love (3)

"A picture is worth a thousand words" or someone says a different way " A look is worth a thousand worth". it is very difficult for allocating time to write something on this platform. so some picture is really good alternatives for saving time. By the way today I will present some pictures of my beautiful birthplace. Finally, I will say about climate change and its impact on Bangladesh. My Love place, where I grew up with lots of sweet memory, for example jumping from bumboo bridge to river,

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The Torments of Rebuffed Love



Lord, how I hate myself for not loving you!!!

How can a miserable creature like me

walk on the soil your angelic feet touched??


how gross! How immensely profane and sacrilegious

that I still breathe the air that gorgeous you

breathed out!!!!


I desire with all my heart to scrape

the memory of you

from the walls of my intestines

yet I cannot bring myself to commit

such an unimaginable blasphemy


no, no...not you, you are the blue sky

over the green fields where love grows!

Drunken with the lack of love



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I was DELighTED!

Your love is like a lighthouse for me,

Guiding me to safety in stormy sea,

The day blooms by the touch of your hand,

Indeed you are my love, the best of friend,


How I adore to look at your beautiful face,

All worries disappear without a trace,

Opening a sunny window for tomorrow,

Dispersing all my gloom and sorrow,


I thank my fortune for giving me you,

For all the joy, bliss and happiness,

My luck came right out of the blue,

Your love and care is more than priceless,


It fills my heart with warmth when

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