Do you like cooking? Are you interested in exchanging the recipes? If you want to try something new, you are more than welcome to join this group. You might opose, you might say: "I can easily look up recipes on the Internet." However, here it is about the real people, about our traditional cuisine, recipes we consider the best ones and want to recommend others - people from all over the world. I am looking forward to new recipes you will add here and I find awesome idea (by Konul) to start such group, whose members have one important thing in common - love of food :-)

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  • anyone active?
  • Thnks luci..
    Nyc group..
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    add me at skype : pkgweb

  • Konulll.. finallyyyy... i made your dream come true :-p m curious to read your recipes ;-)

  • happy new year all:D

  • Noas, I am looking forward to that great recipe of yours, lol.  It must be too laborious to cook.

  • Thanks Ma'am Luci. I am going to learn many things from here lol I am not a good cook.

    I can't remember when last i ever cook.

  • Thanks for the invite. I love eating but I'm hopeless in cooking :D :D I can share the recipe of how to boil the water perfectly, though  :-P LOL

  • My God!!!

    Luci, how did you knew I am a food lover ? :D haha 

    Thanks for creating such a lovely group! 

    As I love eating :P and cooking so I will try to post my recipes here with you guys :D and surely I will learn other's recipes too! :D

  • hello folks:)

    yes, i like food, but last times focused on healthy food. Cuz food is directly linked to health:) 

    lets see

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Escabeche (Pickled Chiles with vegetables)

I made a variation of the recipe posted at by Elise Bauer.Ingredients: one Pound (454 grams) of chiles,enough oil to coat the bottom of a medium size pan; Between 1 Tablespoon (15ml) and 1/3 Cup (80 ml)I used 1 medium White Onionhald of a small Cauliflower, florets separated into bite size pieces2 medium carrots or equivalent sliced into bite size pieces - I actually used baby carrots and sliced them lengthwise into…

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Tomato sauce + broth by Czech cow

Hi folks,I would like you to introduce, how you can guess from the title, the tomato sauce that is made from bouillon alias soup made from water, vegetable, meat, and so on... :)Firstly it could be great to say it is my first potato sauce ever without any help (no poison, really!). ;D And to be honest, this is not so health food which I don't eat much. And though, to cook it time to time is not so bad for us, and it is tasty (and Czech, heh!) :)Let's start then!BROTH/BOUILLON -…

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Raw Salmon - delicious dish

Hello my friends,today I would like to share one very interesting recipe I came across maybe one year ago and since the first moment I had tasted it, I felt in love with it. It is VERY easy to prepare it and it is nothing time-taking. Sooo.... here we go.It is made of raw fish, yeah I know that now 90% of you will say YUUUCKKKK and won't continue in reading but don't be cowards and give it a try, please :-)Ingredients for 2 portions:250-300g of the raw FRESH salmon fillets1-2 table spoons of…

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easy food

I have interest in learning cooking easy but tasty food. Sometimes there are days I feel tired of regular food. So, in these days I want to try something different or exotic. Im sure in every culture and community there are recipes that are easy and good in taste to make....I'm looking for these recipes.... Please send me, if you know one. Thanks

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