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Adolescent Development

Adolescence is a very important stage in the development of a person. It is characterized by various changes that occur in a young person’s body; a sign that one is in transition from childhood to adulthood. Therefore, there is no doubt that adolescents are met with mixed feelings, perceptions, and attitudes towards the changes that occur in their bodies. Consequently, many studies have been done on the sources of these feeling, perceptions and attitudes. While some authorities suggest that the

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    It is thought that the citizens tend to prefer living alone or in small family units to living in a big family. From my perspectives, the trend is equally positive and negative.
    In the advantage aspects, it is affordable in housing prices and is no restrictions for decorating or selecting the furniture in the house. Much argument along member’s family such as parents, relatives, children in the large family is caused by the arrangement in the house, because of the different opinions and

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Sometimes, people show their frustrations with their government through demonstrations. Some of them are peaceful, and some of them are violent. Governments often regard them as dangerous, so they sometimes suppress them. They are afraid of social disorder. 

If people demonstrate violently, their government has an excuse for attacking them violently. If people demonstrate peacefully, there is no excuse for attacking them violently. But recently, I have seen police attacking journalists and people

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Understanding the War on Terror

Unlike the 19th and the 20th centuries where the world wars and the Cold War were responsible for insecurity and disruption of peace in various states, the 21st century has woken up to a new menace of terrorism as the main threat after the 1998 attacks on the United States of America. The United States in Unity with other nations have been collaborating to counter the attacks to save the lives of the innocent people. However, the problem that arises is the confusion of what amounts to terrorist

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Monitoring Employees Is Not Ethical

The concept of employee monitoring has become contentious, especially in the digital era. The technological innovations that have taken place in this millennium have led to the development of systems that employers can use to control every activity at the workplace. When those who support this practice point out its productivity benefits, they fail to acknowledge that it infringes on the privacy rights of the employees. The analysis of utilitarian and Kantian ethical theories can help to underst

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Hello everyone, in today fresh morning, while I started my day, some words caught my attention that “People are bound to them in conditional thoughts which are not goanna them come out from that illusion and they ended up at the last”.  Sounds like more realistic.

Yeah, for me, it is very true as some thoughts come from conscious mind which we focus on and working for that and some others falls in Unconscious mind which we never realize to work on.

Then, one more I got felling about that, Is it no

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Bad thinking part (2)

He went to say that there were complicated things in life that need wisdom and common sense to be understood. Then the professor narrated a story for them saying, "a child got sick and when her father took her to the hospital the doctor prescribed medicine which he could not afford to buy.

He phoned his brother to help him to buy the medicine. His brother told him to wait one hour to bring him the money. The man waited anxiously and tried to call his brother but his brother's cell phone was close

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Creeping up on you

Hi homies, how are you? I hope you all in good health,  i have read a good article about how to behave when you meet a wild animal in front of you, so let's get into it 

1. Gorilla: gorilla is considered the real king of the jungles because of his relentless behaviour when it defends its family, so what you should do, you should avoid looking into its eyes, slowly down on your knee and bend yourself embracing your knees as a sign of weakness, because where gorilla comes from they don't attack val

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Today is everyday.

Hello everyone,

Everyday comes with new opportunities, challanges, tasks, and adventures in which we need to choose and re-act as what our intitution says about. I feel so many times, like if something has not happened in some way then thinking about what was reason behind that and ended up no conculsion. it gives me bad felling and then to overcome from that but HOW? so, again get motivated in another way like listening positive enery songs, reading something better for a while and ready for nex

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It is expected that there will be a higher proportion of older people than that of young people in many countries in the future? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

      It is predicted that in many countries the percentage of the elderly population will be higher than the proportion of the young generation. While this will create some problems, I believe that it is on balance a positive development.
      In the advantages aspects, the senior people are the good mentors, and

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Welfare is provided to help single mothers provide the right care for their children, but these funds are often misused. A number of women receiving welfare funds use the money to wear designer outfits, drive fancy cars and others spend the money on substance abuse. Single mothers would spend the money they get to purchase new apartments and take vacations without minding the child’s well-being. These acts result in child’s expulsion from schools, suffering from malnutrition, going into the stre

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Caring for Love


All need to looking someone special in life , one special person has to be, who really like to care of you. Whenever we met with that loved once, our new excited journey starts and life takes a new twist , we start to look special for that new lovely person and want to more prepare well dressed.

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Fake Series 01

: Why did you change your name “Name to Fake”?

: I am fake so why shouldn't I be straightforward? Some IDs are fake but names look real or confusing, is that fair enough? Is it not misleading people? As I am fake I think “Fake” is more stunning, readers can easily guess this ID is fake. 

: Wow, I like your logic. So you are from Male?

: Private question. telling you again, I am a hundred percent fake.

: So Why are you Fake?

: Important Question, Firstly, I have more freedom now, mentally stress-free

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~ 2020-09 : Truthful ~

As I roaming MyEC with a blank stare at the Blogs, Discussion, Photo and Chatroom,   I wonder.. ??

How truthful are you?  

I am always telling the truth but there's a limit of that which I can't tell you where I live nor what is my mobile no. are...  lol.. 

Stranger still a stranger... But

I have met good friends here on MyEC, even though they are no longer active.  I still keep in touch with them via another chat application.   

Knowing you guys is great and good.  I am glad to meet you here on MyEC

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Bad thinking part (1)


A man married a woman after a long burning love story. One year later, she gave birth to a beautiful child. When he was five years old, the father decided to take his wife on a sea trip to forget the problems of life. They left their son with their grandmother.

The ship sailed and there was no one except the two of them. Unfortunately, the ship had an accident. It sank in the sea, and there had been only one lifeboat which was for one person. The husband left his wife and quickly took the lifebo

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I am fake

I am fake.

Always like to be fake.

the words are fake.

People face are fake, minds are fake, all are the best actor on this planet, then why not me?

But I am like a neutron which has entity but does not influence others.



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We never expected that we are going to face this kind of challenge; to be separated with one another, to stop everything that we are doing and to do nothing but to stay at home. It is a heart breaking experience not to go outside and do the things that you love to do. This pandemic gives us different realizations about life.  With that I would like to share with you the things that I have realized with our current situation. And I hope that these things will somehow help you for your future plan

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H:''Eat your broccoli.'' B:''No.''

Hi everyone!


Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!


During these days, curling up with a good book is ideal, ain't it? At least to me it is. No dime novels! However, a lot of people I ''talk to'' jokingly say they're gonna be a potato after this crisis is over. Personally, I have nothing against potatoes. But sometimes you just wanna feel a little better about yourself, ya know? So what the hell, huh? How about a little exercise? Nothing fancy. 





Animated GIF



Walking is near and dear to my heart. On the

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Eating Disorders

A food disorder sometimes referred to as an eating disorder can be defined as an abnormal eating behavior or tendency. Abnormal eating means either taking low quantities of food or too much of it, that is, insufficient or excessive food intake. In other words, this implies that excessive and insufficient food intakes can be detrimental to an individual’s physical and mental health. This paper gives a critical analysis of different stances of three journals. It is achieved by giving an evaluation

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