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Hello everyone, Greetings! 

This is my, so called, introduction. You can call me Illa and I am from Indonesia. I am currently 19 years old university student. I like art, I like to draw, paint, listen to music, watch movies, read book, and learning languages (etc.). I am interested to learn literature and such. I like to watch anime and read manga too. 

I am having a quarantine time due to the corona virus. So, I am watching a series, it titled "Merlin." It is a story telling about arthurian legen

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My Friends Were My Great Enemies

You might read many quotes on friendship, loyal friends and best friend, but probably all of us might know the principles of friendship. The friendship is not made on mere emotional base or in view of common interest, rather it should be on the basis of visionary and ideological acumen. What strengthens the friendship and relationship whether between two brothers, friends or a married couple? No an appropriate answer we have found yet.

When I was under ten, I used to love reading books to the ext

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