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Today is the tenth of Thulhijjah, the first day of Eiduladha. Pilgrims after completing their stand at Arafa mountain, they go to Muzdaliffah where they spend the night of the ninth of Thulhijjah and collect (jamarat) stones from there. This time, the authorities has prepared stones for the pilgrims fearing the infection of coronavirus. On the following day, they move to Mina. As we mentioned before, those places, Arafat, Muzdaliffah, and Mina are the rites of Hajj. On this day, they arrive in Mina and start throwing the first stone, slaughtering their sacrifices, and shortening or cutting their hair.

The Hajjy (pilgrim) is allowed to change to his normal clothes and to do anything after this but not to hunt or to have sexual intercourse. Some of the pilgrims go to Mecca to perform (Ifadah Tawaf). It is the last rite of Hajj and without it Hajj is void. circumambulation around Kaaba, The Ancient House, seven rounds, and praying two (rakaat) prayers and making (Saee). (please, for more information, see my previous blogs on Eiduladha)

After this, the pilgrim is back to his place in Mina and he or she is able to hunt or sleep with his or her spouse. Today is the first day of the sunrise in Mina. It is a great day for pilgrims. They eat, drink, and thank Allah for this great reward. Here, we are also slaughtering our sacrifices for Allah The Almighty. Eiduladha is another major Islamic opportunity for Muslims to celebrate and thank God. Happy Eiduladha to all of you. 

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Hajj and the hard time, Arafa Day


We are on the ninth of Thulhijjah. This is called Arafa Day. It is the great day of Hajj. According to Hadeeth by Prophet Muhammad, "peace and blessings of Allah be upon him" (Hajj is Arafa). Early in the morning of this day, crowds of pilgrims move to the mount of mercy. They gather there to make their ritual supplication. This year, Arafa day is different. The Saudi authorities have enforced strict social distancing rules and employed contact tracing technology.

 It is including all the travel, meals, housing, healthcare expenses of the admitted pilgrims for this season of COVID-19.  Of course, all the pilgrims are from inside the kingdom. the rate of the residents is 70% and the rate of the citizens is 30%. Let's go back to Arafa Day, Pilgrims make their duaa (supplication) to Allah to forgive them and save them from the fire of hell. Allah comes down every night to forgive and reward but on Arafa Day, He comes during the day time of Arafa.

 He said to his angels, ((what do these people want?)) they answer Him that they came to seek His forgiveness Then He would let them testify that He has forgiven them. and their necks are freed from fire.  For us here at home, we fast this day to repent the sins of the previous year and the next. Meaning to say, fasting on Arafa day, repents the sins of two years.

I am fasting now, may Allah accept our worship (ibadah). For more details on Arafat Day, see my previous blogs on Arafa Day.

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Hajj and the hard time


Today, the eighth of the month of Thulhijjah is the first day of Hajj. Our house is not far from Mecca. We have to have Hajj permit to perform Hajj. Some of the pilgrims came here a week ago. Some of them arrived yesterday. All and all, most of them are here today to perform (tawaf algudoom) arrival circumambulation.

After finishing tawaf and Saee, they move to Mina. Since their (ihram) from various places, they say (talbiyah) which means they intend to perform Hajj only for the glory of Allah. At Mina ritual, the guests of God stay the night there. 

Tomorrow, we continue the sacred journey of Hajj

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Hajj and the hard time of corona

Hajj will start tomorrow, 29th of July 2020 which corresponds to the 8th of Thulhijah 1441 Hijrah. On this day, pilgrims arrive in Mecca to perform (tawaf algudoom) or arrival circumambulation. It is also called irrigation or perfusion day. In the past, pilgrims used to give water to their animals and take some with them for the journey of Hajj. Now, no need for that. Big tanks, faucets, and water supplies are available everywhere.   

Hajj literally or linguistically means intention. Religiously, Hajj means intending to visit something greatened, honorable, or glorified. The terminology in Islam implies going to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to visit (kaaba) the grand mosque. Hajj or pilgrimage is done annually to Mecca. Pilgrims perform Hajj to retrace the steps of the prophets and recount their dedication to God.

In Quraan, Allah said, ((And announce on people pilgrimage, they will come to you on foot and on every skinny camel, they will come from every deep and distant highway to perform Hajj)), Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. According to Hadeeth narrated by Caliph Omar ibn Alkhatab, may Allah be pleased with him, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, (Islam was built on five, to testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. Do your prayers. Pay Zakah (chastity). Fasting in Ramadan and perform Hajj if You could do it). 

Exceptional circumstances for Hajj of this season. The ministry of Islamic affairs and Hajj with the coordination of other ministries like the ministry of health, interior, information are doing huge work. For the first time of Hajj this year, the woman was appointed as a policewoman working by the side of the policeman. That will add extra help for policemen in dealing with female pilgrims during the rituals of Hajj.

