Moving House

Moving or "Moving House" is something that many people do in their lifetime. I know many people are born and die in the same house, but in the modern world we may have to move for our jobs or to be near family members who moved.

I have moved many times, but it never gets easier and it never is any fun. If you have had to pack up and move to a new place you may understand why I don't enjoy moving. These are some of the steps that I don't enjoy.

1. Packing - carefully putting your things in boxes and bags so they can travel safely

2. Extra cleaning - the old place usually needs to be much cleaner than usual for the new tenants

3. Deciding what to keep - too many things may need to be given away or discarded

4. Carrying boxes - someone has to move some boxes if you don't have a moving company

5. Unpacking - your boxes will be in the new place and they have to be unpacked

6. Trying to find something you need - something important can't be found when you need it

7. Doing without some things when you first arrive - maybe you don't have internet or need a fan to cool you down

8. Finding a new house can be hard too.

But the very most difficult thing is saying goodbye to really wonderful friends and great places I have come to love.  I will see some of my friends again but I know for a fact that when I leave it will be the last that I see of some of them. This is so painful to me and it hurts to leave people I have been watching improve in English for two years. I wanted to keep working with them and enjoying their company.

The good part is that I will be very close to both of my children. I will be able to see them a lot instead of making a major trip for the chance to have a meal together. So I am very happy about that part.

I am still sad about leaving my friends and may not get to answer your comments very often. I hope to have a new computer soon after I finish moving and hope to have a good internet connection. Goodbye EnglishClub friends for the moment. I will be able to see you again.

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  • take care get settled complete and whole

  • Dear Mr. Bob, it is hard indeed when you are so close with people and you have to go. I hope you have computer soon to keep contact with them. But i believe that it is more important that you are closer to your sons. Enjoy your new place and take care! :)

  • Dear Bob, wherever you are we wish you happiness. For me the idea of going to new places for living sounds so exciting but I have never been away from my family. It can be hard. Hope to see you soon.

  • My best wishes to you, Mr.Bob.

    It's always nice to see you blogging again. Many thanks for being a teacher here, we will surely miss your presence. Take your time and take care..:)

  • Nice to hear from you again, Mr. Bob. Good luck with the new environment. At least now you're much closer to your children.

  • Best wishes Mr.Bob,hope you will get great place to spend your valuable time in life....
  • Oh! Moving from one place to another is really a difficult task to be done on time. 

    Glad to hear from you Bob Sir, I wish you had a great time with your kids. 

    Let me quote some lovely words here "Good-byes are only painful if you know you will never say Hi again" So do not worry Sir, you will be back here with us enjoying the time! Good luck take care!

  • I apologize for mistakes. The phone is hard to read and to type on. I know how to spell but it might let me make a mistake. I'm apologizing just in case.
  • Thank you also Grace. I hope I can read everyone's blogs again very soon. My new job starts in August but o may not have a house yet. Luckily my son has an extra room and his mother and I will stay there a little while.
  • Thanks Walker. I was able to log in with my phone. Also thank you Afro and Coral. Your good wishes mean a lot to me.
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