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While in dreaming, I heard lot of voices like they are trying to wake me up. Now I'm awake and trying to recall what are the voices. Well all are gone now but then suddenly this idea pop up in my mind what could be the big invention needed after electricity? 

Teleportation [System or Machine]

Of course this is not a new idea but still its not invented. Then what I'm seeing things that can be more helpful. Here are my few points. All are prons not cons!

  1. After leaving office no one has to travel via their vehicle or lame train travelling etc. Just teleport to your home. Benefit, probability of traffic on the road will decrease, no problem with weather like walking in the rain etc.
  2. Once all the traffic gone, pollution will be in control. More trees, more grass.
  3. The joint family will always stick together. The ancestors property will always be in taken care. You can enjoy your farm vegetables, fruits etc. No burden of finding a place to be rent in another city or book a hotel etc. This way can utilize the land more and more ways.\
  4. Tell your mother or spouse to get ready the food - I'm coming home! :D Hot meal serve you all the time.
  5. Why need for audio/video calling? :P Just go and visit him/her. Next step towards telecommunication.
  6. Easier to study aboard. Teleport direct to school/college and come back to home.
  7. At the time of nature disaster i.e. Twister, tsunami or earthquake.. Lots of people can be save or transport to another place in very lesser time.
  8. Patient can be admit to hospital in a jiffy. If I get heart attack. click the button and next direct see yourself on the hospital bed. :P
  9. Husband can say to his wife - come directly to the party once your make up done! :D
  10. All transportation system will be useless like airplane, bus, train, ship etc. Just follow the instruction and go to your destiny. The problem I see here - VISA or Passport :P Well if I remove all the negative traits, the world will become global in a true essence. We have a saying in Sanskrit here.

'Vashudev Kutumbkam - For those who're known as magnanimous, the entire world constitutes but a family."

NO need to be magnanimous :D

How the system should work, so there wont be any trespassing. Top up Recharge! Just like you recharge your mobile or internet. Opt for prepaid or post paid plan. According to distance and authorization, people has the ability of teleportation. 

(Figure found on Google! Not mine)

PS: I'm not a scientist, so if there is anyone reading this. Please be motivate and do something :D

That's enough for me to this moment, lets see what you guys say!

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Wishing Happy Diwali 2012 to All MyEC! ^.^

Deepawali or Diwali, is the ‘festival of lights’ celebrated popularly in India. Today I'm celebrating this festival with friends, far away from the family.

Office Celebration: Well I have been forced to take part in this activity and literally, I hate it! But at the end, when our team wins the free fantastic meal of 5-Star hotel, it seems to be wonderful idea! :D The whole idea something like, we have to show our creativity by the given flowers and create the best flower pattern. None of our team mates ever do this before. 

At Room: First of all late night party hang over, then I did worship in the morning - evening and lighten every corner of house by candles as well thanks to all Gods and Deity, for everything they give me. Then wishes everyone in family, relatives and friend by doing phone calls. At night its the fire cracking time!

This is our Chaiwala (Tea Maker). He wants to be snapped, and he is the most amazing and fantastic guy... :D

Wishing everyone Happy Diwali! - Thanks! ^.^

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Miracle of Rain!

I had seen lots of things changing around in my garden this year as it was raining heavily. Unfortunately, one of the village flooded completely and villagers needs to left this, many died during night. Even after all this, if we see the positive part, rain is always something eagerly to be waited during summer. I’m writing this blog lately, as now gets time to start practising my hobby as to write something. I guess missed lots of things here.

Come to the garden. My grandmother likes to spend most of the time in gardening and I enjoy with her to help all the time. But this year we seen some crazy insects and literally they look first of all disgusting and filthy. Curiously, I start noticing their behaviour; they are everywhere and none of the birds dares to eat them. I asked my grandmother, how about if we sprinkle pesticide over them. It will kill them instantly. My grandmother smiled and said, they are actually helping us. I was shocked how? She replied, they are actually fertilizing the soil by destroying all the waste elements. Now birds won’t dare to eat them as they understand their role. But we human not understand their role. Once the sun start rising properly they will disappear.

Moral of the story: Don’t use pesticides on your farm. Rain nourishes the trees and plants; insects’ eats grounded fruits, some of them are tasty food of birds. By using pesticides we are disturbing the nature cycle!

PS: Cluttered Blog! ^.^

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Perhaps some of your richest and most satisfying experiences have been with people to whom you can just talk, talk, talk. As you speak, previously untapped springs of ideas and emotions begin to flow; you hear yourself saying things you never thought you knew.

What kinds of people might you find yourself in conversation with? In this session we will discover the suitable vocabulary been uses for these peoples as according to their personality.

One Word Substitutions

1.      Saying little

There are some people who just don’t like to talk. Like you can feel they neither like nor to listen – they act as if conversation is a bore, even a painful waste of time. Try to engage them, and the best you may expect for your efforts is a vacant state, a noncommittal grunt, or an impatient silence. Finally, in frustration, you give up, thinking ‘Are they self-conscious? Do they hate people? Do they hate me?’

The adjective: taciturn


2.     Saying little  – meaning much

A young newspaper woman was sitting next to Calvin Coolidge (former president of the USA) at a banquet, so the story goes, and turned to him mischievously.

‘Mr. Coolidge,’ she said,’ she said, ‘I have a bet with my editor that I can get you to say more than two words to me this evening.’

You lose’, Coolidge re-joined simply.

The adjective: laconic


3.     When the words won’t come

Under the pressure of some strong emotion – fear, rage, anger for example, - people may find it difficult, or even impossible, to utter words, to get their feelings, un-jumbled and untangled enough to form understandable sentences. They undoubtedly have a lot the want to say, but the best they can do is splutter!

The adjective: inarticulate


4.     Much talk, little sense

Miss Bates, a character in the novel Emma, by Jane Austen:

‘So obliging of you! No, we should not have heart, if it had not been for this particular circumstance, of her being able to come here so soon. My mother is so delighted. For she is to be three months with us at least, three months, she say so, positively, as I am going to have the pleasure of reading to you………………………………………………………………………………………

……………………………………, but we shall see presently in Jane’s letter…..’

The adjective: garrulous


5.     Unoriginal

Some people are completely lacking in originality and imagination – and their talk shows it. Everything they say is little, hackneyed, commonplace, humourless – their speech patterns are full of clichés and stereotypes, their phraseology is without sparkle.

The adjective: banal


6.     Words, words, words!

They talk and talk and talk – it’s not so much the quantity you object to as the repetitiousness. They phrase, rephrase, and re-rephrase their thoughts – using far more words than necessary, overwhelming you with words, drowning you with them, until your only thought is how to escape, or maybe how to die.

The adjective: verbose


7.     Words in quick succession

They are rapid, fluent talkers, the words seeming to roll of their tongues with such ease and lack of efforts, and sometimes with such copiousness, that you listen with amazement.

The adjective: voluble


8.     Words that convince

They express their ideas persuasively, forcefully, brilliantly, and in a way that calls for wholehearted assent and agreement from an intelligent listener.

The adjective: cogent


9.     The sound and the fury

Their talk is loud, noisy, clamorous, and vehement. What may be lacking is content is compensated for in force and loudness.

The adjective: vociferous


10. Quantity

They talk a great deal – a very great deal. They may be voluble, vociferous, garrulous, verbose, but never inarticulate, taciturn, or laconic. No matter. It’s the quantity and continuity that are most conspicuous.

The adjective: loquacious


PS: I followed a vocabulary book "Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis". It's taken from there.


Find your way of speech habits and comment it. :)

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I Miss You! – Desire – A Puzzle Love Letter


Every morning when I wake up, I want to see you first.

Every moment, I just want to feel your presence.

Without you my whole day seems to be worst, can’t do anything else.

Without you I cannot even write now, nor can sing in a flow.

In your absence I think and think lot, minutes pass like years, hour pass like decades.

Ah! I feel so hot and thirsty but water doesn’t seem so cold now.

I want to sleep but my eyes are now habituate to see your charm.

Every time I feel my heart beats so high and breath goes so warm.

My body shaking in nervousness that makes me red,

Depression is so high and catapulting me over the bed.

When you are here I’m an Eagle rises higher in the sky,

Without you I’m an Ostrich hiding myself inside the sand and cannot fly.

I want to do something; I just wish every moment you should be here,

Why not you are here and when will you come.

Sometimes I feels is it Love or it just an infatuation.

I wonder how Benjamin Franklin does found you in such a situation.

How people were living without you before,

Then I control my desire and come into all sense.

I just wish you come and shine my lonely life now,

And Hope you will come out from the Pandora box.

Come quick O! Life saver come quick, I miss you and I miss you so much…




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Light and Dark Theory!

Me: Do you know how many faces a coin does have? – asking to Radha.

Radha: That’s a simple question, 2 faces.

Me: No! It’s not.

Radha: How?

Me: Hmm… It is difficult to explain via this, but let me take you to journey of Light and Dark. You will understand then.

Radha: You want me to open the curtain and let the light came inside. Is that the meaning of Light and Dark?

Me: Very funny! It’s not about sun light (Day or Night), but about the light and the dark which remain inside us. We all are seeking of light in our life and wants to get ourselves away from the darkness. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry – all forms of fear are caused by too much future. Guilt, resentment, sadness, bitterness, regret, grievances and all forms of no forgiveness that causes troubles in our life are the reasons we captured by darkness. When you get angry you can see most of time blank and dark inside your mind. Angeris first reason of darkness inside you that can be seen easily. Actually there is no end of how to describe dark but the major fact is negative traits of life has been caused by the darkness.