More than six thousand cameras are installed in the different rituals of Mecca, Mina, and Muzdalifah. For more details on Hajj, please see my article which was posted four years ago. paragraphs two and three were taken from this article. https://www.myenglishclub.com/blogs/hajj-1

Next time, we will continue talking about the rest of the journey of Hajj during the time of coronavirus.

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Hajj season during corona virus


A week ahead and we will start Hajj for this year twenty-twenty which is correspondent to fourteen hundred forty-one, of Alhijrah. Alhijrah means emigration. It is an important historic event for Muslims. Prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mekkah to Madinah. This event was taken as the start of the Hijri calendar or the Arabic calendar.

The term (Alhijrah) has many meanings. Here, space is not enough for it now. During the past seasons, the number of pilgrims exceeded two million Hjjis. Pilgrims (hajjis) used to come from different parts of the world to perform Hajj.  

This year, only the residents and the citizens of Saudi Arabia can perform Hajj and that is due to the circumstances of COVID 19. You might say that it is a fair assessment of the situation. We could be hopelessly inaccurate about it but coronavirus dictated its conditions on Hajj this year 2020. There are dire Hajj conditions. 

There are many unprecedented measures to be taken before performing Hajj. the authorities want to emphasize the implementation of those necessary measures to ensure the safety of those pilgrims including providing protective face masks, and sterilization equipment and also conducting preliminary thermal checks. 

We will talk in detail about the rituals of Hajj in the hard time of the pandemic. 

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You are a nature valley
Night's breeze crossed your face
flowers slept on your cheeks
the bird chirped on your hand
people did not cross your border
your enemy was not known
your repulsion was written for me
Oh, you are my hope and my life,
that had been gone
I am running after a mirage
Look at the valley morning beauty
Look at its greenness and its sands
Look at the night's breeze,
why was it awake?
It was a warning of nothingness
From deep inside, I reckoned,
you were not destined for me

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Bad thinking part (2)

He went to say that there were complicated things in life that need wisdom and common sense to be understood. Then the professor narrated a story for them saying, "a child got sick and when her father took her to the hospital the doctor prescribed medicine which he could not afford to buy.

He phoned his brother to help him to buy the medicine. His brother told him to wait one hour to bring him the money. The man waited anxiously and tried to call his brother but his brother's cell phone was closed. He tried to call many times in vain. Then he began to think bad about his brother, 'How come that he disappoints me?' While he was furious and angry like that the doorbell rang. When he opened the door he found his brother handing him the money that he had asked for and saying, 'sorry brother, I did not expect to take that long selling my cell phone. Then the man hugged his brother regretfully. The tears were in his eyes. 

After the lecture was over, the son came back home with less ill thinking about his father. He went to search on his father's exigencies and papers longing to see a picture of his mother with his father. From one diary the son read his father's writings, 'after the unanimous opinions of many doctors about the hopelessness of the state of my wife, and that she was going to die, I took her on a sea trip to see the world and to lessen her pain.

Owing to bad luck our ship sank and I found a chance to come back to take care of our little child. If he had not been there, I would not have thought of living after her. I wanted to live with her and die with her. The son wept a lot and when his father came home he ran into his arms saying, 'forgive me, dad.'     

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Bad thinking part (1)


A man married a woman after a long burning love story. One year later, she gave birth to a beautiful child. When he was five years old, the father decided to take his wife on a sea trip to forget the problems of life. They left their son with their grandmother.

The ship sailed and there was no one except the two of them. Unfortunately, the ship had an accident. It sank in the sea, and there had been only one lifeboat which was for one person. The husband left his wife and quickly took the lifeboat. she was screaming and telling him to take care of their child. Then the ship sank and she died.

The father came back home to take care of his son. When he grew up he knew what had happened to his mother and he thought wrong about his father and there were grudging feelings towards his father. At the university, his teacher's lecture was about judging people or things by their appearances only. ,,,,, 

to be continued. 

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Shawal's six days


After Ramadan, comes the month of Shawal. We fast six days during this month. It is Sunnah and not obligatory. According to Hadeeth, (who he fasts Ramadan and follows that with six days in Shawal, it is as if he fasts forever.)

This is built on one good deed equals that ten times the same. so the idea is like this. Ramadan is thirty days. if you multiply all that by ten, it equals three hundred days. the six days of Shawal are consequently sixty days. That makes a total of three hundred and sixty days. The number of days in a year. I am doing that at the moment and many other Muslims in different parts of the world are doing the same. 

