The Fly life ( Poem)

3 long days that much please
A tiny fly that soon will die

Day 1 is tasting the covered food ( Garbage)
and wondering with " Wow" this wonderful world.

Day 2 is teasing the giants ( Mankind)
its a challenge for a fly to be rude. 

Day 3 is to spin around the Sun! ( lamp)
until falling down to pass away.

Since life is too short, why not living the most of it? the main idea about this poem is to be happy and create from nothing many things. Sometimes we learn from even lower intelligent creatures such flies.

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  • Spring, I am happy to hear from you that you find my blog full of wisdome :) Yes, The happiness is around us like a tree full of apples and all what we have to do is to pick them up. But we are too lazy to do it, or we find it too hard to hold a small apple. My dear friend, Thanks a lot for your nice words.

  • Nadiyah, The fly showed us the way in three days. Less than a course taking in a university. I'm glad you like it :)

  • Yasemin, Mankind must wonder in this world to make up a good way of dealing with this life. Dear friend, I am happy find this amazing :)

  • Ymn Pearl, I'm glad you like this fly poem :) over coming sadness = healthy lovely life. You know our whole life is a challenge. So we have to be always challengers. Thank you dear friend :)

  • MileyJ, This is true, Happiness is not a constant thing, one day you are happy the other not. But what we are trying to do is to be happy in the happy times and trying to be happy in the sad times. And those hard times need hope that can change you to a happy person. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • Yeah, I agreed at you, Yase Chan!

    A tiny fly knows how to fill his days before death comes

  • What a wise sentence you made here "Sometimes we learn from even lower intelligent creatures such flies."

    That's amazing!

  • Nice imagery! I wish this tiny fly end his challenges up. :D 

    We have to overcome our sadness to keep going on in this non eternal life. =))

    Thanks for such a meaningful poem. =))

  • Nice poem Mr. Night. As they say, live, laugh and love. But sometimes you can't get rid of sadness (sigh). When the going gets tough, I keep on praying and listen to wonderful sounds around me. 

    May constant happiness be with us always.

  • No Verve,

    Few humans live this life that has Discover, taste, enjoy, challenge and fulfilling dreams. That simply what that fly did, we, sadly most of us, lack it.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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