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  • Good Nid,

    I am glad I did not make a mistake with your nickname. Remember you can let me know if you need help with your blog.

  • Suphattra,

    I hope your day is going well today. When you first arrived you said "I am Nid". Is Suphattra your actual name? I hope you can write about Phuket in your blog. I am sure you can tell us some very interesting things. You are an English beginner so do not worry about mistakes. Your friends all will love you the same, mistakes or not. Even native speakers can make a mistake :)
  • Don't forget come to pakse
  • hi Suphattra thank you for reply my comment
    i would like to give you some information about nice place in laos
    i am from pakse in southern of laos there are many beautiful place for visiting in there, such as konphapeng or big water fall and
    Sipundon, very nice Islands and the people in there so friendly
    there are some thai people to investment or have own restaurant in this province.
  • hi how are you thai friend
    nice to meet you, we are so close
    iam from laos
  • Hello Nid,

    I am very honored to accept your friend request. I see you are still pretty new here and have not yet written a blog. I hope you can take a minute to tell us about Phuket, Thailand. I have never been and most others here are also lacking knowledge about your home. I know you are a beginner so please make it simple, using words you know. You can just tell us what you like about Phuket or what you like about school. Anything makes us very happy because that is how everyone gets better at English. If you are shy, send me your written words by message and I will help you check for mistakes.

    I am very happy you are here with us. :-)

  • Hi Nid,
    Nice to meet you! Welcome to MyEC. I love Norah Jones too. I hope to see you at my monthly writing challenges.

  • Suphattra
    To My English Club
    given are links ,which should be useful to you
    make the best of MyEC Community
    Enjoy your self
    Nadira Moosin
This reply was deleted.

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I agreed with Nanou people marry for many reasons also there are many important things…"
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Thanks for your first name is ' Suphattra ' you can also call my nickname…"
May 9, 2019
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Thanks again for invited me to join your group you do really good job to motivated others…"
May 9, 2019
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"definitely I 'll come to visit you one day Noy. btw thanks for your info's."
May 9, 2019