Radha: What is Light then?

Me: Happiness, peace, tranquillity and when you feel salvationand no more worries inside you. That means you are inside light. You create things this time; in sort you see the things as humanity perspective. Okay now listen keep quietly the story I’m narrating now, it’s my childhood story and very fond of this. Ask the question at the end.

************************************************Story Narration***********************************************

Face one of coin: Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja (Dark is the Nation and Insane the King)



Once a Guru (Teacher) and his Chela (a Disciple) were travelling around and reaches in a kingdom. Guru decides to stay beneath a tree outside the kingdom and tell his Chela to purchase and bring some food for night.  He gives him few bucks for this and lay beneath the tree. The Chela left him and next enters inside the kingdom. He chose the first food stall and asked price for the spinach.

Chela: What is the price for spinach?

Shop Keeper: Takeh Sher! (let’s assume 1 penny).

Chela: What? That is very cheap!

Chela: What is the price for Dates?

Shop Keeper: Takeh Sher!

Chela: Huh? What’s that mean?

Shop Keeper: In this kingdom everything is for fixed price if you want can check other food stall as well but you will pays a Takeh Sher. Not even food but everything you can purchase for same price Takeh Sher.

Chela: What is the name of this kingdom?

Shop Keeper: Andher Nagari (Dark Nation)

Chela: What is the name of the King?

Shop Keeper: Chaupat Raja (Insane King)

Chela: Hmm! (That’s very good, looks like I’m on the advantage who cares if everything is so cheap, he thinks inside his mind.)

He bought lots of foods and few more items as now he can afford luxurious things and return back to his teacher outside the kingdom. When teacher see that is lots of food and other things as he only gives him lesser money for all this, enthusiastically he asked all the details whatever happens in the city.

Guru: Quickly pack all the belongings, we immediately need to leave this kingdom.

Chela: What? Why? Guruji!

Guru: Do not question right now. Every moment is precious to be risk here.

Chela: But we are hungry since a week and now we find good food in so cheap price. I do not want to leave now let’s stay here at least for a week and enjoy all luxury which we missed all the time.

Guru: Hmm! So, temptation cursed you. Okay! I’m leaving now and you stay but let me teach you a summoning spell. By this you can summon me anytime when you are in a trouble. Adios!

Chela suddenly feels himself in utter freedom and can live lavishly now. He eats well and sleeps beneath the tree.

In this strange land, that night four brothers plan a burglary and try to breach the wall of the house of an affluent family. The bungling incompetent thieves bring the wall down, but in this process caught by the king’s sentries as the wall’s brick fall down over them and presented in front of the king.

King: How did you get all these wounds and caught by the sentries? If you have been found guilty, get ready for death sentence.

Thief Brothers: O Merciful King! The wall bricks fall down over us and we get these wounds. We were only following our profession and the inappropriate constructed wall caused the demise, for which the homeowner is liable.

King: Oh! You can’t be guilty for this, summon the homeowner.

Homeowner(frightened and frazzled):   O Generous King Lord! Those who constructed the wall are guilty party and thus please exonerate me.

King: Oh! You can’t be guilty for this, summon the wall constructor.

Wall Constructor: O Priest King! According to me wall design was perfect it is fault of bricklayer who didn’t matched up the correct size of bricks.

King: Oh! You can’t be guilty for this, summon the Bricklayer.

Bricklayer: O Sky high King! It is not my fault as brick size perfect and strong, you can notice no brick breaks during this accident but the cement must have been of poor quality and then descends on the cement mixer who is accused of pouring too much water during mixing.

King: Oh! You can’t be guilty for this, summon the cement mixer.

Cement Mixer: O Earth greatest King! I admit this happens and too much water pours during mixing. But immediately that moment distracted by the Prayer of Mullah and that’s the reason of diluted the cement and it is mandatory for me to do greeting the lord.

King: Oh! You can’t be guilty for this, summon the Mullah.

The honest man has no excuse and the King pronounces death by hanging for the convicted till the death. The national legally prescribed fixed size noose is brought to the courtyard to string up the guilty offender. Whatever the fault of the Mullah, he is a decent god-fearing man who has refrained from indulging in sin, including gluttony. His neck is thin and his visage lean and his head and cranial capacity on the small side. The noose keeps slipping off his head and neck.

The irritated King then pontificates that the deaths must be punished as the justice demand and since the circumference of the noose is unalterable by the national religious code, the only way for justice to be done, is to hang the first person whom the noose fits by the morning.

Search has been started for whole night until they found the Chela sleeping in the morning beneath the tree and they measure his neck fits in the noose. He has to be hanged in the public square this morning as an example to the citizens and to emphasize that justice not only should be done, but it must also publicly seen to be done.

The King offered him to accomplish his final wish to be filled before hanging. He pledge by this and demand to chant the prayer of his Guru (Teacher). The desperate chela quickly enchant the summoning spell and the guru promptly appeared at the public square, when he saw his chela in this position, he understood the whole story and appears near to him and whisper in this ears something.

Guru: No, I must be one who should hang to this moment.

Chela: No, I had been chose for this glory and amazing moment. It’s my right to be hanged.

The guru created a ruckus by insisting that he be hanged instead of the chela. The intrigued Executioner was taken aback at this strange self-destroying demand and even the Mullah suspected some theological mystery. They kept asking the guru for the reason and he refused. The irritated King then threatened him that if he refused he would be beheaded instead of being hanged. The guru pleaded that he must be hanged. Under further intimidation and duress, the guru confessed that on this day of the new moon, anyone who was hanged would go straight to heaven. By hearting this everyone started to demand to be hanged and controversial appeal starts. The Executioner, then insisted since he is the once who really going to execute them, he would decide who would be hanged. He decided he would hang himself. In the meantime the news had reached the king. He repaired to the scene and used his primate privilege to be hanged. The relieved guru and disciple promptly crossed the borders of the strange realm, vowing never to return again.

**************************************End of the Story***************************************

Radha: Hiya! Truth won again, happy ending! Well done!

Me: What is your conclusion of this story?

Radha: Light conquered the Darkness even it was tricky but ultimately light wins. King was really insane.

Me: Actually it is not always King’s Fault in this story, sometime it is around the peoples he hired to work. They are the major source of corruption and manipulate him this way that it shows everyone is happy in the Kingdom and he starts living the mirage of profit sharing. But it is short time profit at the end King will be doomed, if he don’t awake, sooner or later good people will start leaving the city. Meantime, all honest people gets hanged one by one because they don’t know how to use blame game theory.  

Also, the major fact of this story about the good teacher is the one who saved the disciple threaten life. A teacher is the source of lightness in everyone life, he is the most merciful even at first disciple refused to take advice of him. He understood the better way to teach him the lesson same time gave him precaution spell. It’s like he knows the all weakness and strength of him to the moment. Someday disciple has to leave the teacher but then he/she has the wisdom and knowledge which learned from him/her and always protect in the darkness. Look at this world and near about you, darkness and blame-game theory can easily haunt you. If you have knowledge of your teacher you may survive, so always respect your teacher first, even it seems to be annoying sometimes. Sometime you won’t agree to the moment but later you will understand the fact of whatever told you based on experiences and by knowing your weakness.

Knowledge, it is ultimate thing which saved us from the darkness when you learn this under the guidance of good teacher.

Radha: True! But it is about the good teacher, and up to finding good teacher. How if we influenced by the bad teacher?

Me: I showed you the one face of the coin, now let me show you the second face of coin. J

Face two of Coin: Donkey and the Carrot!

Radha: Hehe! Very funny, donkey looks so cute and happy and teacher looks so handsome, smart.

Me: Yes! That’s the teacher who wants to carry his luggage to other side of city and he is motivating the donkey to go further. A carrot dangling from a stick is motivating the donkey to pull the cart.

Radha: I thought this image symbolizes the motivation; it’s a carrot and a stick.

Me: Let me rephrase the symbols of every element in this picture. Handsome Man (A teacher), Carrot (knowledge and wisdom), Cart full of luggage (hidden motive which donkey never knows) and Donkey (A Disciple).

Radha: You are full of speculation and negative traits inside your mind. I would say darkness is inside of you. 

Me: I can’t help as you asked me how we can actually influenced by the bad teacher. That’s the truth of bad teaching when bad teacher motive ends he will give the carrot to feed the donkey. Donkey will be happy by this end of the reality. It’s the knowledge he gave to the disciple. But can you really think this knowledge will be used next day or later in this life. In reality if his motives don’t finishes yet he will not give the carrot to the donkey and use the same carrot all the time to greed the poor donkey.

Radha: Disgusting! It would be digest next day and just by the sheer moment, it will give him the pleasure. That cannot be knowledge.

Me: Yes! But poor donkey can never understand this. He will be happy by this and always ready to pull the cart next time to waiting for the immense pleasure. He will remains in the darkness all the time until one day he found to be useless by the teacher and throws away. It is actually the feeling and interests motivates us – What happens when the feelings evaporates? If we do something so that people will like us, appreciate, admire, affirm or praise us, what will we do when they don’t do that or worse when they criticize us? We hurt and now darkness start rising inside us and make us gloomy.

Radha: Horrible! Let skip this and show me the third face of coin. 

Third face of Coin: When toss the coin and its stand on the edge, neither it’s the head nor it is the tail.



