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While in dreaming, I heard lot of voices like they are trying to wake me up. Now I'm awake and trying to recall what are the voices. Well all are gone now but then suddenly this idea pop up in my mind what could be the big invention needed after electricity? 

Teleportation [System or Machine]

Of course this is not a new idea but still its not invented. Then what I'm seeing things that can be more helpful. Here are my few points. All are prons not cons!

  1. After leaving office no one has to travel via their vehicle or lame train travelling etc. Just teleport to your home. Benefit, probability of traffic on the road will decrease, no problem with weather like walking in the rain etc.
  2. Once all the traffic gone, pollution will be in control. More trees, more grass.
  3. The joint family will always stick together. The ancestors property will always be in taken care. You can enjoy your farm vegetables, fruits etc. No burden of finding a place to be rent in another city or book a hotel etc. This way can utilize the land more and more ways.\
  4. Tell your mother or spouse to get ready the food - I'm coming home! :D Hot meal serve you all the time.
  5. Why need for audio/video calling? :P Just go and visit him/her. Next step towards telecommunication.
  6. Easier to study aboard. Teleport direct to school/college and come back to home.
  7. At the time of nature disaster i.e. Twister, tsunami or earthquake.. Lots of people can be save or transport to another place in very lesser time.
  8. Patient can be admit to hospital in a jiffy. If I get heart attack. click the button and next direct see yourself on the hospital bed. :P
  9. Husband can say to his wife - come directly to the party once your make up done! :D
  10. All transportation system will be useless like airplane, bus, train, ship etc. Just follow the instruction and go to your destiny. The problem I see here - VISA or Passport :P Well if I remove all the negative traits, the world will become global in a true essence. We have a saying in Sanskrit here.

'Vashudev Kutumbkam - For those who're known as magnanimous, the entire world constitutes but a family."

NO need to be magnanimous :D

How the system should work, so there wont be any trespassing. Top up Recharge! Just like you recharge your mobile or internet. Opt for prepaid or post paid plan. According to distance and authorization, people has the ability of teleportation. 

(Figure found on Google! Not mine)

PS: I'm not a scientist, so if there is anyone reading this. Please be motivate and do something :D

That's enough for me to this moment, lets see what you guys say!

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  • Long time back wrote this, now is the time someone actually invent this... 

  • Look who's here !
    Long time no see.
    Hang on, man !
    Do not get carried away !
    This is sth that will be done when we're called ancestor and our age as stone ages.
    But u know, I loved the items u said in the result of that... But be sure about sth : No one will come to EC to chat coz every1 can meet each other.
    Superb !
    I always envy the ppl of future.
  • Sandeep;

    It seemed some how kidding.

    but your blog reminded me the story of Solomon and the queen of Sheba.

    every thing that comes in men mind, can come true by his authority , cause derive from the almighty power.

    nice, thanks.

  • Oil kings will kill inventor.

    Or killed already many times ))

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