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Inspirational Story during Corona

Dear Friends,

We all know what and how Corona is destroying this world. The entire economy is going down day by day. The government is feeding all its poor citizens who have trouble earning money or who are daily wage workers. But here I want to share one inspirational story, that could help a lot of you when this pandemic ends or when it is still going on.

There lived a man and he had a small van in which he used to sell burgers. He used to put a lot of hard work by calling people and ask them to

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The source of the new coronavirus

Various raw meats are sold in Chinese food markets. When we deal with raw meat, we must be thorough with food safety management because pathogens in raw meat propagate easily in dirty places. Food safety management in the food market in Wuhan seems not to be thorough. It is said that the source of the new coronavirus is bats.

However, there is the other terrible fact that the food market in Wuhan where the new coronavirus was first found is only 30 km away from the institute for virus research. O

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Without question, there are a lot of jobs that you can do that are going to make you feel satisfied with your life.  However, few are going to make you feel as good as you will when you teach Chinese kids English.  There’s something absolutely life-changing about the fact that you are going to be actively involved in teaching a little one English while also making sure that they feel encourage and supported throughout their language learning journey.  If this sounds like something that you are g

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