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Inspirational Story during Corona

Dear Friends,

We all know what and how Corona is destroying this world. The entire economy is going down day by day. The government is feeding all its poor citizens who have trouble earning money or who are daily wage workers. But here I want to share one inspirational story, that could help a lot of you when this pandemic ends or when it is still going on.

There lived a man and he had a small van in which he used to sell burgers. He used to put a lot of hard work by calling people and ask them to

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Once upon a time, there was a mountain in a village where elderly people were thrown away to reduce the number of mouths to feed. Ichiro, who lived in the village, was a very poor farmer and lived with his mother, wife, and three children. They didn't have enough food so his children cried every day because of their hunger. Ichiro's mother pitied her grandchildren and asked him to leave her at a place deep in the mountain. She thought that the little food that they had should be shared among eve

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