Make a wish!



Wake up the jinni
Make your wish
Be The king of this world
Be rich like no one else
Steal the hearts of the beauties
Be as tough as superman
Be the world largest man
But no matter what you can't reach
The thing that simple people have
To be happy from all your heart
To taste the life as the way it should be
To be with someone who loves you pure
To have the smile that worth more and more
More than a lamp forgotten for years
Buried in the eyes of a Wiseman who sees it clear
The fact that happiness is
granted by the simple you.



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  • Thank you Nida :)

  • Ymn Pearl, Dear friend, Your kind words makes me happy. I appreciate your encouragement. Thanks a million!


    @ Hani, Hey, My dear friend, I really appreciate your kindness. You are one of my first friends here and You always say words that make my day. I appreciate it. Your my fellow poet, and Its an honor to read your poetry. Thanks for the invite. And Sorry for being away.

  • Awesome!

  • @ Tara, I miss you too, I miss MYEC, I'm so sorry for being away. But don't worry, MyEC is my home and as they say home sweet home. I appreciate your encouragement. Thank you so much!


    Viviana, Thank you my dear friend. You always keep in touch with me, And One of the reasons I am back is you. As well all my friends here who were asking me always to come back and post new stuff. I appreciate your friendship and care. Thanks a lot.


    a Bird, May god make your wish come true. As long there is goodness in your heart then god will help you. I am glad that my words make good effect on people. Its an honor to know that my words makes you feel happy. I wish you the best. Thanks for being my reader. And thanks for coming back to MyEC.

  • Sorry my friends for late replay.

    @ Your death angel, Thank you man for your nice words. I can't remember who you are. Are you Vicky? I really appreciate your encouraged words.

    @Rajesh, Thank you my friend. Your a good reader of my poems. I appreciate it.


    @tawfeeq, And thank you for reading my poetry. I really appreciate it.

  • Hello after ages Night jan :))

    Are you back ?? oh I was thinking about you last past days believe it my friend and now your new poem ! 

    actually I made another poem just last week and that is why I much was thinking what if you could pass it ... 

    This poem is nice Night jan your simple being is happiness to here and us too :) 


  • What an inspiring poem! =))

    I really liked it. Thanks for sharing.

  • oh what a wonderful treasure of words!..i did ..i made a wish on 12.12.12....but not to be rich or steal heart..i made a wish to get rid of the monster be able to fly regain my wings back....Mr. Kitty thx for the spoke from my heart....i came back and didnt find you nice you're back with a marvelous poem like this one...keep writing your impatient reader!

  • Beautiful poem! "Happy from all my heart" to read it :)

    Jinni made a woderful thing by bringing you here  :)

  • Mr Night! We missed you! Thanks for sharing a new poem! It's beautiful. Don't be a stranger. :) 

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