Radha: Interesting! I never thought by this way.

Me: Let me first speak a dhoha then will start the explanation.

Pothi Padh Padh Kar Jag Mua, Pandit Bhayo Na Koye
Dhai Aakhar Prem Ke, Jo Padhe so Pandit Hoye.

                                                                     By Saint Kabir Das

Radha: Could you please translate this in English?

Me: Translation in English.

Reading books everyone died, none became any wise,
One who reads the word of Love, only becomes wise.

Radha: Hehe! Now you make me laugh and butterfly dancing inside my belly. You suddenly leave the books/knowledge and everything then you finds this topic to talk. Okay tell me how this can help us from darkness?

Me: When you are in true love, your heart surrounds by lightness and covered it all, the aura and glow changes of your body. Once the heart shines with this light, there cannot be a place for darkness inside. All the emotions of darkness can never cross your mind. Good things starts happening automatically around you and you mesmerised by the feelings, it seems to be miracle part.

Radha: Wow! Now I want to know the functionality of love.

Me: Let see this Human in love!

Radha: What the hell is this?

Me: This is love light and it is shining a human’s heart. Rest 1 to 6 are dark traits against the love and these traits always try to break the yellow aura around the heart which is actually trust. You can see that in this sequence they try to hit one by one. If somehow these traits are able to break the aura of trust, then it’s the end of love. Without trust there is no love. It’s all in the game of love. But if love is strong, you can’t be attack by the darkness of love.

Radha: Is this love theory works with other kinds of love?

Me: Of course! A mother finds the love in her children. Spouse finds the loves in each other arms. Brother and sister love. All relative loves are easy to explain because there is no place of darkness to be spread easily, trust stronger in this. But in the name of girl-friend – boy-friend love, which most of the time explain to be complicated and controversial because trust is easy to shatter anytime, there you can use this figure.

Never fall in love with a woman who sells herself. It always ends bad! - Moulin Rouge! (2001)

I admire this movie so much and help me to clear lots of doubt because it explains ‘Love is not blind’ always. You can wait for the right moment in your life by just controlling the desire and then darkness will never happens. The best thing in this world you will ever learn, in love and in return to be loved.

Find the light and stay away from the darkness always, find peace and tranquillity, to be wise enough, even it sound to be foolish. Best thing love yourself and soon you will see everyone loves you. You can love everyone and see the change; everyone will love you in return always. Love is light and light is strong energy which shows the path.

Radha: Why jealousy is in shadow?

Me: Because whenever you are in love, jealousy remains with you as like a shadow. Without jealousy you can’t feel love.

Radha: Hmmm… What now?

Me: I want to sing a song and finish the blog.


PS: Thank you everyone who help me to write this blog (Direct or Indirect) without your help it's not feasible to write this. :)

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When fire starts burning,
Wind intensify it.
Fire burns the wind and create water,
Water flows and understand the healing,
and always remains peaceful.
Fire ignites and lighten the earth,
with his fiery spirit.
Fire burns the earth and water fertile it.
Wind breezes and gives life,
At the end when fire starts dying,
Earth consume it inside and never let it die.
It's a pain and trauma of both.
Fire is lightest and has no weight.
Fire cannot be corrupted because it is pure.
Fire is the energy and always lives inside.
Fire is the beginner and Earth complete the cycle.
No one is greater, but everything is nature.
Yes, this is nature and we are elements.
We are together thats how nature creates balance.

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Good Bye? - One Love!

What? You said good bye at the end of War theory? You aim high and disappoint so easily. – Radha reading my war theory and given me surprised look.

What’s the point of staying there? After writing such a long blog, people still living there in groups, and It hurts me most of the time that only 58,045 peoples from all over the world in MyEC and they find a good place, then here same group theory. – I explained Radha of the reason of leaving.

Well, I’m checking there you have lots of friends and fan there? They are waiting for your coming back. How will you come back? – Radha asked this question.

Well, I said plan to leaving MyEc, it means didn’t decide to leave yet. – giving evil grin look to Radha.

What do you mean, didn’t decide yet? Is it part of your War theory as well? – Radha questioned me.

Yes, have you seen that nobody cares of my war theory logics at the end; everyone flows in emotions of my leaving. This is how a war concerned people create emotions to the people and they gets into deep emotions to follow the war concerned person. That’ why people like me never able to convince them please stop caring for an individual person, use your brain and see the logics and predictions. Yet, how can people hate mathematics in their life, this surprised me actually. My sacrifice is to be catalyst in the war theory and most of the time catalyst is not consumed by the chemical reaction they support, that how my sacrifice is not consumed by the end of War theory. Dear read chemistry it’s very helpful in life. – giving scientific explanation to Radha.

You are disgusting; you know chemistry is my weakest subject in academics. Anyway, you can’t write few stories and then expect the world to take you in, there is more to it than that and things take time, you will rise in time, don’t worry. –Radha building hope inside me.

Hmm, you are right; I’m not a super hero or any famous writer. Things still needed to improve via writing furthermore should write more stories and could keep making theories, questions and small stories. – Firmed look on face and stick to the decision.

Good, what about rule no. 1, why do you hate this so much? – Radha questioned me.

Okay, let me explain you what happening in my city right now. Students pass out from colleges they filled competition exams of either becoming teachers, getting jobs in electricity department, or any government department. They spend money in filling forms, spend time and work hard to get the job in government department. When result came out and your name is shortlisted, now you are waiting for job letter in hand. Exact of that moment someone filed a case in high court that something is wrong to the selection process. Now until this case solve you will not getting this job, and this case never going to solve. May be after 5-6 years, do you think after 5-6 years waiting for the job is right? This is the rule no. 1 of leading corruption in government. How to earn money and make foolish peoples by waiting and waiting? Their hope dies with this. This hope dying is the rule no. 1 and it is not in the hand of common man.  

Well you hate government or who follow this rule? – Radha said this.

I hate both but because government build by people like us and not everyone is corrupting in the government. So, you can say I hate who follow this rule. – My plain answer.

Don’t you think of lots of friends here who care you so much in MyEC? – Radha asked me this question of friendship.

You know Radha, what is most hurting thing in this world about friendship, when your best friend dies and you see their parents crying all the time in front of your face and you can’t bring sweet to their homes as found the first job even they treats you like their son. – A bitter truth in friendship.

Hmm, well there is someone who saying that he won’t be alive till you come back. – Radha smile to this.

I’ve a good picture for him and I’m going to kick his butt when come back.

Well, you got a sister as well now.- Radha teased me.

She is sweetest girl there, she comments on everyone blogs, take parts in discussion and most of that she wishes to everyone profile. But she didn’t write any blogs, that’s not good for her. I would say she should be star next. :) I guess that makes me happy when she called me brother. Actually she is even younger than my younger brother. Hmm, how many sisters I will carry in my life. – Worrying of future.

What will be your aim next now in MyEc? – reminding of my future.

Well, I found Rule No. Zero now and this makes me interested to stay there. – A new goal of life set.

Now, what the hell is this rule no. zero, why don’t you live like simple man and act like normal guy? You think so much all the time dear. You should stop thinking more. – Radha looks at me with frustration.

Let this in suspense what is Rule No. Zero, I need to study this as well. Once get to the point, I will write about this. Besides writing is my passion, provide me compassion and most of it, philosophy and searching for answers of life all the time.  Right now I want to sing a song here to finish the blog. – A joyous look in my face.

Which song you are going to sing now? And please post lyrics as always needs lyrics of English Songs. Why not in Karaoke group? – Radha tries to know the reasons.

It’s my favourite song all the time. I wish can smoke as well while singing this song, but quitted smoking and drinking long time ago otherwise I was just same like the singer. People said smoking kills but I said smoking gives us life and meaning all the time. LOL! Here is the song. – That’s me how to divert Radha attentions always.

Gosh! Your blog again goes bigger, so what is your final decision? – pointing to the final decision.

Hehe, I can’t help when start writing, it’s like flowing in the river and don’t know the ending where it will stop until it reaches the side of the river. About decision, it reminds of a line by Sydney Sheldon in his Autobiography, during his childhood he was going to drink the poison and his father came suddenly, he didn’t stopped him but said this line.

Life is like a novel. It's filled with suspense. You have no idea what is going to happen until you turn the page.

Well, I will finish this novel till the end. Running is not a solution.

Here is song which I sang late night, I hope people like it.


“One Love – U2”

Is it getting better?

Or do you feel the same?

Will it make it easier on you now?

You got someone to blame


You say, one love, one life

When it's one need in the night

One love, we get to share it

Leaves you baby if you don't care for it


Did I disappoint you?

Or leave a bad taste in your mouth?

You act like you never had love

And you want me to go without


Well it's too late tonight

To drag the past out into the light

We're one but we're not the same

We get to carry each other, carry each other



Have you come here for forgiveness?

Have you come to raise the dead?

Have you come here to play Jesus?

To the lepers in your head


Did I ask too much? More than a lot

You gave me nothin' now it's all I got

We're one but we're not the same

Well we hurt each other then we do it again


You say love is a temple, love a higher law

Love is a temple, love the higher law

You ask me to enter but then you make me crawl

And I can't be holdin' on to what you got

When all you got is hurt


One love, one blood

One life, you got to do what you should

One life, with each other

Sisters, brothers


One life but we're not the same

We get to carry each other, carry each other



Original Video

Thank You for all the warm comments and messages, I won't leave next time and no Good Bye from now on. ^.^

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Overdose Love, Story!

