one pleasent morning, I just dozed off after my preparation for the long journey. I was awakened by the sweet voice of my mother. Preparations for a journey to another province was accelerated in the kitchen. After a shower I was engaged again in the final packing.

It was 8.30,mother entered into my room with some packaged food. After all when I was about to depart , my mother stood close by me and whispered in my ears"I have kept a special "energy " packet in the bag, take and have it whenever you feel hungry. The energy you you get from this you don't get in any other food.I shook my head in agreement. It was 9o clock,I set off. The train was at 10.00.I reached the station at 9.40.I just dozed off at the station because I already exhausted. I was started by the whistle of the train.I boarded the train and sat on my seat. I eaten something and I slowly went up to sleep again.

I was awakened by a sound that wrung in my ears after a short silence............................................................."please give me something. My baby and I starving for two days".it was a pathetic scene. A destitute woman with her hungry baby.

Suddenly I remembered my beloved mother and the " energy" parcel that she had prepared with great pain out of her boundless love for me and put in my baggage.I took the parcel with a reluctant heart and gave it to the lady and her child. After a while,I fell asleep. In half sleep I headed that voice again , with the same agony,in the depth of my heart;



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Nisaaaaanth christ.

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  • Thank you Rosemary for your kind words.

  •   It's a wonderful  story  with deep meaning  . We are on the surface of earth to help each other . There is no meaning for our existence  , if this existence is only for us  . " He  who give  , will be given  back  " you have done a great job and you are setting a great examples for others to follow 


  • thank you shaheen. i felt sad after this incident. but i think there is a mafia group behind them. 

    • Do you mean some kind of beggar mafia, SNishaaan?
      Well, here it's not very common, but yes, we have people (mostly women with very young children) here, who are forced to beg on the street by criminals, and since those people usually are illegally in the country, you can't even help them to get out of this... It's a horrible situation! 

  • You got splendidly a good heart. I wish if someother person that have mentioned bellow had the same kind of heart, then the world would become more habitable. 

    Now five people own more wealth than the bottom 50% of the world.

    Giving Capitalism a Social Conscience

  • Thank you NotAclue

  • It's a great feeling when we can give something. - It's devastating when we see how many are starving to death, or dying from the consequences of malnutrition. 

    Thanks for sharing, SNishaaan.

  • Thank you ocean

  • Hi,  SNishaaan 

    Marvelous dear. You did what absolutely was right representing your generosity and sympathy towards those humble people. It is very emotional story, I really love it. 

    Thanks .

    myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
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