Voting or not voting

Why do people make such an effort to have a chance to vote, maybe even protesting or fighting and dying for their rights...and then not vote 100% of the time?  

I've lived in many kinds of countries and I am amazed that some people will die for the right to vote and others who have the right don't use it?  Any ideas?

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  • I recently read "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. It was written more than half a century ago but ironically it showed the exact picture of so called democracy in today's world.

  • Maybe it is a misunderstanding. - People want to reach their aims and if they cannot decide themselves, they have to delegate their “voice” to someone else, e.g. a politician. - But that is a game with some rules. And people can believe they are unfair and want to change the rules, or better, stop this game and do it in another way.

    Parties, politician, voting, parliament, …. that's called Parliamentary Democracy. But this form of political participation is not “up to date”. - People want directly decide and no longer vote parties. - They want participation of all groups and individuals in society and no longer the rule of the strongest and cleverest speakers and leaders.

    • It is true that times are changing and in most countries people become better educated and more aware of how the world works. When you get a government that tries to hurt education or burn books, then you see preparation for a government that will try to create it's own reality and mislead people so they can stay in power.
      I think the internet will be a big help to people who are smart enough to verify what they read and refuse to believe things without evidence.
  • This is great, as you said, , Kosheri's dish is consisting of rice, pasta, black lentils, roasted grated onion, and Chili Sauce. It is a very delicious meal.
    The pleasure that you have enjoyed in Cairo, but the most important is to visit Luxor and Aswan.

    • I wanted to take our discussion of Egypt to your page but I am blocked. It is set to private. Maybe you would like to open it up and get to know more people.
  • Those who do not participate in elections believe that the election is not healthy.

    • Maybe they do believe that Coral.  I have managed to vote in every election when I have been in my country and in many of them by mail-in-ballot when I was overseas. It hasn't hurt my health any and I'm getting pretty old.  Lol

  • You are welcome, I hope that you have eaten "Koshary" It's very delicious.

    • Isn't the Koshary a dish of something like noodles with rice and maybe beans that is also sold along the streets in some places. If it is, then I remember enjoying that popular dish too. I walked for many hours and found the Cairo garbage dump. That place was not so attractive, but nearby there was a tea shop nad next to that a koshary stand.  I saw that it was clean and my wife and I each had a was wonderful.

  • Thanks Samuel. I really enjoyed spending some time in Egypt, but it has been so long. I used to buy falafel along the streets in Cairo and enjoy walking across the city. That was many years ago.

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