Hello! – Seeing the number, I was shocked, because I had had a troubled time with my product Head in the office when he promoted a 6 month internship girl who was a trainee of mine to a Producer. This is against the promotion policy and I'm a senior and experienced employee in my team, and it is not even the time of promotion, how can he promote an intern this way? Now I've to report to her every time, even though she doesn't know the work. It makes me feel like I am licking her sandal like a dog and having to help her all the time. So, I complained and asked what makes you think she can handle this job? I left the office early furious and put down the papers on his table.

So, looks like he accepted my resignation, I thought, while answering his call.

Did you reach your flat safely? – My product head’s voice sounded nervous and in scared tone.

Yeah, I reached my flat safely, Wait, what do you mean reached safely? Haha! I put down papers, not any suicide note on your table. I always have a sarcastic answer for him.

Thank god! You got home safely, do not come to the office tomorrow and listen to the news on TV, carefully, I do not know if they have jammed the mobile phone soon in the city.

Did you see the paper on your table? I do not have any television, what do you think I’m a family guy here. Who needs television when you have internet.

I didn’t check it yet, but whatever you wrote I’m going to throw it in dustbin. Okay! Check the news on the internet. Bye now! Then he hung up.

Damn! The lift is not working and I have to take the stairs up to my flat , it is on the 5th floor of the apartment. Thinking the whole time, what the hell does this means reached safely, walking on stair. After 10 minutes I reach my flat door and unlock the door. Closing the door I throw my office bag on the bed and open the laptop, it’s going to take 5-10 minutes booting up my laptop. To hell with Microsoft, they should launch a quicker operating system. I was eager to know the news in my city.

Someone shot the civilians in open fire at CST stations (Mumbai). It’s shocking news for me and I checked the timing, it was 15 minutes after I boarded the train. If I hadn’t left the office today in fury, I might have been in the station and perhaps dead. It was 26 November 2008 the terrorist attack in Mumbai. I worried about my family if they knew this they would also start worrying too. I call my father and informed of my safety.   

My mobile rang again and I see the name.

I told you many times just leave India, we can settle here in Australia, while I would arrange you Visa and things. Why don’t you understand, India is not a safe place to live and I care about you. Even if you just do not love me. Just marry me and give me a divorce, in this way you will get a living permit here as well. - She always calls me from Australia as the calling charges are cheap there.

Please, do not repeat the same stories, we have already discussed this, even if I have to die here I’m not going to leave my family for you. So just chill and let me think on what exactly happened. You are breaking your promise now which you promised me the first day, you are going to marry me here and we will settle in India and how you can say that Australia will be safe to live. If my death would be certain then it will not seek of any passport or visa to reach me.

When I’m going to say we will live forever in Australia, just for 10 years and then we will back to India.

Oh, why not you marry a guy of your choice there and live forever happily and I’m not a Brad Pitt and you are not Angelina Jolie. Why don’t you live in real life?

Because I cannot forget you, for me you are better than Brad Pitt, because I love you! You cannot understand a girl Instinct when she loves someone she knows it.

Not again with this instinct theory, you know I think you need a psychiatrist, because you created a virtual world around you and forget the values of a family. Your sisters and sister-in-laws lives there, but your parents and brother everyone else lives in India. They would be happier if you marry me here at least one of their daughter lives near to them, same way I’m eldest son of family and having lots of responsibility. We are made for each other, but it just you are seeing money and luxury there. But I can understand this, what is the meaning of being lonely. It’s 3 years we have been talking together and still you don’t understand me. Sometimes I do not understand what kind of love you have with me, is it you that is selfish or I’m selfish. If I betray my family and run away to Australia like this it is going to hurt me forever in life.

We can settle them here as well later. We will earn here more and you have good experience and it is demanding job here in Australia, as you work in MNC as well.

So, you mean bringing my parents, brothers, my uncle-aunts, grandmothers there and what about our ancestors land? Okay! Can you convince your parents to leave their land and settle with you?

They are weird, all their lives they run and fight for the land. I really do not care for any land things. Life is just meant to be fun. I love you because you understand all these things and you can support me all the time.

You know this is not love; it’s just like hiring a man. Anyway, My mother is giving me call, talk you later. Bye! I hung up the phone.

Who with you were talking with for so long? My mother asked me suspiciously.

Oh! It’s just my boss- he was asking if I had reached my flat safely. Did dad call you? I’m safe here mom, no need to worry now.

We always worry about you; last year’s bomb blast in Hyderabad when you were there, now these terrible attacks in Mumbai, why don’t you listen to your father’s advice and come back home?

Mom! Please don’t go over the same stuff again, I’m good here and that’s all you need to know. I’m tired now and hungry as well.

Keep safe beta, eat well and think again to join family again. Hung up the phone.

Six months passed but no one changed a bit, my mother told me your father now coming home late and eating less and is always thinking about you.

I do not have any way to convince everyone in my life because this overdose love starts killing me inside.

What kind of love is this? Is this we call love? Because everyone loves me and treats me like a baby all the time. May be something is missing, how to understand the meaning of love?  

Sometimes I think which could be more painful, that day a bullet in my chest or this overdose love?

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A strong man, who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength. And knows compassion! – Captain America: The First Avenger [2011]

Preface: Why I’m writing about war and fighting? This question can arises anyone mind. Why? Because I do a lots of aimless thinking, like most people, but I can still choose to use my mind to get and accomplish things, and I do that all the time. Very long time ago a wise old man shows me a cup full of water, he told me to fill more water without spilling a single drop outside and I was failed to do this. He told me, mind is just like this full or empty cup of water. Until you clear old thoughts, new thoughts cannot enter. So, why not you forget this? Because this world doesn’t let me forget this, every time when I see people fight and see war in world. It makes me feel sorrow, when everyone seeks for peace in life then why there is fighting? Why there are conflicts? This thought leads me to search of this question and by this created the war theory. All these thoughts and opinions are mine and it just my view, please if anyone have similar thought and points. It will only help me and clears more doubts. This writing here lead me to modify later on, that’s the reason to let stay here. No more talking let us begin the search for this answer.

Words Definition

Strength: n. quality of being strong, might, durability; determination, resolve; power; effectiveness; intensity, force.

Compassion: n. pity, mercy, sympathy

Aimless: adj. purposeless; lacking a goal

Accomplish: v. complete, finish; perform, execute

Spilling: v. Cause or allow (liquid) to flow over the edge of its container, esp. unintentionally.

Sorrow: n. A feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others.

Conflict: n. clash, fight, quarrel; v. oppose, disagree, quarrel, fight

PS: Due to lengthy blogs and complicate to understand, I'm breaking this theory in small parts. As well people do not need to open dictionary, here few words definition added, please let me know all you views.

Thank You!


Part II: Mythical REASONS

How does a war and conflict start between nations or between men? According to elders, they give three basic reasons.

  1. Jar[Wealth],
  2. Joru[Woman]
  3. Jameen [Land];

These are the initial reasons to start conflict between men or nations. World history books are fully written by the bloods and the evidence.

Around 1000 AD during this time Mahmud Gaznavi’s 17 Invasions of India and invasions to other countries as well earlier, and he looted, destroyed ancient architecture, and killed thousands of innocent peoples only for wealth.

Around 1525 AD during this time Babar invasions in India for looting money and to capture lands over the several countries and finally established Mughal Empire in India. There are plenty of wars and battle fought for wealth in different countries. The point of telling this is a very greedy reason of people fighting.

The Trojan War between Troy and Sparta for Helen in Greek Mythology, Battle between Antony and Caesar for Cleopatra in Egypt, Mahabharata battle between brothers because of Draupadi also land was crucial matter for this in Indian Mythology. But the truth is these war kills lots of innocent peoples and behind the actual reason is a single woman. The best war movie I have ever seen is Redcliff directed by John Woo, don’t know if it true or not but it makes me feel happy to see the courageous lady who thinks of dying innocent peoples because of her.

People still fighting for land and that is still an impacted reason to believe. I do not need to explain or provide evidence by the article. How can we forget of Alexander the Great a Greek king of Macedon?

It does not mean only men are ruthless kings, who are the reason of war, the ruthless women ruler and scandalous wives, like Catherine of Russia, about whom the least said is best.

To protect their wealth, women and land, men/women had to encounter into battle.

Remember, what comes around goes around. So, whatever you are willing to do today your children or future generation will suffer later on somewhere same. So, that’s why violence can never bring peace in future, because you cannot bring those dead people’s lives back.

Share your ideas and believes, share your history and battles happened in your country, as I do not read whole world war histories, but whatever impacted me, I read it. This theory is still in continuation and it might change your perception later on, may be let you think of other side of war reason.

See you later….. [To be continuing…]

Word Definitions

Evidence: n, the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

Invasion: n, an instance of invading a country or region with an armed force.

Greedy: adj., having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something, esp. wealth or power.

Mythology: n, a collection of myths, esp. one belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition.

Crucial: adj, 1. Decisive or critical, esp. in the success or failure of something, 2. of great importance.

Impact: n, The action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another: "cause injury on impact".

Scandalous: adj., 1. causing general public outrage by a perceived offense against morality or law: "a series of scandalous liaisons". 2. (of a state of affairs) Disgracefully bad, typically as a result of someone's negligence or irresponsibility.

Generation: n, 1. all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively: "one of his generation's finest songwriters". 2. The average period, generally considered to be about thirty years, during which children grow up and have children of their own.

