Good afternoon. 

I guess many famous authors and writers created their novels because they wanted to share their feelings and emotions with this world. Seems that many people who practice blogging have the same intentions. I suppose that right now I'm doing the same. 

It's not a secret that we all start living our real life when we are not as tasty and juicy as a fresh peach because you can realize and find your own way only when you have a great life experience (though it can be negative as well). This life experience is like a traveling luggage and it becomes bigger and bigger with years.


It can become a comfortable suitcase only when you understand which things you need while you're traveling and which things are useless. So you life experience travel bag can become a cozy and comfortable device that has all necessary things. 

Several years ago I had the same life suitcase as that guy on photo. It took many days to examine each thing in this suitcase with the help of a torch and to clean up every pocket.

I threw many things: 

- useless anxiety and fears about people and life possibilities I face every day 

- stress and insomnia 

- bad nutrition, junk food and laziness 

- my pink glasses that showed an ideal world 

- hatred and anger

- passions 

- non-productive thoughts about  future and my own goals 

- my broken schedule of the day 

- some of bad words :D 

- all memories about men and love  

- old clothes and socks 

What is left: 

- good music and books 

- people with the same interests and goals 

- traveling card  and a map

- life targets 

- ability to turn negative thoughts into positive 

- healthy foods and a correct time-table of the day 

I suppose that my life suitcase looks like this one: 

And you know when you have this S-size, life is easier as it may seems. Though I caught myself on the thought that it's really hard to throw away things you have been known for years - your memories, your feelings, your habits....Gosh. It's called by many scientists "Leaving the comfort zone". If you want to develop, you should always live your comfort zones and look for other ones. 

If you could clean up your suitcase, what would you leave inside it? 

Cheers, Honey Bee 

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  • Thanks, Bimal :) You too! 

  • Life is full with both UPs and DOWNs, and life experiences are real assets in life because they are so crucial in decision making. The mistakes we have made in life give us another opening (or at times more than one!) to do the same in different way, so mistakes in life are also so important in decision making. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to do the same mistake again and again to gather some experiences.

    Good Luck, dear HONEY!  

  • Honey, hope your suitcase have been lightened by now. Mine is still heavier with all the glooms of life.
  • very good and I agree with you my dear . thank you 

  •  Adaline Bala, thanks for your feedback :)

  • Dear Honey, I totally agree with you. I think I was carrying few unwanted heavy things in my luggage too. But I managed to getrid of it by prayer and meditation. Now my heart (my life suitcase) is very light. I don't take things serious like I used to. I forget and forgive those who hurt me emotionally. This feeling is so good.

    Thank you for your lovely thoughts. I really appreciate it sweet heart. Lovely!

  • setareh, thanks for your feedback. I hope you'll succeed :) 

  • Ashik 5N, thanks, but it was a metaphor :) 

  • Dear Honey, what a nice writing and what a great metaphor! I will put away all the doubts that has hindered me from going after what i like. I will try to find more self-confidence and put it in my new suitcase.  I will put more positive thoughts, then i will make a wonderful future. Thanks for sharing your great post.

  • i always like to travel without any comfort...

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