First Post

First Post

I am a beginner...... 

Life is a journey. Everyone has his different stories. So have mine.Many people in this world are not satisfied with their lives. But the most important thing is that you have to face the challenges of life. If you want to escape from the problems of your life, they will come back again and again. So gather your courage and face the challenges. Once you learn how to tackle them, you will start to enjoy your life.

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  • Hello Rahil,

    Yeah, when there is a life, there are problems. We should just find the way how to resolve it, feel grateful, and enjoy it. :)

    Congrats for your first blog. Keep it up!

  • Having problems isn't entirely bad. It is normal, even useful. Why? Because our brain is designed to work better when we are cornered or under pressure. We can't grow if we stay in our comfort zones.

  • It's easier than done, the difference in our ordeals will be affected by how we react to the situation and solution 

  • WHy can't you enjoy your life when you have problems? Remove emotions from problems and they will turn into situations :) Good luck on your way. 

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