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A chance

Hi, today's quote really hit me hard.

We all pass by some hard events during our journey which could have some strong impact on us. Some can move on easily from it and go on with their lives but others face big problems to do the same like they are stuck at that phase. Moving on is not easy due to the memories that keep coming back to hunt you and the mixed feelings that confuse your mind. You feel like you want to give yourself a new chance but you are afraid of the consequences, you don't want

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it's you

I know a lot of people will be confused after seeing this quote, what's the purpose behind it. 

During our lives, we pass by a lot of things and we always ask ourselves why is this happening to us but we never say why did we put ourselves in these situations. yes, it's us and it had always been us. we are the ones responsible for our lives. we make decisions, we make different choices but we never pay much attention to the consequence and we keep asking ourselves how did we end up in this situati

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There is no expiration date

Hi everyone this quote caught my eyes and i wanted to share it with you guys.

A lot of people think that everything have an expiration date, we always hear that we need to finish our studies by this age, to work by this age, to be successful by this age and to get married by this age. it's like if we didn't make it by that age, we will never make it but that's completely wrong. you have all your life to do whatever you want, if you are still breathing that means that you still have time and no on

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during our life we take a lot of decisions, some of them are not that easy to take due to their serious consequence. so, before taking any decision you might be careful because it can change everything.

we all know that we are the ones responsible of our future. sometimes we choose something thinking it's the right one, then we end up regretting choosing it. it's okay to take some wrong decisions, what it's not okay it is to be afraid to make the next step. one right step can change what's wrong.

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