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  • hello, Yumi.
    i make your name decorated.

  • Kunichiwa YumI, welcome to My EC, I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks.

  • Hello Yumi!

    Welcome to our international group of people who want to write and chat in English. I would like to see you write a blog about studying songs and lyrics for fun and increasing vocabulary. 

    It would be a great place to try to use all of the adverbs of frequency that you know. You could say I often....., but I never....  I usually find lyrics by searching...

    Pairing songs and lyrics seems simple to you, but many learners don't know how to do this. It's been years since I wrote about how to do this and you can help them learn. I recommend that you consider the audience and try to keep your blog at an elementary level of English. That will make it accessible to most members and is good practice if you ever become a teacher.

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July 1