Miracle of Rain!

I had seen lots of things changing around in my garden this year as it was raining heavily. Unfortunately, one of the village flooded completely and villagers needs to left this, many died during night. Even after all this, if we see the positive part, rain is always something eagerly to be waited during summer. I’m writing this blog lately, as now gets time to start practising my hobby as to write something. I guess missed lots of things here.

Come to the garden. My grandmother likes to spend most of the time in gardening and I enjoy with her to help all the time. But this year we seen some crazy insects and literally they look first of all disgusting and filthy. Curiously, I start noticing their behaviour; they are everywhere and none of the birds dares to eat them. I asked my grandmother, how about if we sprinkle pesticide over them. It will kill them instantly. My grandmother smiled and said, they are actually helping us. I was shocked how? She replied, they are actually fertilizing the soil by destroying all the waste elements. Now birds won’t dare to eat them as they understand their role. But we human not understand their role. Once the sun start rising properly they will disappear.

Moral of the story: Don’t use pesticides on your farm. Rain nourishes the trees and plants; insects’ eats grounded fruits, some of them are tasty food of birds. By using pesticides we are disturbing the nature cycle!

PS: Cluttered Blog! ^.^

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  • com'on i don't think you forget about the conspiracy theory ... I'm waiting  for something like that :D 

  • Hahaha! I wrote this in 5 minutes anyway. Now I'm trying to find decent time to wrote sensible.

  • @Himanshu

    Thanks bro! ^.^

  • @Ulti

    brother Im happy with you comment. haha, what special things you are looking for?

  • That was well written and great message in the same time .... Gladly lot of people nowadays are aware about the positive role of such loooong insects ... 

    Thanks for sharing with us ... but i'm still waiting for something special from your part *_^

  • thank you so much hani! you sound as sweet as your name - Honey! :)

  • thank you so much  ettedo tabalab! :)

  • @hafida

    thank you so much as well! They are really genius creator by nature! Glad to see you like the blog. :)

  • @nida

    Come India and I will pour you in rain water! :D or at least you can take gallons of rain water... :D

    Actually these are not earthworms, see the reference image of earthworm... :D

    2385644022?profile=originalYou are very true about earthworms naming them 'ecosystem engineers!'

    But these brownish worms have different behavior, they are in very large quantity, I just took video of one place, if I could show you all farm the way they are scattered everywhere, you would run away! :D

  • @ES

    The most scary thing in this world is INJECTION! Almost 90% kids are scared with them and those who not afraid in their childhood, become doctor! :D


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