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Badge on Your Profile Picture

Hello everyone on MyEC,

You must know that we have badge on our profile. Have you ever thought what that mean?

The following is as Mr. Josef explained.

The "badges" reflect member activity + length of membership.

Activity includes posting of content such as:

  • blog posts
  • photos
  • videos
  • comments/replies
  • discussion topics
  • discussion replies

From lowest to highest, badges are:

  • FLAG

So, by this explanation, are you saisfied or something? *KIDDING.

This is all I can inform you. Thank you for your t

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I'm so happy to visit new MyEC today. It's like our house has been renovated. ^^. The cover photo makes the profile have its own characteristic. Have you edited your profile?

We lost almost all the friends list, though. :( Do you think we have a hope Ning will get it back? You know, we also lost all the likes on old posts. Have you noticed it? We can't see who clicked like but from history. Chatroom seems weird without directly knowing who are in online chatters list. However, it's kinda new thi

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MyHelp: Chatting on MyEC

Chatting Skills on MyEC

Chat through a more efficient environment.
Have you ever Tried the "pop out" button on the MyEC Chat-Room?

The Basic Mode of Chat on MyEC is a bar which you can easily turn it off via Options (gear) button. 


As you Start a Private chat or a Public one on the Main Room, you can see Maximize Icon (pop out but

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