Just Say No to Hate

It is hard to believe that we are already one week into the ninth month of 2017. I'm still enjoying teaching in Japan. But, I'm not feeling good about the direction of my own country (USA) since the government changed in January.I try to keep my…
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Moving House

Moving or "Moving House" is something that many people do in their lifetime. I know many people are born and die in the same house, but in the modern world we may have to move for our jobs or to be near family members who moved.

I have…

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How to get Help if you Have Problems

Have you ever had problems with your settings or your computer/device on EnglishClub?  Did you notice that we have a separate Discussion Group called...Technical HELP?

That is a separate discussion group,…

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Mr. Bob commented on Luci's blog post Fake smile
"My daughter calls people like that Fake People. She is very good at recognizing them quickly. It…"
Aug 17
Mr. Bob left a comment for Kad
"Hi Kad. Welcome to English Club."
Aug 17
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Aug 17
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Jun 1
Mr. Bob commented on Luci's video
"Thanks Luci. I will try to find out why the plug-in to watch this is being blocked on my old…"
Jun 24, 2019
Mr. Bob commented on Luci's video
"We are all glad that you became a blogger and it is wonderful that you are giving suggestions to…"
Jun 24, 2019
Mr. Bob commented on Katie Adler's video
"Now it worked just fine. Same iPad and same network. Thanks"
Jun 24, 2019
Mr. Bob commented on Katie Adler's video
"Hi Katie,
I tried to play your video. Ain't gonna happen, at least not today. "Invalid parameters"…"
Jun 24, 2019

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  • Oh, I always call you Bob ever since as attaching Sir or Mr. to your name looks very formal to me.  I intentionally did this to curtail any wall that may arise between us.  Nevertheless, I do hope that you won't regard it as a kind of disrespect on my side for it is totally incongruous to think so.

    By the way, can you help me with the statements below?  I am a bit confused here.  I made a correction but I have doubts.  I highlighted the words.

    ***Just in the last week of February 2014, I was very bored that I wanted to learn something new to ease myself by making a new hobby that is interesting. (is or was)

    ***I was just thinking of an idea that moment that I wanted to find for a website where I could interact to chats and to find any person who wants to talk with me over Skype.  (wants or wanted?)

    ***The First thing I did was learn what was happening there, what was the conversation all about and I often go to the main-room to find anyone who wanted to talk with me on Skype.  (go or went?)

    Thanks a lot Bob....

  • Hi, Mr. Bob. Thanks for the support and accepting me as friend. And I want to tell you I got the answer about kilometer and kilometre :))

  • Thanks Maghol. Mary Mallard was a fake identity for a spammer and was removed within minutes.
  • Good News!

    I'll try to make a blog.

    See you soon.

  • Hi Mr. Bob,

    I thought it must have been a typo - you must have meant "rimed trees" since Jilin City is famous for the trees. 

    Harbin is near Changchun, where I live, but much colder. I‘ve been to Hong Kong, not really living there. 

    I hope someday you'll teach English in China. 

  • Hi Mr. Bob,

    Thanks for the nice comment on my page. Yes, I've been living in Jilin Province , China. Jilin City, which is famous for its rimed trees, is the second biggest city in Jilin Province. The province and the city share the same name "Jilin". Jilin City is only one hour's drive from where I live. 

    In winter, when the river's hot vapour meets cold weather on the pine trees, the beautiful rimed trees appear. The river's water is supposed to be cold in northeastern China, but it is the nearby upstream hydro power plant that makes the river's water warm. That's why the rimed trees in Jilin City are so spectacular.

    Why not take a trip to Jilin to enjoy the rimed trees? Anyway, Jilin is not far away from Japan and you have been to China. 

    Thanks again for asking!

  • Thank you very much for reading my blog, I am really happy. And, nice to know that you have sunny day today!

  • Today is a holiday in Japan. It is 2 degrees outside and 18 degrees inside.
    Now I will get to visit my favorite web site after I finish laundry and shopping. :)
  • Hello mr Bob, thank you for accept me. I'm from iran
  • Thanks Bob.  I hope the weather in Japan is generous and not giving you a headache.  Everything is okay with me.  I have a short vacation and you know how I spend my available time always.  Once an addict, always an addict, hahaha!

    Great to see your message again Bob.  Do keep in touch always.  Thanks!

This reply was deleted.