Violence: n, 1. Behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. 2. Strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force.



When I read miracle and forgiveness thoughts, It makes me feel like a big prank. Where are these peoples living in world, do you think when next war will start by any psychopath, he will read your thoughts? It’s only because of your negligence and laziness brings risk towards people life. How can anyone forget World Trade Centre, War in Libya, Syria, Kargil Battle, 26/11 massacre, Taliban Battle and many wars had written now in history and yet we are waiting for a miracle to be come? Sometime it just feels like useless healing ointment tube which might be an expiry date tube however peoples still using this healing tube on their wound and waiting for the moment to heal and we are itching because of side effect. If you think this circulate positive energy, well I just wish circulate this positive energy to those decision makers. If you succeed then I will rub this healing tube over my whole body.

I feel this create suffocation and disillusionment and it leads to hatred inside, hatred leads to inferiority complex and egoism, this leads to anger and anger provoked to do fight. When number of peoples affected on this way, they group together and think of another war to dominate others.

Share your ideas as next part lead you to another reason to believe....[to be continue…]

Word Definitions

Miracle: n, A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine.

Forgiveness: n, The action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

Prank: n, A practical joke or mischievous act.

Psychopath: n, A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

Negligence: n, 1. Failure to take proper care in doing something: "some of these accidents are due to negligence". 2. Failure to use reasonable care, resulting in damage or injury to another.

Laziness: n, indolence: inactivity resulting from a dislike of work.

Ointment: n, a smooth oily preparation that is rubbed on the skin for medicinal purposes or as a cosmetic.

Circulate: v, 1. Move or cause to move continuously or freely through a closed system or area: "antibodies circulate in the bloodstream". 2. Move around a social function in order to talk to many different people.

Suffocation: n, act of suffocating, act of killing by cutting of the oxygen supply; death caused by a lack of air or oxygen

Disillusionment: n, disenchantment: freeing from false belief or illusions.

Inferiority Complex: n, an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes marked by aggressive

Egoism: n, an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality



Catastrophic events done by war are least important, changes are important. When democracy falls, war begins - Hitler

Apart from described three reasons which are known now, I always have a feeling there is another reason which provoked people to follow the concerned war person. I didn’t know until recently encountered with this line in a book. This book has this line which is said by Hitler in his life. So, this is the exact reason people believe in miracle or changes of freedom, people seek for change in their life, society or country and can speak freely. This line makes me think more deeply and after thinking more and more over this, this war theory makes me to write here. This is not making me any Hitler fan because the catastrophic events done by him are worst in history and I believe people can bring better changes by non-violence way. Why people think of utopia – where everyone will live in a peace and harmony via killing lots of innocent peoples? Or does it make any sense to you the pure blood generation will be free from hatred?

What could be the consequences and do everyone sure about the predictions of changes will be good in future, via fighting or bringing people into war?

Share your idea as theory is still in continuation…

Word Definitions

Catastrophic: adj, extremely harmful; bringing physical or financial ruin; "a catastrophic depression"; "catastrophic illness", terrible, disastrous, calamitous

Democracy: n, a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Provoke: v, Stimulate or give rise to (a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome one) in someone.

Encounter: v, unexpectedly experience or face (something difficult or hostile).

Freedom: n, the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Utopia: n, an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More.

Consequence: n, 1. a result or effect of an action or condition. 2. Importance or relevance: "the past is of no consequence".

Prediction: n, a thing predicted; a forecast.



“War is never an isolated act” – (Clausewitz, 1831)

It makes sense to me that people are disillusioned in this world and this leads to people fighting because somewhere deep down they seek changes around them. The consequences are severe as nobody can predict what kind of change will come out. If people realised these changes earlier then it could be another story. Still we fight and risk human lives to see the changes. Can we bring back those who die in war or battles? Fathers, Brothers, Son, Grandson, Nephew and Cousins are just mere toys to sacrifice in battle. The women's and children's affected most by this because they have to suffer alone this tantrum later on their life. So, when we cannot bring their life back, why we need to begin the war and follow a certain leader who seeks war and thinks change via violence? Although ecological disturbances brought on by war have been occurring for thousands of years, modern warfare has made its impact increasingly severe. You can recognise the long-term and wide spread impacts that cause the degradation, expert’s opinions gives it the term ecocide, literally meaning the killing of environment.

Psychological and social consequence of war are severe, this make people afraid and kills their fighting spirits, in both ways – One who fights in the battle and the people who are affected in this war.

In Art of War by Sun Tzu there is a quote – The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

The aftermath of battle resulted the women and children left alone in crisis to tell the stories, burned architectures, burned houses, destroyed buildings try to  cry in silence.

"If we are to win the war against terrorism, we must, as Sun Tzu in "The Art of War" says, "Understand the enemy." And we must, all of us, Muslims and non-Muslims, Americans, Europeans, Arabs, and Asians, unite against it.  But we must create the conditions that will make this essential unity possible.

Please visit Josef Essenberg profile and read recent war consequences.

Share your ideas, how you like this part of theory even people chose to live in tranquillity, because two more parts are there to let the theory explain why people fight, is there any way we can predict change?

Word Definitions

Isolate: v. Cause (a person or place) to be or remain alone or apart from others.

Sacrifice: n, an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure.

v, offer or kill as a religious sacrifice.

Tantrum: n, an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child.

Ecological: n, characterized by the interdependence of living organisms in an environment; "an ecological disaster".

Warfare: n, engagement in or the activities involved in war or conflict: "guerrilla warfare".

Degradation: n, the condition or process of degrading or being degraded. 2.

Ecocide: n, Destruction of the natural environment, esp. when willfully done.

Psychological: adj, of, affecting, or arising in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person.

Subdue: v, 1. Overcome or bring under control (a feeling or person). 2. Bring (a country or people) under control by force.

Aftermath: n, the consequences or aftereffects of an event, esp. when unpleasant.

Tranquillity: n, an untroubled state; free from disturbances.



When I read of today’s advance in nuclear weapons, advance infantry, missiles etc. Why we need to increase the security budget every year? This money could be spent on the country progress, spend money to give people employment. Do we really need to think employment via soldier and border patrolling? I always thought in my childhood that nuclear weapons are for saving the earth from extra-terrestrial force. Maybe someday they will attack our earth and to battle with these aliens we need to have advanced weapons system. Then why we are investing money on finding life on another planet? Here we cannot bring peace in our neighbourhood, are we sure we can have peace with aliens?

The most interesting fact of our life, finding water in other planet, it’s always a cruel joke to me. Water covers 71% of earth surfaces, the ocean contains 96.5% of earth’s water. Why do we not use this money to purify water here? 3.575 million People die each year from water-related disease. Even if we found water in another planet how we can quench thirst of 6,840,507,003 earth population? As well we cannot teleport these large numbers of people to that planet. So, neither we can transport water nor we can teleport peoples to the watery planets. What’s the point of wasting money on this?

It might not be easy to convince the fact that how usually these warmongers earn money; they earn money by the people’s hard work earning money which we paid as tax liability.

Share your ideas, maybe I can wrong on these statistics, Last part will be update tomorrow. Thanks you all for your support.


Word definitions

Apocalyptic: adj, Describing or prophesying the complete destruction of the world.

Nuclear: adj, 1. of or relating to the nucleus of an atom. 2. Denoting, relating to, or powered by the energy released in nuclear fission or fusion.

Infantry: n, Soldiers marching or fighting on foot; foot soldiers collectively.

Budget: n, an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time.

Employment: n, 1. the condition of having paid work. 2. A person's trade or profession.

Patrolling: v, Keep watch over (an area) by regularly walking or traveling around or through it.

Extra-terrestrial: n, a hypothetical or fictional being from outer space, esp. an intelligent one, aliens

Quench: v, Satisfy (one's thirst) by drinking.

Teleport: v, (esp. in science fiction) Transport or be transported across space and distance instantly.

Warmonger: n, a sovereign or political leader or activist who encourages or advocates aggression or warfare toward other nations or groups.

Liability: n, the state of being responsible for something, esp. by law.



Like, it is impossible to make a prediction of changes earlier but we can try to predict via mathematical formula. It’s a simple mathematical algebra formula of summation of the integers. But instead of Integers we will put the Reasons or the attitude which we are going to follow. Then we always need our Intensions, by adding reasons and intension we always follow our path of changes. It’s not a sure shot way but at least we always need something hypothetical to strengthen our belief. Like we believe in God even we don’t see him, but we believe in his existence and we fight in the name of religion always. So, why can we not believe in this formula or let’s just give it a try. Let’s try to understand what is this all about. Here we go,

+’ + ‘-‘  =   ‘-

‘-‘  + ‘+’ =    ‘-

-‘  + ‘-‘  = - ‘+

+’ + ‘+’ =   ‘+

Description of prediction rules:

  1. If our Reason or attitude is positive and Intensions are negative then change will be negative.
  2. If our Reason or attitude is negative and Intensions are positive then change will be Negative.
  3. If our Reason or attitude is negative and Intensions are negative then change will be positive but negative effect.
  4. If our Reason or attitude is positive and Intensions are positive then change will be positive.

