Magic Mirror ( Poem)

I spent all my fortune to buy  a amagic mirror
I needed to find out how to reach a person  who can change my life
So I asked it:

Who can make me feel happy?
Who can make me be strong ?
Who can fill the space of my life?
Who can turn me on? 
Who can light my way? 
Who can make my day? 

The mirror said:
" That person, is simply... You! "

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  • Sorry My dear friends,

    I haven't replied to any one for long.

    Bluerose, I really appreciate your kind words and sweet picture. It's really inspiring. Thank you so much! :)

    Ros, your comment are rich of encouragement! Thanks a lot dear.

    Deuce! My fello poet. Thank you so so much. I appreciate your words. :)

    Nida, Thank you too, your a magic reader :)

    Nadiyah, You are a precious person. Thanks!

    Lucy, Thank you so much, You are very cheerful. I appreciate your nice words. :)

  • YOu are so right!!  WE canfind everything inside of us, just depend of us how to feel every day.

    I love it! thanks for share whit us.   :)

  • Because you are so precious!

  • Wow!!! What a magical poem!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing, Mr. Night.

  • Exactly! I loved it so much always very inspirational :)

  • wooooooooooooooooooooooooow really great , I always ask myself like this :) you are right This is a fact in front us But we do not see


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