Wishing Happy Diwali 2012 to All MyEC! ^.^

Deepawali or Diwali, is the ‘festival of lights’ celebrated popularly in India. Today I'm celebrating this festival with friends, far away from the family.

Office Celebration: Well I have been forced to take part in this activity and literally, I hate it! But at the end, when our team wins the free fantastic meal of 5-Star hotel, it seems to be wonderful idea! :D The whole idea something like, we have to show our creativity by the given flowers and create the best flower pattern. None of our team mates ever do this before. 

At Room: First of all late night party hang over, then I did worship in the morning - evening and lighten every corner of house by candles as well thanks to all Gods and Deity, for everything they give me. Then wishes everyone in family, relatives and friend by doing phone calls. At night its the fire cracking time!

This is our Chaiwala (Tea Maker). He wants to be snapped, and he is the most amazing and fantastic guy... :D

Wishing everyone Happy Diwali! - Thanks! ^.^

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  • Hi Galina,

    Yes, I've just found your comment which I mentioned in my previous post.

    It was saved in my inbox to respond,

    Thanks for your comment, you are lighting us with your existence & heartiness,

    with my respect,


  • @Himanshu

    Thanks bro! ^.^

  • @Ha

    Thanks! :)

  • Dear Selma!

    I'm very glad  that you' re interested in the culture of India, too. You're a unique person, Selma! You're so active, so informed about different things. I'm happy to know you!

    Have a relaxing and creative weekend!


  • Sandeep, thanks a lot for such interesting and informative reply.It's always interesting to learn some facts from the native person of the country, it's more interesting than from books. I also like the article about  left and right brain hemispheres. It's really very interesting.

    Thanks for the mysterious story about Baber and his son. I agree that it's something beyond the power of science.

    One more thanks for the books you've recommended.  I'll try to read them as soon as time permits.

    Wish you love and harmony!


  • I like history,

    Dear Galina and Sandeep,

    Thank you for this great brief, I've been already curiosity about mystery of India, your explanation was good enough to attract me one more time.

    Sandeep, Spiritual judgement presents flexibility for making successful communication that's my root, thank you for your great statement, also with a related picture bro.

    I took your books into consideration :))

    Have a full of lights day in your life,


  • @Hala

    Very nicely you interpret the meaning of 'Row of lights'. It seems you are fond of Indian culture. As I predict your writing it seems to me, just by your reflection in the Mirror. Your left hand become your right hand and your right hand become your left hand. Every moment is the reflection of your action. In true way, inner light is just like the reflection of your own action and behavior. The only difference is that mirror image can not echo your voice. Otherwise it would be light guiding you all the time. Sometimes we could understand it but most of the time we change the coarse.

    Happy Diwali you too! ^.^

  • @Selma

    I'm welcoming you to visit India on Diwali Festival, you will feel different then by just my words. It's actually 11 days festival and each day has different customs to celebrate. Yesterday it was 'Bhaiya Dooj" means 'Brother - Sister Duo'. In this ceremony every sister mark their brother head by tika for long lives and health. 


  • @PG

    I have not read this book yet. I would sure love to read this book in the meantime. Beside that I search over the internet and found something interesting about the author article.

    "The article is about right and left brain hemispheresDuring sleeponly right hemisphere is workingso our dreams is without logic and common senseBut when we wake upleft hemisphere interprets this dreams as well,that its become logical story."

    Pretty interesting, Now about Power of India article. Everything you said is true except the first attack. The first incursion by the new Muslim successor states of the Persian Empire occurred around 664 CE during the Umayyad Caliphateled by Al Muhallab ibn Abi Suffrah towards Multan in Southern Punjab, in modern day Pakistan. It seems to be true by the fact and what I feel myself 'Spiritual power of India'. I'm not sure if its spirituality or anything but what happens to them and why they refuse it can only be subjugate by the Baber incident when he sacrifice his life to save his own son Humayun. At the time doctor said he cant be save and he prayed the god that take my life and save my own son. Miraculously, his son get back life and after this Baber fallen ill and died. There is no scientific believe on this but then I would say it's something beyond the power of science.

    Yes, Its true that India never try to invasion any other country. Actually, there are many things to say and explained in our ancient book. But I can't write it without any logic been provided. 

    There are two types of democracy in this world. One who believes make rule and stick to it. Second who believes rules meant to be change and flexible. India comes in second category. I would say if you want to understand more deeply on this. Read latest book by Amish Tripathi - "The immortal of Meluha" and "The secret of Nagas". Even it just written as in fantasy novel. But there are some logical part about corruption and how rules must be governed. 

    Hope it will help you on this. Rest I would tell you once read the book of Bernard Werber. :)


  • Sandeep, thanks for your invitation. Coming to India would be a great experience indeed! I really appreciate the exquisite culture of your country. Do you remember I asked you a question about Indian culture and war in my blog "And the world will live as one"?

    Not long ago I read a book by modern French author Bernard Werber “ The Encyclopedia of Relative and Absolute Knowledge”. This book consists of many entries.  It contains information about history, insects ( including ants), science, experiments, society, recipes, etc. I think everyone can find smth interesting for yourself there.  I was interested in one article about India. I read this book in Russian, so I’ll try to translate….but if you’re interested you’ll better read it Hindi or in English. I want to know if the opinion of the author right or not…. What do you think about it?

    The article is called “ The Power of India”.

    “India is a country absorbing all energy. All commanders, who tried to conquer it, failed in it. The deeper they moved to the center of the country, the more they were absorbed by exquisite Indian culture. They were losing their fighting spirit, they were affected by Indian traditions.  India was winning them spiritually.

    The first serious invasion was made by Turkish-Afgan Muslims in 1206. They occupied Delhi. Five dynasties changed…but in the end they were affected by Indian traditions and culture. The last dynasty of Lody was dethroned by Babur, the tzar of Mongolian origin, the descendant of Tamerlan. In 1527 he established Mogul Empire, but reaching Central India he refused to use weapons and took up painting, Literature and music. Some time later the other Babur’s descendant Aurangzeb tried to force Izlam in India, but India rebelled and split into several parts.

    At the beginning of the XIX th century the English subjected the biggest Indian cities, but they never controlled the country completely. As well as Russia is protected by cold, Great Britain and Japan by sea, India is protected by some spiritual ocean, affecting everybody who penetrates into it. “

    Sandeep, I’d like to know what you think about it…I think it’s an interesting information….

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