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Food of the Body vs food of Soul

Food of the Body:

  1. All kinds of foods that we consume every day for keeping us healthy.

Food of the Soul:

  1. Reading Books. (Fake)
  2. Going out for refreshments. (Fake)
  3. Thinking about the wonder of nature (for example sky, star, planet, galaxy, human body, etc.) and the science behind it. (Fake)
  4. Watching TV. (Fake)
  5. Thinking positively about myself and others as well. (Fake)
  6. Talking with people. (Fake)
  7. Helping Others. (Fake)
  8. Loving myself i.e being confident. (Fake)
  9. Praying (O.M)
  10. Meditating(O.M)
  11. Forgiving(O.M)
  12. Gettin
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Sunday Cycling

1. Cloudy sky, gotta go long way.7998846264?profile=RESIZE_710x

2. Do you know what attracts me to take this photo?7998847657?profile=RESIZE_710x

3.Someone said nature is the best art.7998848453?profile=RESIZE_710x

4. My Arabian Horse.7998849255?profile=RESIZE_710x

5.Water touching my foot taking my stress making me refresh.7998858264?profile=RESIZE_710x6. The size of the Mountain reminds me of how little I am. 7998864296?profile=RESIZE_710x

7.Both are beautiful but one is artificial another is natural.7998869082?profile=RESIZE_710x

8.Wait there I am coming7998874092?profile=RESIZE_710x

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Yesterday on 22nd April 2020, most of us would have gotten a call from conscience to save earth, to do our tid-bits to protect mother nature from the disgrace we have caused her. Many might have pledged. Earthlings are not new to this premonition. It has been such for centuries or forbid me; the beginning of human race. Moreover, we are wired thusly to have these inklings, honour our pledge for quite sometime and when all seems to be going smooth as butter: abruptly stop at the first sign of pre

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Fashion, Trends and Environment

2740841087?profile=RESIZE_710xDear all,

We buy many things, which are not at all required, they are forced on us by endorsing it via film stars, sportsmen/sportswomen. Just take a round in your house today and see how many unnecessary things you have bought, just because you have money.


This is 21st century and we all want ourself to be updated with new technology and gadgets. When we come across any new gadget or fashionable clothes or vehicles, we immediately think of buying it. Once we buy it, we will hardly think about wha

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