of the finals begins

And the sun of your victory rises

You will beat all the hard tests

And you shall be top on the list

Success and glory, they are your quest

And more than that you will be the best

So days and nights with out rest

Work hard and be happy, for that I insist!

Goooood luck!



Dedication: Thanks for sylwia who inspired me to write this blog, she is having exams soon, so I wish her good luck and success in her study and life.

Also I would like to thank Reema, who encouraged me a lot.

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The swan ( Poetry)


This poem goes to my friend Bianca, Whom I respect as a friend. She inspired me, by this lovely creature which holds wonderful things known to few of us.


The swan



The swan gently flies

in softness it hugs the air

and let the sun rays warm it's body

in the sky...

where it is closer to the source of lightness.


The swan..

So beautiful to be seen, on the lake it floats, it swims, it lives.

Yet if you get closer to it,

It simply flies away

and never look behind..

and never look behind...


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Glass heart





Glass heart


By: Mr-Night



So sensitive is my heart,......... made of   glass
Because I love you............ I gave it to you

Hold it tight ........... to your chest
Let your heart.......... hear the beats of mine

Love is what........... drives it nuts
answer the calls....... with the same beats

Don't through me away......from your wonderful life
Then I'll be broken......... shattered to pieces

When a glass is broken ...... it can't be fixed
So does my heart.............. it simply dies!





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A letter to the Moon

A letter by Mr-Night to The moon;





I saw you last night, You were in your complete form, full circle, your brightness was quietly lighting your surroundings. Your reflection was on the sea, like you were looking at it all the time. Your so beautiful as are your actions, balancing our planet with your minor gravity, managing the seas and the oceans pulling them high and low.


Every time you appear, partly visible, but only for two nights a month, you show up in your full beauty.You helped us in counting our years without being bored. Some of us named you " The lunar calender ". You always remind us to open our eyes to ponder life's beauty, instead of being stuck in the mind traps of sadness.


You are part of romance, lovers chose you as their best friend, because you brighten their love.


I stopped by because you capture me by your magical view ,I kept watching you, "A wonderful sight to be  hold, Moon, I love you as I always do" I said. A moment of peace was your gift to me. One of god's marks in his vast universe,Your an evidence of God's greatness.

Thank you,

My God.



last weekend, I went to the beach, I was jogging, suddenly I felt shocked!! I saw the moon, it was full, So I took some photos, Enjoy it with me!




Another One!


P.S , I'll be there again next month to meet you!

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My Dragon



Title: My Dragon


Every time I close my eyes I see you, my dragon

You are a myth, but you came from no where

You lived inside me

You have killed all my doubts

My actions became yours

When I run I feel as if I'm flying like you

When I stand I feel as if I'm tall as you


My heart is the source of flames,

Like the one in your throat

Swords of humans can't cut me

Fear, I see it in their eyes

Confidence is now my language

In your strength I'm strong

Together lets ignite the world

And bring light to the heavy darkness






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Lost friendship!

A rose flower held by my hand,

I gave it love and care,

and saved it in my garden to grow,

but once it became independent,

it hurt my hand with its spines,

My mind wondered  in fog of confusion ,

why friendship end with a dead road?

,why it hurts that much so deep?,

wounds that hardly can be healed, scream from pain

which it will always contain.

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It's hard to say goodbyewhen you feel this is your homesafe and love covers youbut at the end the time rulesin front of all who Loved meI can't stop shedding tearsin this moment I'm very weakand my heart is sadI will only waves my handand walk from this wonderful worldkeeping all the memories in my mindto laugh and to cry for.--------------------------I wrote this poem in the memory of my friends who I left them 6 years ago in England while studying English Language. So don't think I'm doing it again here!!! ;)
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Title: Young Night Thought by Robert Louis StevensonALL night long and every night,When my mama puts out the light,I see the people marching by,As plain as day, before my eye.Armies and emperors and kings,All carrying different kinds of things,And marching in so grand a way,You never saw the like by day.So fine a show was never seenAt the great circus on the green;For every kind of beast and manIs marching in that caravan.At first they move a little slow,But still the faster on they go,And still beside them close I keepUntil we reach the town of Sleep.2010_08_21_06_41_59.mp3
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