The six days are not necessarily in order. You can fast on the second day of Shawal and then take the fourth or the eighth day. I prefer doing that in one go because my digestive system is accustomed to fasting since the month of Ramadan. Once more, happy Eid to you. 

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stories from the time of Corona (3)


People who come from abroad or are suspected of carrying the coronavirus are locked in buildings or hotels.  In some countries, they are put in high luxurious hotels and given the life that each one of us is dreaming of. Their meals are presented precisely according to the time. Juice and other beverages are served round the clock. The internet is free. After two weeks, the health authorities would know whether they are well or not.       

I heard pope Francis saying that the lord would not leave us alone. Therefore, why don't we just clean our hearts and ask God to save us from this pandemic? This reminds me of the story of Prophet Moses, peace and blessings of God be upon him with his people during the drought.

Prophet Moses took his people for prayer asking God for the rain. They began the prayers and there was no rain, and the heat became stronger. Then Moses asked God, "why there is no rain?" God said, "among you is one person who used to disobey me for forty years, ask him to come out."

Then Moses said, "come out, you who disobeyed God."

The man turned left and right and saw that no one came out and knew that it was him. Then he thought to himself, "If I come out, it is a big scandal for me. If I don't come out, no rain." Then he asked his God regretfully, "Oh my Lord, I disobeyed you for forty years and you waited, now, I came obediently to you, please accept me,,," The rain fell before he finished his supplication.

Moses said to God, "the man did not come out, how did it rain?" God said to Moses, "the man came to me repentant." Then Moses said that he wanted to see and know the man. God said, "I covered him when he disobeyed me,  would I expose him when obeys me?"



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stories from the time of Corona (2)


Two-thirds of Ramadan has gone. The first third is called  Rahmah (mercy). The second third is called magfirah (forgiveness). tomorrow, Wednesday is the last third of Ramadan.The last ten days of Ramadan. They are called Itgun min annar (free from fire). Of course, the last third of Ramadan is the best of all. In Islam, the last third is always the best part. For instance, the best part of the day is its last third. 

Allah, The Almighty descends on the last third of the day and says, (Is there any person who needs mercy, or forgiveness, or anything he likes? I give him). Take another example, Friday is the best day for Muslims. Its last third, before sunset, is the best one, because of the answer hour. Take the whole Arabic year, the best part is its last third. Count these months. Ramadan, Thulgaidah, Thulhijah, and Almuharam.  Ramadan comes every year and people used to fast and do their prayers in the mosques. At the time of Corona, no more prayers in the mosques. 

Let us finish with this story: I saw it on television last week. The nurse came from her duty, very exhausted and tired from battling coronavirus to her apartment. Taking the steps one by one in a tiring way. The residents of the whole building were waiting for her. Each one at his door was carrying a gift or a different present for her. That was an ideal appreciation for that white soldier.  

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stories from the time of Corona (1)


Each day, we sit listening to the daily conference on Covit 19.  We hear the live statistics and Coronavirus news tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, tests, and death toll due to the deadly virus. We know the time of briefing from the ministry of health in our country. Up to now, more than three and a half million confirmed cases of the new Coronavirus round the globe.   

 I and my family got used to this kind of lockdown and this routine. People tried to cope with the situation and tried different ways. Many stories were created from Coronavirus, some of them are serious, others are fictitious, and funny causing laughter. Let’s have this one: 

    “The government has just announced that if you have five kids, your family will receive five thousand pounds per week. A man heard the news and said to his wife, "I have a kid with my girlfriend. I'm going to bring him so we can add him to our four kids." When he came back, he saw only one of his kids remaining.

“He asked, “Where are the other three?”

*His wife replied, “You are not the only one who heard the news. Their fathers have come for them!” 

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Tomorrow, Friday 24 of April is the first day of Ramadan. Ramadan means stop eating and drinking and the sexual desire from dawn until sunset then we breakfast. Ramadan is the month of mercy and forgiveness and freeing from hell. I congratulate you on the beginning of the month and I take this opportunity to ask God to move that deadly virus from the world. I shall continue to talk later about the holy month.

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Unavoidable dawn

Tiny spots fly high. 

Suddenly, they are airborne  

The distance is far away, so far away.         

Seasons pass by and leave.           

That lockdown is everlasting,

but for each night, dawn breathes.      

The journey is long, but it must be done.  

The distance is far, its footsteps are counted,

I shall walk it.

On the balconies, the song is sad, full of nostalgia,

and I shall sing it. 

The deadly swarm is up there.

but for each night,

Inevitable dawn is coming. 

