Poem: The Dancing Fire


I saw the fire dancing on the wood
Eating there, there and there

It was moving with the blowing wind
Never thinking of a close end

It was breathing life the way it should
Having fun as much bigger growing as it could

Neglecting the coldness of this world
With its heat it makes the hard fold

Like it teaches how to deal with life
Fire up your spirit to revive.


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  • Soria & Rabab,

    You two are one of my best readers. I hope always to give the best of my poems, so You can enjoy reading them. Thanks for taking your taime reading what I wrote.

    Best regards


  • Fire up you spirit to revive.. How beautiful.

    Another sweet poem from Mr Night :)) Thanks for sharing brother.

  • Deuce! :) Thanks a lot! your words are encouraging. My fellow poet your words means a lot.

  • Anele, I hope all your days become be warm :) If the fire can speak then it will say " Lucky you Night, you have great readers " :) thanks dear.

  • VERVE,

    Thank you so much my dear friend, your words made me  feel happy. :)

  • Nothing can fire up my spirit more than reading your inspiring poetry, Mr Night :)

  • Yasemin, That makes me feel happy :) thanks!

  • Surawan, Thanks a million for your nice words :)

  • Nadiyah, dear friend I will in the weekend :)

  • I couldn't take my eyes off this little piece of poem at this time of night...

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