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•°● Far Down •°●

A well with no depth
Blackness down .they say that the water ,
Goes down to the underground ،
They say that they have tried to measure it's length
But the long rope ended and the depth didn't end
It's far down in the earth core ,
Finally they fenced it to protect people ,
From swimming down to their death ,
However it the Arab history books there is that story
A man pail fall down and his rope was cut
While others around him took their share of water
He delayed getting his pail until night ,

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1) Listen, Listen, Listen 

I think listening is the most important skill. And the easiest one to practise. You can practise listening while you're doing housework or even sleeping. There are videos just for this.

2) Speak As Much As You Can

Many people struggle with speaking but the only way to get better is to practise more. Talk to a friend or with yourself. You can find a question to disguss. There are some example questions below.

  • Are birthdays important? Why?
  • What 3 things would you take with yo
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  We need death to be on our list and plans . But death can't be planned or listed coz it's a destiny . It is the only thing that can beat us .
We can prepare our selves for death as it their in my Islamic culture . Death is only a gateway to another life that goes far beyond our senses or realization .
3 months ago , I didn't imagine that death will be hovering over my family house , just to take someone away and leave it's wound in my soul .
     My youngest daughter said : " it have been a

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The main purpose of the paper is to study and analyze such a big, well-developed and successful international business company as Disney. The company has a series of specifications that distinguish it from all the other businesses. First of all, it is important to underline that Disney is targeted towards specific customer sector, family, and is aimed at entertainment. Consequently, this specification requires a lot of energy and hard work in order to provide customers with the goods and s

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I returned home after four months. I couldn't drop my bag off. Mom gave me a big hug. My face was covered by mom’s clothes, and I had been feeling safe and pleasant with her unique smell.

I left my home when I was in 7th grade for study purposes. I used to come home mostly once every  3 or 4 months.

However, I knew her next words to me!

Oh, my boy !! you are more skinny than before! Don't you eat enough? You look sick!!

Although I gained two kg.

Mom, please stop saying this!! Let's measure my weight!

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The Democratic candidate for U.S president, Joe Biden, won the U.S presidential election in 2020. But the Republican candidate for U.S president, Donald Trump, insists that the election was unfair, so he refuses to accept the results. And some of his supporters broke into the White House on the day that Joe Biden was approved as the U.S President.

In democratic countries, when elections have finished, nations must follow the results even if a candidate whom they didn't support won the election. I

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Newfoundland and Labrador's administrative government declared a new immigration policy. This new immigration establishment's motive is to expand the horizon of the immigration process to newcomers, staying in the territory.

The new immigration pathway is known as the Priority Skills Newfoundland and Labrador, through the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program(NLPNP), will target the highly skilled and educated applicants having requisite work experience.

This immigration scheme will

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Online English Speaking Club

Happy new year my friends,

Hope you all are having a great time.

Some of the very interested people who seriously want to improve their English-speaking fluency have been meeting every Friday, online. Therefore, because of the new year, they want to boost their learning experience with new members.

Some important information’s have been mentioned below:

  1. Every Friday we meet by Zoom application (both audio and video are okay but we usually do audio meetings).
  2. You can pay with your valuable time instea
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2021-01 : Happy New Year 2021~!

Happy New Year. 

I hope this year will be a great year for US.  

I hope this year we are free from Covid-19

I hope this year we are in good health.

I hope this year - our dream come true.


New Chapter Begin!



Fizzy @ Home


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The goal of the story is identified ourselves with some character of the story. Sometimes we just don't listen to others, sometimes we don't show empathy or we are busy and don't pay attention to what the others say. It is good to take time to be kind and show interest for others's issues.
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What are the best-suggested ways for taking in keto pills?

You are what you eat so eat healthy to look healthy. And there can be no happiness without good health. Good health comes from a healthy and balanced diet. Healthy food comprises all the essential ingredients and the nutrients required for the body. Keto diet is a healthy diet and is recommended for fitness fanatics. Keto pills is another alteration to the keto diet for keto diet users.

Keto diet is a low carb diet and is high in proteins.

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Homo sapiens, meet homophones! XV





 Very useful english homophones you must know







What's up, y'all!



This was supposed to be the last one, until I remembered my EC password again.


Kidding! I may forget my PIN number (which I have), or my aunt's middle name, but I'd never forget such important piece of info.  ¬_¬



Sadly, this is gonna be the last; apprantly Bruce Worden has published a book chuck full of these. Please go check it out, and give him some love.



 So without any further ado, some homophones, everybody:





















Disclaimer: I do NOT own these.


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  It's an deep saying from our heritage " He who shows what he doesn't have , is wearing 2 gowns of deception .
   In that far away time people considered anyone who make a big show of himself as a person wearing deception something that covers the reality of his / herself .
Today some people are having their own PhD of deception through the social media and they are showing us a fake designed life . This life of them are making some of us unsatisfied and miserable toward our selves .
The gown

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I.D.I.O.M.A.7.I.C 2.0

My fellow ECians(?),


Those who still remember, eons ago, I used to post something called I.D.I.O.M.A.7.I.C. This is the very first. And this one always cracks me up thanks to my AWESOMEGURL's hilarical answer...

I still like to post some more. 'Cause frankly, I can't get over how hilarious your guesses were.

Point is, I think it was getting a little stale. I decided to switch it up a little. I may well do it again so

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First time eating sushi (Raw fish Dish)

1. Sushi,, Famous in Korea and Japan8320387874?profile=RESIZE_710x

2. Shrimp, Salmon, snail, Carb, Clam tuna, Etc8320388296?profile=RESIZE_584x

3. Look delicious and colorful...8320394452?profile=RESIZE_710x

4. Dunno the name 8320395852?profile=RESIZE_710x

5. Raw Shrimp 8320401899?profile=RESIZE_710x

6. Most delicious salmon8320406094?profile=RESIZE_584x

7. Fail to eat snail and clam ( personally don't like) 8320407860?profile=RESIZE_710x


Test 7/10 

Colour 10/10 

others aspects 9/10 

Price 10 to 12 dollars. may differ from place to place.

Do you wanna eat? Finding any Korean or Japanese restaurant around you.

Best regards.

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