The group is for discussion of ethical decisions we must make and for getting opinions on what is considered ethical. Including: Ethics in Work, Medicine, Marriage, Family, Government and all of life.
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  • Is war ethical? Are there times when it is and times when it isn't?
    Would you ever fight in a war? When would you fight if you answered yes?
  • Thanks Mr. Bob for this great group. Actually I've seen and joined many groups but your groups discuss new aspects which other didn't talk about before and this will improve our English so much. I'm glad that I'm here with you. Keep it up! We need something like this. :)

    Skoon . . .
  • I thank you all for joining and for reading some of our controversial topics. We need to bring some things out into the light of day so we can consider what is the best action. Who knows we might have a similar situation happen to us.
  • Hi, Bob! Thanks for invitation. It is interesting!
  • Welcome to the group Lynne and Zahara. I hope you enjoy the discussions and find some topics you may wish to start. i am very happy for members to start a topic they have interest in.
  • Thank you for inviting me here Bob. I think, this group can help us understand why some people act against the norm.
    Good day!
  • @ Hayet I think you can say business is business, but it does not excuse your behavior if you are unethical. What if you tell a customer that you will do something for them and only charge what it costs you to pay for supplies and a fixed price per hour of work? Then if you tell them the job was very difficult and it took you 10 hours but in truth, you only needed 5 hours to do the job? Because they had trust in you they are being charged twice the agreed cost. Business may be business, but I think if you are unethical like that, you can lose business if people find out. If someone tells me a lie then I never know again if they are telling me the truth or a lie.
  • is it ethical to say business is business?
  • What is ethical is that accepted morally or not trangressing any laws or code of ethics .foe instance there are many unethical practices related to some professions or businesses such as fraud,corruption counterfeiting ,theft.forgery,money laundering ,embezzling ,smuggling ..and so on..
  • Hi Bob, thank you for your invitation! All issues you've raised are tough to discuss... but I'll try.
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Marriage and Ethics

Marriage is one of the most life changing events in a person's life. Having your first child is another along with having the child marry and present you with a grandchild. Marriage is considered very important to most religions and cultures. Everywhere the rules are a little different, but there are some central guidelines that that overlap between most peoples.There is no marriage without some disagreement or hurt feelings from one side or the other. Fighting or disagreeing with your spouse…

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Topics On Relationships Between Countries

Here we may want to discuss treaties, wars, sanctions, trade, diplomatic pressure, invasions, blockades and other good and bad things that governments do to each other and their peoples.This is your forum to bring up a topic as long as you can tie it in with ethics ad ethical choices. I would like to offer up a rule or guideline for this forum. It is easy to find something that a government has done and can be considered wrong. I fully expect that we will get many such topics.I ask that in…

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There are many kinds of harassment and it is too common at work in some places. We can define it as picking on or teasing someone, or otherwise saying things to make them feel badly.There is also sexual harassment where a person in a position of power misbehaves toward someone with less or no power. This can especially be bad if the boss acts in this way either demanding sex or making employees put up with very indecent language or behavior. Most companies now have rules against this. In my…

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The Ticking Time Bomb

An old ethical problem we see sometimes with law enforcement is the so called ticking time bomb scenario. You receive information about a crazy bomb maker and capture him, but he has already placed his bomb.You find his written notes which show that the bomb is very large and dangerous. It is in a public place (possibly a school or hospital) and his notes indicate that hundreds of people will be killed in less than 10 minutes from now when it explodes.You try to talk to the crazy guy but he…

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