This group has been created for EC STARS, which will be filled only with featured members. But in this group all the EC members will be allowed to ask any kind of questions , open discussions about anything they wonder and get feedbacks from STAR members. 

People will be able to browse their pages, works and enjoy it. Make friendship with them and get a good company in learning process.

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  • Thanks for this important group Barbare. I am glad to be part of it.

  • thanks for the group :)

  • Hi! Thanks for invitation! It's a lot of fun to have many friends=)2390949456?profile=original

  • Thank you for the invitation, Barbare! Wishing you the very best with your new group. I hope this group will shine and last for the long time. Good luck! :p

  • Thanks a lot Barb.....I feel I am a star again, hihihi!

  • Who will make a star member? Good question.

    Here's the link to the place where you can find the answer.

    Be careful: According to Tara, some members who have private pages may fail to be featured, even though their content was featured in the monthly newsletter or they were so active that month. 

    I hope you'll be our next star member. 

  • Thanks for the invite, Barbare. 

  •  Thanks for the invitation Barbare!

  • Every month we have new Star Members. How will you know who to invite unless you can go back many months and find a record of who became stars? I hope there is a fair way to do this if only Stars are invited. There are many good members who have been stars in the past.
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