New members joining our family will find the power to develop their English with ENGLISHCLUB :)
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Hello and Welcome my dear English CLUB friends :)I hope that newcomers will find inspiration in this group:) The only rule is about memories and the usefulness of this site.

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  • Hi Mommy,
    Thanks for invitation, I like this blog too.

  • I'm really happy for being one member of this great group. Keep it up Mommy !

  • Hello my friends, nice to meet you here
  • Hi Mommy..
  • Thanks for the invitation, Mommy! I'm not new and I'm not old member of MyEC :-))) My position is between both of them...
    Have fun here!
  • hello my dear lovely Mommyyyyyyyyy ^_^
    u r amazing one as i always confess this fact,thnx a lot for inviting me .best wish of luck here me dear (>_^)
  • Mommy,

    Thanks again for invited me to join your group you do really good job to motivated others to practice their english. I'm also the new members of EC club same as Kaoru I have joined a few days I really enjoy to join with all to practice my english skill I so worry about my poor english as I 'm the new beginner.
    Thanks for all your encourage.
  • I'm glad to join in this group. Thank you for inviting me :) Actually I joined MyEC only a few weeks ago. So I don't know much about MyEC yet. I'd like to know how other members have been trying and enjoying something. And I think this is a perfect place to do that :D
  • thnk you MOMMy for your nice Idea
  • This is a lovely group..
    I am glad I can join

    Thank ya, MOMMY
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Memories of mine as a new member,of My EC.

I joined the club in December2009. I was more in the chat mains then, and out of that group of freinds I made, one of the was you, my dear freind Muge.The mains is an ideal place to get to know friends and have everlasting friendship.The interaction is much when one absorbs ones self with a circle of freinds,and exchange id for voice and conference calls.Ialso remember shying away from creating blogs and discussions,but being active on giving opinions to most discussions.Eheheeh.When the…

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My First Writing Challenge

When I first joined MyEC, I knew I wanted to motivate members to WRITE. I love teaching writing. Most importantly, I love showing English learners that writing can be fun. Writing practice doesn't have to be about corrections and grammar and organization. It can be about creativity, and sharing, and getting to know each other.This was my first writing challenge: Uh-oh, what happened? Nobody took the challenge. I had to think of a better way to encourage others to join.For the next few writing…

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My first blog in MyEC

This is my first blog, posted few months after joining MyEC.I went ahead and did it, though I felt worried about my poor command in vocabulary and grammar, at the time.Cartoons- first cartoon I had chosen to post was about the shadow in Nucha's group "Joke and Laugh".In fact I felt after the cartoon was made, that life is like a shadow, don't you think?-Nadiyah-

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