I can

Dear all,

Success can not follow you.. you have to follow it... be a hunter chacing it from a bush to a bush from a hole to a hole... even if it flew high... aim high ..shoot it to achive it.

Say I can, Say I will, those words will turn you to a man of well.  Since the day we born, we never stop dreaming, cause dreaming is for free. But working to make those dreams come true means hard work, means struggel.. means ups and downs,, means pain.

Hope is big as the sun when it reaches close to the earth,, but only those who believe in it can see it. Only those who feel it can sense its light,, Only those are positive living creatures.. Yes, I  said creatures because Even animals and plants can apply this. Be a Hope believer and never lower your flage and walk away.

Take your role in this life as if its the most important role in the world.. 

You will not live for ever.. but your achivement will never die.. and never be forgotton..

If you can see that big sun like I do,, then Just believe you can be someone the world in need for.

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  • We are the principal actors in our lives and we can make it count. 

    As flowers always grow toward the sun, so we can head towards our dream and make it true.

    Wonderful blog!

    Thanks for sharing

  • Well, after all the effort that we have poured into any venture to achieve our dream, satisfaction comes from the effort, and not the result. Because we knew we had put all our effort, determination and dedication in trying to achieve our dream. 

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