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Hello everyone! :)

Here comes a new writing challenge. Inspired by the post "Avoid Using Very" by Andy, I would like to write a short paragraph using some words. Here I use three words. Anyone can join this challenge by writing a short paragraph and using at least three words from that list. Write it as a blog post!


Example of short paragraph, my entry

Never have I stayed in such a freezing place. I used to wear blanket even in the warmer place. How would I survive now? Double or tripple b

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Welfare is provided to help single mothers provide the right care for their children, but these funds are often misused. A number of women receiving welfare funds use the money to wear designer outfits, drive fancy cars and others spend the money on substance abuse. Single mothers would spend the money they get to purchase new apartments and take vacations without minding the child’s well-being. These acts result in child’s expulsion from schools, suffering from malnutrition, going into the stre

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Hello everyone!

It's been a while we don't try to write or participate writing challenge. I got an idea of this topic as I read a news on EnglishClub and combined with Rose's post.

Read the news, it takes no more than 5 minutes to read: https://www.englishclub.com/efl/listen-learn/the-causes-and-effects-of-climate-change/

Read the Discussion/essay questions. There are two questions.

And this is Rose's blog: https://www.myenglishclub.com/blogs/try-to-do-or-try-doing

Observe the use of 'try to do' and

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Dictionary Love Letter

Dictionary Love Letter


Hi friend

Do you know me?

I know you know me

But you often times ignore me.


I am your friend

A really good friend

I can make things clearly

If you just visit me.


I am always here to guide you

Willing to give everything that you need,

Because I am your friend and I will never leave you.


Remember those times

That you have difficulties

In understanding words, I guide you


Remember those times

That you have difficulties

In pronouncing the words, I teach you


And remember

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If a flower were a princess , a balloon flower would be Cinderella . Why ? Because the blue petals remind me of Cinderella in her gorgeous blue gown. 


The flower doesn't need magic to be beautiful like Cinderella . It needs only sunlight and water and can remain beautiful all through the night not just at midnight .

At the beginning ,the flower bud is a hollow balloon .

2347027466?profile=originalThen finally the bud is burst and opened . All petals unfold like a blue night gown . They are as lovely as their names . I like

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