Now put yourself in this situation and think in your mind of seeking the changes which we fought for, what we are fighting for and what we will go to fight for. Most of the time we just follow the person and believe in his idealism, we do not care for predictions, later when prediction come out we cry and cannot do anything as we have already determined that we cannot do anything. After things happen we realise that Oh if we tried at that moment we could really have made a change today, but now things have got out of hand. All the time we curse our ancestors that they made a mistake and we are suffering because of them. I ask you what would you do if you were in their position because now you are only reading this but why do you need to bother, life is fun and enjoyable all the time. Well, they thought the same like you back then. So stop cursing, if you believe in yourself then try to make change today.

I’m not going to try all past events and the changes we see till now, this you can  calculate via this formula. Now it is for future prediction, if you want to, and then check which side you are on? If you still waiting for a Miracle and Forgiveness then you have to do some extra work as well. In any case violence is a negative thing and you will see in this formula, three times the result is negative. The probability of change is ¼ of the prediction that it will be positive. Life is beautiful and death is ultimate truth of this world. Figure out yourself what will you wait for next?

Considering this article as a positive attitude and positive intention, will it bring any positive change in your life, seeking for truth later on, and it’s finally clears my mind.

Conclusion: There is always a wise person in history, behind the war who failed to convince people not to fight or not to go for war.

The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.

I read this quotation here and it is a very fine line to explain the article.

Finally, every theory and change demands something to sacrifice and that sacrifice convince lots of people, unite people to make them convince to their idealism. Yes! That’s the plan to leave MyEC forever by ending of this theory. Not deleting my profile because this theory must be here. May be to catalyse my sacrifice and to end of this theorem if can convince people not to fight and seek the changes without fighting. Sacrifice or stupidity, you can give any name. My apology to make it so long and if you feel it waste your time by reading this stupid theory. May be you are right because till then it is up to you always, what you believe for. My part of work accomplished here because of believing in prediction and resulted instinct made me writing this theory. My gratitude to MyEc that it provide me opportunity and fertilise my mind to write things which was inside my mind and finally I’m able to use my mind to accomplish things.

Thanks for everyone support here, back to my world where I came from.

Good Bye!

Word Definitions

Prediction: n, a thing predicted; a forecast.

Algebra: n, the part of mathematics in which letters and other symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations.

Summation: n, the process of adding things together

Attitude: n, a settled way of thinking or feeling, typically reflected in a person's behaviour.

Intension: n, A thing intended; an aim or plan: "both countries have declared their intention to be nuclear-free".

Hypothetical: n, A hypothetical proposition or statement: "Flynn talked in hypotheticals, tossing what-if scenarios to Kernighan".

Ancestor: n, a person, typically one more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended.

Probability: n, the extent to which something is probable.

Conclusion: n, the end or finish of an event or process.

Quotation: n, a group of words taken from a text or speech and repeated by someone other than the original author or speaker.

Catalyse: v, catalyse: change by catalysis or cause to catalyse.

Gratitude: n, the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Fertilise: n, fertilize: make fertile or productive; "The course fertilized her imagination".


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Art of Convince - Part II - The Constant!

Radha! Where are you? I will show you something. – I entered the home and shouted out her name in drawing room.

Why are you shouting my name? Why are you early from office today? – Rapid questions in a minutes and Radha came outside from kitchen wiping sweat from her head.


You just ate an apple, darling? – Radha questionably asked me

Yes! And how does it taste? – I asked her to tease more.

Sweet! Wait? So you solved your fruit theory and convinced me this apple taste sweet without feeding me. Is it not? – Radha shockingly questioned again.

Yes! My love – A smooth reply.

Are you going to taste your fruit theory with everyone? I mean how to convince everyone. – Radha teased me by this question.

No Way! I do not care about others in world, but since you gave me this challenge it is for you only. Beside it would lead in other way of relations. Apart from convincing, I cannot convince everyone in life, or maybe I’ll find another way of convincing. The interesting fact remains ‘lying is not at all a part of convencing it is a part of fooling!!, hence proved now. – I answered it.

So, how did you find that answer after so many years? – Radha asked me.

You remember My Art of Convince blog in MyEc, someone sent me a movie clip and I found the answer of your enigma. I found many good peoples there to help me. – Trying to clear more doubts.

Who was it? And why didn’t you watch this movie before? – Radha asked.

I call him magician. It never hit me before to watch that movie; maybe I need someone who can solve my mystery. Time gives answer of every question. The one who is determined in his life always find the answer. Now I exactly know what I should name him. He is a constant in my life.

Constant! What? You mean Constantine, Keanu Reeves in that movie.

HAHA! Good joke, but not that way. A constant mean someone who never change, Ideal, sophisticated person and one you admire most. A fixed value in every equation, for example see this, how to calculate a parameter of circle,

Parameter of Circle = 2πR

Now here R = Radius of circle. But what is π?

π = 22/7 = 3.14                 

π is constant value and without this constant you cannot find parameter of a circle.

This looks easy to understand.- Radha shows more curiosity.

Now let me give you another example – Another example shows to Radha.


What, the hell it is? This looks scary to me. – Radha gives disgusting look to this example.

This is Time-dependent Schrödinger equation (single non-relativistic particle) and it has lot of constant as you can see, and if you understand the constant value you can easily solve this. But the thing is few constant we know and few still need to search by the mankind. There are lots of equations pending to research.

Ok, Ok I understood what is constant and first one is enough to explain me. So how does this constant theory works in real life? – Further leads to another question.

Everyone is looking for a constant in his/her life. Finding this constant is the most difficult thing in life. A constant that can solve your mystery of life, that can convince you all the time and who will  remain all your side. You say an ideal lover is a constant as well. But the problem with women between now days says that they just want constant but they do not know the value of a constant in their life. That’s why conflict starts because they chose wrong constant in their life and make it troublesome. Sometimes, their constant dies and sometime they just want to change the constant in their life.

What about men? How they take constant in their life?

Most of the men just want solved equation in life. They do not care of constant, but after a time period every man wants a consistency in his life. But since it is troublesome life now, people just want to change things all time. I would say greed, lust, dissatisfaction are enemy of finding this constant furthermore this constant become nuisance to find.

Few men like me able to find a constant, like I’m a soul seeker person and you are constant in my life, since you born in Scotland, bought up in Britain and you inherited the blood of Russian also you can speak French and your mother is a Teacher of English. You see half of the world. You work in Medical field and the best thing is you have patience to understand me. So, I do not want to talk about other man. Now you understand the value of constant in a man life. (Yes! This is Google :D)

But, I’m not perfect for your life and you know this.

Yeah, yeah, I know this and you know exactly how my mind works, I will keep looking for answer in my life may be I can solve lots of mystery in human life.

Don’t you sound like a playboy?

I feel like an equilibrium sign an equal value of equation. Who see the both side and just remain neutral all the time. So, if anyone calls me playboy, it doesn’t matter to me until I make them happy and solve problems. My only satisfaction is to see happiness in their life. To see the world full of happiness and everyone has peaceful life is my deed.

Great! Why not you open a consultancy? You can earn big.

This thing not exactly works like this. It should be stay away from greed, and money does lead to greed and greed lead to lust first of all. So, I cannot be a consultant. Yet, as I told you constant value changes, I can solve few equations but not every equation. For this they may need to have another constant that can convince problems in their life. The first person as a constant in anyone life is their parents.

So, what about being businessman in near future?

Oh! For this I can recruit plenty of peoples, like salesman/saleswoman, accountant etc etc. I do not need to convince all the people, these people can convince other to hold the business.

What about those people who uses power as to convince common people?

That you will see in the ugly picture when you scroll down. People should unite to stand against this and Violence never is a solution of this.

Okay! You won and I lost. Now I want to taste this apple more, how about it now?

Oh! I still have this apple in my office bag let enjoy this together.

Conversation ends now.....

Please these are my thoughts and I need something to write, how I visualise the things, of course English is still my problem as you can easily see this. I’m trying my best to improve my writing skills however need to convince my writing all the time. Hope you like it! My happiness increased this week when First Part Art of Convince became top 1 content for the week at front page of MyEc. This makes me motivate to think more. How is this part II written please provide me feedback as well. I’ve lots of theory to explain. My drawing is not that good level but I tried to draw this.

Thank you! See you later on. 

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The Art of Convince

I’m telling you this apple taste sweet, trust me just eat it. – I stressed my fellow friend Radha over this.

Why would I need to eat this apple to get know it is sweet? You have to prove me without feeding this. – Radha sweetly replied this.

What’s the point of being so obnoxious, just taste it and you will know and how the hell I supposed to describe what is sweet? This apple is sweet and I tasted, it’s so simple. – Annoyingly I replied to Radha.

Wait, did you implant poison inside and you deliberately want to kill me? – Radha pinned out another excuse to divert the topic.

But, I taste this, and I’m not dead now. Why the hell I want to kill you? – getting angry me over this.

Who knows you want to prove your sweetness by killing over my body – Radha teased me more.

Ah! This is blasphemy. Why are you trying to divert this topic? – Me replied.

Now you come to the point. Dear, the point is not this apple taste sweet. The point of this conversation is to convince me how this apple can be sweet without feeding me.- Radha is trying to clear my doubts.

But, that means I’ve to find many ways to lie you? And you know I hate lie. Do you mean convincing is another part of lying? – countering me over this.

No, but this we call selling, marketing and that’s how any business runs. Don’t you want to be a good businessman? – Radha tries to remind me my ambition.

Yes, I want to be a businessman but without speaking lie or this theory of convince. It is impossible for me always. If everyone knows an apple taste sweet and lemon taste sour. How can I convince or define these tastes. – Scientific approached of me.

