WE have fun Quizzes even if you have no interest in tools, oil/gas, and industry. We are adding photos of tools, vehicles, industrial and medical equipment. As a guessing game these are named in English. Technical discussions are also welcome.
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Refinery on Main Street of a town in New Mexico.

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  • Hey Miqdad ; Vega is finishing a Chemical engineering degree very soon. Also I think M.Adaway is a chemical engineer.
  • hi everybody ...... there is any one here study or graduated from chemical engineering department
  • Actually I'm not that much into industry so I think this group will help me to enrich my knowledage. Thanks !

    Skoon ...
  • Hi Karenina,

    I had a couple of messages that sounded like announcements - Your discussion was featured on My English Club. Every time the link led to the forum where everyone is asking about--user control panel errors, beeping sounds, can't get my...to work, and more of the same. I had been to the forum to look before but there was nothing there from me. Those did come in my email, but I never got anywhere but the forum so I thought maybe it had expired and gone away.
    But really it is no problem. I am very honored that our little group of friends got some good recognition. That is plenty, I don't really have to see it somewhere. You and others told me about it and that was good enough for me. Now we move on and make our group even better. Right? : D

    To see your discussion featured, visit:
  • Karenina, thank you for your help in getting the group photo part going. I still did not find the "best new group announcement".

    My thanks to all the members here for your contributions in making our group grow and be fun to participate in. You have all done very well. I had fears at first of being able to make it good because all my photos would just appear as a link but not show the photo. Thanks to the help and explanation of Karenina I was finally to get them to embed.

    That is what we are all here for my friends. We are here to help each other become our best. I agree, let's celebrate being featured. A BIG GROUP HUG [[ ^_^, ^_^, ^_^, ^_^, ^_^ ]] for all of us!!

    If you have something you want to enter and want me to proofread it first to offer suggestions or corrections you may message me with the content. I may not return it immediately, but I will get it back so you can post it.

    Let's get some quizzes and stories posted so we keep our momentum going so the new members see what this group is like. Maybe we can be so good they have to make a category for "BEST GROUP OF THE YEAR". :-D
  • Xkalibur- I agree this would be a very good place to post your publication.
  • Hello Bob,
    Well I am not designing a new process wholly. Simply, some mechanical improvments of the reactor. The reaction, as you said, is takes place in water in the presence of a tetrachloropalladate catalyst:

    I will publish it here next summer.
  • I have borrowed a photo from the CSB. That is the US Chemical Safety Board, which is an independent agency which investigates chemical accidents including refineries. They have a number of safety videos and information on every sort of accidental fire and explosion you could imagine. This includes power and dust explosions (even grain storage and sugar mills). It is good reference material, so see http://www.safetyvideos.gov/investigations/default.aspx ...
  • Xkalibur, If you are working on improving a reactor for making acetone from propylene, is it a fair guess that you are using heat as opposed to photo oxidation? And is it also reasonable to assume that you will be working with some types of dry catalysts to improve the reaction? I remember something about a wet or water based oxidation experiment some years ago resulting in acetone in some small quantity.

    I don't want to hear the actual process until you can publish it, but it sounds interesting. I am not sure of the commercial needs for acetone and if this is something you would see people doing on a regular basis to convert their propylene to acetone. Or maybe this is scientific that will advance science with the knowledge. In any case, I hope it all goes well.
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