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The detective entered the office of his boss saying, "I need a warrant for that house."  His boss said, "Why that house?" the smart detective answered, "the neighbors have doubts about the behavior of the lady of the house. Many men and women were seen coming in out of the house daily."  His boss said, "This is serious. Is it necessary to take that course of action? Have you any proof? Have you ever done any inquiries about it?"  The detective answered negatively but he said that he would do something. His boss told him not to do that.           

The next day, the superintendent himself drove his elegant car to that house. He rang the bell. A lovely brunette in her thirties opened the door with a smile on her face. The lawman did not show her his badge and to his surprise, she told him to come inside. Then she said, "Have a seat, let me give my father his medication, I will be right back"

Then he heard a weak voice murmuring, "sorry my son, I couldn't move to welcome you." The superintendent told him not to worry about it. The sick man continued, "My daughter makes silk-wool dresses. She is very good at them. I taught her about my work. People come here to buy."  The superintendent said to his daughter, "Why don't you hire a place in the market?" 

"Who is going to take care of my father? I have to look after him. He is my priority." Answered the young lady. The man took some money from his wallet and gave  it to her saying, "give me one dress." Then the young lady replied in amazement, "but that's too much." The policeman took the dress and went away.



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Corona Versus our Consciences


What is going on? Is it the end of the world or the end of humanity? Would it be a conspiracy of some sort? On the other hand, it might be a pure act of gaining money. More than a quarter of a million people went to the other world. Here, the equation is not balanced.

Shall we go back to ourselves and our consciences? Corona is the cause. Yes, it could be the reason, why not? It could be a matter of paying attention to our deeds. At least, we have done something bad, real bad!

We cheat, Corona does not cheat. We steal, the virus does not. We make wars and kill men, women, and children. Corona does that, but at least, it does not kill kids. We make differences and levels between people. Corona does not know the rich, the poor, or the strong ones.

We oppress, commit adultery, open houses for fornication, viciousness, and many more. That tiny agent that cannot be seen only by the microscope does not do that. Corona brought terror to us, but at the same time, it made our stay at home with our parents, sisters, and brothers and feel one another.

 Finally, at the end of the road, medication would be found for Corona. The problem would be what is the medication for ourselves?

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Christmas and 2020


Twenty-twenty is pushing hard. Christmas is only a few steps ahead. Merry Christmas to all our Christian friends all over the world  My daughter insisted to have a new dress and a gold necklace for Christmas. She wanted to celebrate with her Christian friend, Claudine. In Sudan, we have the day off for Christmas. If by chance it comes on Thursday that means we have a holiday of three days.     

My wife needed gold bracelets also for the same occasion and after that, for the New Year. I could not manage to buy them any gifts last year. I was sad and confused about what to do, but my wife suggested that I sell her belt. I did that.

Luckily, I am ready to buy them their needing. They say that; don’t be sad or worried about last year. It was past. Think about the New Year. Fatima told me that she wanted to make a plastic tree as a gift for her friend Sonia. Sonia is Claudine’s mother.

That means we are still two or three days ahead for Christmas. She told me that before the crowd, she wanted to be happy and share that happiness with Sonia and her family. She usually stays late at night on Christmas Eve. Eating, drinking, and listening to Christmas carols.


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Emotional Separation

 What are the causes of emotional separation between the spouses? The Reasons remain locked inside the rooms, and they harm the spouses. because of their privacy and the embarrassment behind revealing them. Apart from that, they may cause serious psychological damage or pain.   

If they divorce, that is not good for their children later. Could it be the failure on the wedding night? Or is it the lack of harmonization between them. The intimate relationship starts with big love and suddenly after the coming of the children, the emotional attraction is not there anymore. Some wives tell their husbands to stop flirting with them or say any love words. Putting in their minds that they are no longer young for love or even making love.

Some spouses treat one another as if they were colleagues at work or some establishment. It is true that they respect each other but there no love at all between them. Unfortunately, husbands seek other means to satisfy their desires. They try at work, from the internet and the different social media. Eventually, separation is inevitable.

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Faithful daughter 


Once upon a time, there was a father who had four daughters. Four men came to ask their hands for marriage. The father decided that the elder one to get married first, but she refused to do so in order to take care of her father. The other three sisters got married. The elder one started to take care of her old man until he died. In his will, he said that no money was to be divided until the elder sister was married.

The three married sisters did not agree to that and they decided to sell the house and take their shares. They did not care where their older sister would go. The elder sister wrote to the buyer and begged him to wait for some months until she finds a place to move to. The man agreed. After the specified time, the man called her. She was afraid and then he came to her. She said to him that she still could not find any place to stay.

The man said, “I came carrying this paper from the court". He continued,” The ownership of the house is yours as your dowry from me if you agree to marry me. If not, the house is still yours, and I would go back to where I came from.” The elder sister cried and agreed to marry that man and she lived happily ever after.           


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