Dear, you need to learn art of convincing. The biggest thing in this world to learn this art and you would be successful in every field.-

So, this means I cannot be a businessman in my whole life. – Disappointed I said this to Radha.

Unfortunately, I would say yes! – Radha replied disappointedly.

Conversation ends here. I gave this conversation a name: Fruit Theory.

Convincing, a biggest part of succession towards any field you will see in your whole life. Either it is in love matter or any kind of profession. Few are born with this talent, few needs to learn this art and few just taught by the life. As the matter of fact everyone has to learn this art, someway, somewhere around all of this. Those who do not learn this art may be extinct like dinosaurs because you need to survive in anyway. If you born with silver spoon in your mouth then it’s an another story, you just have to cry like a baby and food is on the table.

It is not only selling part but when I have to convince an idea which can hit in market and with a perfect design it is rejected because unable to convince. Later on the same idea hit in market with huge succession. It hurts more. It is the loss of both sides. Company as well mine. I could be one who would be entitled with this and obviously company increases his selling. But to my weakness over this art, I’m the failure all the time.

Being a girl colleague who is your competitor she gained additional advantage as if you have a male boss. She has plenty of ways to convince him. Not to be disgusting way but girls are born with this talent. They are born with the convincing art as I’m sure about now. If those cannot do this then they better learn this art as quick possible because you will always find yourself in a wild jungle, alone!

Even I prepared all the logics and bring statistic and you have to convince them it will hit the market and it is rejected because your boss is fell in love with your female colleague is the worst scenario of my life. How to survive in this situation, because just mute will not work. I’m the worst creature in this earth who does not find any ways to learn this art. Someone say right about me. Yes, you work like a donkey but to be successful you need to run like a Horse, yes just be smart dear. Why the hell world always needs horse when I think donkey are more useful as horse are useless now. We have cars to use for travelling and this needs petrol. Yes another crucial thing now government trying to convince people about petrol prices hike. But instead of convince they just force it. Yes, power! That is always upper hand over convincing or if you have more people then let us do strike. But is it not loss of everyone, as well as country economy, why the world does not see what is right or wrong. Yeah, may be because they do not want to see this.

Egoistic nature people and convincing nature people are biggest rival in this world. They will clash all the time and try to dominate each other. In this rivalry, simple and mute people enjoy the time and try to remain as idler they can. Yes laziness increases unemployment. What am I trying to tell you people, is it not clear, convincing is an art?

Someone gave me a very good suggestion earlier, You can bring a horse near the water, but you cannot force him to drink it. You have to leave it until he is thirsty. But if this the way, is it not late? May be patience is the key to be convince someone or is there any better way around?

Please give your suggestion how to write more effectively. Because I know it can be modify in better way, something is missing as my instinct says. What it could be that will come out when I’m able to convince you to comment here. See, I’m the first one who trying to use this art. Yes, I’m sick of this. But let me give it a try.

See, you next!


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World's Tiniest Puppy!

Beyonce, a Dachshund mix female puppy who weighed just 1 ounce and could fit into a teaspoon when found, could be the world's smallest dog, according to animal rescuers in Northern California. They have submitted an application to the Guinness World Records for Beyonce to be considered the world's smallest dog.


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A Day in MyEC!

I joined MyEc in 13 March 2012 and first day debate on the voting system for selection process of Star Member. I was against this process because this will create group ism and MyEc should stay away from this. It's a place to get together, learn, teach and understand cultural diversity by practising English. I had seen all these bad symptoms in my life how they destroy a society. I wish for this place is always stay away from this. I tried to help as many people in their discussion and blog comment. My apology if missed some of them, it is because they were meant for me perfect and by touching them can change the topic. Which I know myself very well :) Yes, I sucked and that not a new comment for me... LOL! and that's how I wrote this story Recognition here. 

So, I start exploring peoples thread and their ideas. Some of them I like and some of them surely dislikes my opinion. I read Josef Essberger all war stories. For this I'm very thankful to him. So, what now? I don't want to be feel alone and It's sucks really. I want all of you get together and help as many people here. I can go with this thread long and long but it would be boring then. It's time of celebrate for being here and feel to rejoice and to be born again.

My most pleasurable moment are really been supported by them.

Yasemin: First friend here as well first appreciator, who took my easy challenges here. Yes! they were really easy :P

Rajesh: He is really helpful for me and well recognised. He understood problem with Audioboo very well. Many thanks to him for resolving this.

Zulkifli: He is teaching me Acupressure now because I'm scared with needles in Acupuncture. I admire him most. Guess, If I stay alive. Kidding! not going to try until I meet him face to face.

Ohnie: Many thanks for understanding the About Me! column. She understand the flow. She teaches me how to type fast even I showed and lied how to type 200 WPM in that link. Haha! if you still want to learn this trick ask me :))

mitran: She is going to teach me about Orchid flower meaning and sending me time to time weird fruits. You cannot distinguish they are fruit or vegetable.. LOL! But they are new for me. Many thanks for birthday wishes.

Mayumi: I gave her name Hope! because that what makes me stay in MyEc. She is really helpful and most wonderful lady here. 

Here it is my contribution by representing a song to every new star members (siriAAteefamitran, Naevi,Karou, Emma Hagedorn). Let us make a day to cheers MyEC. 

I might missing few name as well because they didn't accept my friend request here! angry for this.. Nope but this makes me send friend request to other peoples here now as It hurts to see lots of pending friend request. geez! I'm not a maniac as you think yeah crazy you can say.

I guess it can express what exactly my feeling right now. It's time for PARTY!

One of the Brightest Star by James Blunt (Album: All The Lost Souls)

Find more music like this on

"One Of The Brightest Stars"

One day your story will be told.
One of the lucky ones who's made his name.
One day they'll make you glorious,
Beneath the lights of your deserved fame.
And it all comes round.
Once in a lifetime like it always does.
Everybody loves you 'cause you've taken a chance,
Out on a dance to the moon, too soon.
And they'll say told you so.
We were the ones who saw you first of all.
We always knew that you were one of the brightest stars.
One day they'll tell you that you've changed,
Though they're the ones who seem to stop and stare.
One day you'll hope to make the grave,
Before the papers choose to send you there.
And it all comes round.
Once in a lifetime like it always does.
Nobody loves you 'cause you've taken a chance,
Out on a dance to the moon, too soon.
And they'll say told you so.
We were the ones who saw you first of all.
We always knew that you were one of the brightest stars.
And they'll say told you so.
We were the ones who saw you first of all.
We always knew that you were one of the brightest

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It’s an incident of my childhood at my age of 10.

My mother lashes out me because my sister lied saying I dropped her ugly stupid doll in water. I was furious and decide to immediately leave the house. This wrathful idea always lies somewhere in my mind. I am provoked into a suicide attempt; to leave this world which is full of lies all around. Nobody cares and loves me in this world and I was just beaten like a donkey. I lay aside all my belongings which have lain in my pockets and leave a suicide note beneath my pillow with this message “My body will be laid down in few hours, dead!”. I thought let’s try first the easiest way. Poison! How to find a poison in the house? But what if they cured me in time? I need to go outside. There is a big tree beside my house and people are advised not to eat the fruit as it is poisonous. I decide to take this chance.

A pile of wild fruit lies on the ground. I look up at the tree, climbing is impossible. I picked up some ground fruit and gulp them down. It tastes bitter but no more bitter than my present burning self-esteem. I waited for 30 minutes, pulse rate normal, no trouble in breathing. I ate more and it tastes delicious now. Everyone is lying about these fruits all the time. Lie and lie and more lies. I need to go for plan B, jump down from the mountain. The large mountain staring down on the whole city; if dying is my motive then why not do it from this top of the mountain and I will look at the whole city in a single glance too.

I launch myself towards the mountain and on the way I met one of my neighbours.

“Where are you going kiddo?” He asked.

I hated him all the time for calling me kiddo. He had been laid off from his job 6 months ago and really is an annoying person.

“I’m going to climb up that mountain and jump down from there” I lay out this plan to him by pointing towards the mountain.

“Best of luck” He laughed off this comment as he was sure that a 10 year old kid cannot climb this mountain.

“Kids! Now days full of imagination. Let him go” I listen in while he murmured then he walked on his way and took lighten on this matter. He even not turned back to see me. See! Nobody cares about me, everyone taking me so lightly.

It leads me to hyper mode now; just this suicide and tomorrow I will be famous in the news around my city. I walked away a few more miles and reached my destination beneath the mountain. The height of mountain lies around 500 meter. I look upwards and can see half the mountain. I found the suitable location to lift up. Rock by rock I climb up, every 10 minutes lie down and hold the rock tightly. I reached the top of the mountain, finally. It took me around 30 minutes to reach there. I laze around the green grass and close my eyes with tiredness. There is no hurry now to look down or to do anything.

Once, closing my eyes I listen to the whisper of the wind coming from the forest and the sound of trembling leaves of the trees. The air breeze cools me down and let in dries my sweated body. The birds are chirping and then I heard someone whisper in my ears.

“Wake up Sandeep, It’s time to see the world and feel it.”

I opened my eyes suddenly and look around. No one is there. Today the sky is shining blue; though a few nasty white clouds are there. The sky seems to me a little bit nearer now. It is afternoon. A few kites are flying in the sky maybe looking for a snake or sometimes they take a birds egg, from where they are laid in their nests. My nostrils are working like Radar smelling for anything in suspicious. The air is pure and unpolluted here. Finally I stand up like a soldier, to finish the mission. I look over the whole city, what a pleasant view of the city, I looked down from the mountain, 10 seconds and I would be lying on road, perhaps in pieces, dead!.

