The Road Less Traveled

The Poet Robert Frost wrote what is now a famous poem - The Road Not Taken and since you have had other poems written exploring similar themes and even a book written about making choices in life.

I have been fortunate to travel more than most and I have always tried to get off the beaten path and see places and things that most "tourist" don't.  You'd be surprised what you can discover if you allow yourself the freedom to explore.  Guidebooks and online searches are great to get an idea but don't let them constrain you.  Some of my favorite memories from traveling are sights and experiences that aren't in the tourists guides.



“I took the road less travelled by,
And I don’t know where it will lead.
All I can do is take one more step,
And trust I’ll receive what I need.”

Kam Taj

Attention wandered where the road did not,
to paths divergent from the normal course.
From where I walked I saw but fading trails,
their destinations veiled in mystery.
…” Benjamin G. Mosley

Chenjiaba, Sichuan February 22, 2015



PS:  Original photos have more "color" - not sure why EC desaturates images.  



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  • Totally 


    • looks like a rainy day - I've done a few hikes in the rain and the snow 


    • Nice pic. This one will probably end up in Wonderland :)

  • It turns out that going off the beaten path leads to hidden beauty at its end:)  Maybe not always, but it's worth trying.

    • precisely.  Some of my favorite memories are of places I didn't intend to go


    Hello Tim, I remembered a song when I saw your post. Here's a part ot the text:

    "So stop the unnecessary debates.

    I got it all figured out:

    Only mountains can be better than mountains,

    Those that you have not yet visited,

    Those that you have not yet visited."

      I copied and pasted, not my own translation)) 


    • but not all roads are to mountains - there are deserts, prairies, forests, rivers, lakes and even oceans to visit plus cities.  I enjoy them all

    • Right, all they are beautiful.

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