I solved the time taken to reach my body on road by this formula.

Time = Distance / Relative Velocity.

Here, Distance = 500 meters and Relative Velocity which means free flow body fall down by around 50 meter/seconds.

That means,

Time = 500/50 = 10 seconds.

I excluded air friction and my weight as not read till the moment in my academy. But to be sure I dropped my one slipper and watch it till touches the road. Perfect, 10 seconds!

I echo my name in air – Sandeeeep!, and 3 times I heard my name Sandeep! Sandeeep!! Sandeeep!!!

Suddenly, a breath of wind passed near my ears and it leads me to think of my father, how he will cope with my death? What about my younger brother? Who will take him to the school? My grandparents will die as well if they hear of my death, my uncle and aunt and all the relatives; everyone who loves me so much. It’s just a bad day I’m having and then the emotions of pros & cons start revolving in my mind. Die or live, what to do? More points are on the live side. The living points weigh heavier on the scale and finally Life wins to look after all the events.

I cannot die now to let them all die with me and for what? - Because my mother beats me? To hell with that who doesn’t get beaten by their mother in childhood. How stupid I am to all think of suicide. For the first time I realise “Life is beautiful” when I look around at all my surroundings. I let go of all the anger inside me. Now I need to go back home. I look back down on the way of climbing down. It’s impossible now and scary too when I look deep down I see the road. Climbing was easy but moving down is dangerous and I could slip on the way. The laws of gravity cannot be trusted right now.

The second way down leads to a circular route that is a very long way. It will be night before I reach home and I need to cross the whole forest. I could be a meal for any Tiger, Boar or wild bear that lives in this forest. Skip it.

The third way leads straight down and it is not possible, so what now? Shall I jump? No way! I just decided to live!

I try to figure it out quickly as its past noon now. I decide to move down diagonally and lose out another slipper and drop down as l before. I prayed to God save me this time as I’m only a 10 year old stupid kid and promised that will never happen again. I hold on to and take support from every tiny little bit of dry grass on the mountain and bit by bit step down. It takes around two and half hours to get reach the road. I leave behind my slippers as they are too far away. Walking on the road with bare feet I reached home at 4 PM. Food lies on table and my mother waits eagerly for me.

“Where were you the whole day and what were you doing till now? Okay! First eat something as you must be hungry.” – My mother enquired about me.

I jumped on the food and start eating like a maniac. My sister came close and said

“Brother, I pulled out my doll and dried it. See it looks more beautiful now.”

I remained silent as my throat is choked now and tears roll down my cheeks and lie on the table. I lay off the matter now.

Life is really beautiful and not meant to be wasted by suicide

I live up, to realize this.

Photo Demographic View

[View 1: Climbing Route]

[View 2: Looking down from the moutain]

[View 3: Diagonal moving down route]

[View 4: Whole City view from other side]

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It’s been around a fortnight while joined my new office. My partner and I are the newly recruited in the team.  My product head, two producers and my partner were in the meeting. He was on board and explaining about the new product details. Once the discussion has been over, he started making some hierarchical diagram structure on the board. Our discussion was over and we were trying to figure out what could be it all about in those diagrams. He then starts naming the top of our organization structure CEO, CTO, COO, Product Head, Producer and then finally we were on last bottom of the diagram. Honestly, it looks like a biological food chain diagram which I read in biology classes during the high schools. But it just opposite of it, Lion (CEO) was on top of the diagram here. He told this is the hierarchical diagram of our organisation and according to this we report to above concerned person. I asked why suddenly we need to know all about this. You are our boss and we know to report you. He then told us look to this office now.

It is an open stadium ground means open office. I can see every faces of organisation person here. No cabins and all, unlike I had in my earlier office. I know everyone by faces, but don’t know the name and designations. He explained that tomorrow if any top person you see near of you and it is because you don’t recognise him earlier. You could make any mistake at least in pantry. Like you told the CEO hey can you please pass this paper cup to me? So just to avoid this situation you must have to know them.

I replied if this is the issue why not we just have a formal 5 minutes get together in this meeting room instead of drawing them on board. I’m sure you cannot draw their faces on board with this marker. Still the problem of recognition cannot solve by this. He smiled over me – You will be recognised one day but with your works not by this diagram here in board.

In real life people want to be recognised by the word they speak, they forget the real motto of recognition in life. May be the world change, but last year when India won the Cricket World Cup 2011 and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Captain of Indian Cricket Team) calmly walks behind the team. He didn’t crave for the limelight. He let Sachin Tendulakar (elder batsman of team) take the centre stage. That’s the kind of attitude makes people recognised as leader or towards the society. That’s what meant to be Recognition

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About Me!

I live in other dimension which is just opposite to our dimension.

Fire is wet, Water burns, Air is heavy and ground is lightest here.

Roots falls up and leaves grow down.

Earth is upward and Sky is downward.

Donkey controls this world and Humans lives in jungle.

Men gives baby and women works outside.

Everyone is flying except birds.

Dog scared by Cat and Cat scared by Rat.

Snakes are pet and don't bite.

Rats are dangerous and Dogs can steal your cheese.

Don't try to suicide you will live forever.

Live so you can kill yourself.

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Child Innocence

Its a time in my city for school admission of fresh badge. My 2 cousin brothers who willing to take admission in 6th standard and 8th standard, I searched for every school past 1 months. Finally I found a good school and they liked to take an oral test for every new student. It’s my responsibility over them as my uncle is busy with the office work.

During the oral test the teacher questioned my younger cousin “Please tell me the difference between Living and Non-Living things.”

I already prepared my cousin for this question at home so feeling relieved but he was nervous at the moment and could not speak a word. With the utter silence, I could see in teacher eyes that he understood his problem so he tried to help him by giving some examples. He hinted him by this gesture – like Living thing can breathe and Non- living cannot breathe. He needs to give answer something like that, meanwhile he provides few more hints.

My cousin replied – living thing can speak while Non-living cannot speak. Teacher counter attacked by this - if I put Television on very loud voice and I assumed it is speaking. Will you consider it a living thing?

No! – My cousin replied.

Teacher spoke on this - Boy! You need to give some good answer so that I can pass you in this oral test otherwise you had seen the longest queue of students around 5,000+ outside this room. So better come up with good answer and I’ve a feeling that you already have lots of expectation.

My cousin waits for the moment and immediately replied – Living thing can play and Non-living thing cannot play.

The teacher burst into laugh because it was the most unexpected answer as he could not counter attack on this reason and it was full of innocence.

Later, when result out, he was in selection list at 19th rank, and 200 students have been selected in 6th standard.

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Session 1: Personality

Today, I encountered with many different vocabulary to characterised someone as their occupations and studies. Let me share with you all. Some you all knew before and some may be new to understand.

One word Substitution:

Me First - An egoist

The Height of conceit - An egotist

Let me help you - An altruist

Leave me alone - An introvert

Let's do it together - An extrovert

Neither extreme - An ambivert

People are no damn good - A misanthrope

Women are no damn good - A misogynist

'Marriage is an institution - and who wants to live in an institution?' - A misogamist 

that the flesh is heir to... - An ascetic

A skillful person or - Dexterous (the right hand in terms  of gangster)

evil, threatening - Sinister (left hand in terms of gangster)

One who studying the development of the human race - An anthropologist

One who loves mankind or shows such love by making substantial financial contributions to charitable organisations - A philanthropist

hating mankind - A misanthropic

only one marriage - monogamy

two marriages - bigamy

many marriages - polygamy

A form of marriage in which a woman has two or more husbands - polyandry

male with a plurality of wives - A polygynist

female with a plurality of husbands - A polyandrist

devotion to a lonely and austere life i.e. a monk - asceticism

Different occupational Doctors:

Female troubles? - A gynaecologist

Having a baby? - An obstetrician

Is your baby ill? - A paediatrician

Skin clear? - A dermatologist

Eyes Okay? - An ophthalmologist or optician

How are your bones? - An orthopaedist

Does your heart go pitter-patter? - A cardiologist

Is your brain working? - A neurologist

Are you neurotic? - A psychiatrist

Straightening of teeth? - A orthodontics

Speciality of gums? - A periodontics

Dental speciality involving the pulp and root canal? - An endodontics

Speciality of tooth extraction? - An exodontics

Bones and blood vessels - An osteopath

Joints and articulations - A chiropractor

Feet? - A Chiropodist

Getting Old? - A gerontologist

Artistic/Writing Occupations:

Analytic of handwriting? - A graphologist

Handwriting as an artistic expression? - A calligraphist

Ugly, bad, illegible handwriting? - A cacography

Science and Scientist:

Celestial phenomena - An astronomer

the earth - An geologist

all forms of living matter - A biologist

who studies plant life - A botanist

who studies animal life - A zoologist

who studies insect forms - An entomologist

a humanist specializing in classical scholarship - A philologist

Meanings and psychological effects of words - A semanticist

community and family life - A sociologist

studies the origin and structure of the universe - A cosmologist

one who attempts to predict the future by the state of the stars - An astrologer

one who predicts the future by reading the lines on the palms of hands - A palmist

one who is specialized in number of languages - A linguist

one who loves books as collectibles - A bibliophile

one who favors of admires England or English things - An anglophile

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