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About five days to go and we are in Hajj. What is Hajj? Hajj (pilgrimage) is the fifth pillar of Islam. People come from all over the world to perform Hajj in Mecca. They start on the eighth day of the month of Zulhijjah which is called Irrigation Day. At dawn they leave Mecca for the mountain of mercy, to stand for the Arafa Day. It is the great day of Hajj. People stand there and ask Allah for forgiveness.

Before sunset, they move to Muzdalifa, another ritual place of Hajj. They collect stones and proceed to Mina on the next day. They stay on Mina for three days throwing the stones at Jamarat, and then they go to make Tawaf Alifada (circling the Kaaba seven times).  

Some of them come back to slaughter their sacrifices for God, others cut or shorten their hair. They stay in Mina for three days. For those on a hurry, they stay for two days. They make Tawaf Alwadaa, (Goodbye Tawaf) and then leave for their countries. Please, for more details visit my page about Hajj.


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Ramadan 1445- 2024


One or two days remain, and we will be expecting a favorite guest. Guess who it is? Ramadan, yes, it is Ramadan. It is one of the five pilars of Islam. We do not eat during the day until sunset. Of course, this is good  for our digestive system, at least during the day. 

For eleven months, day and night, it is just working and digesting our food so as we can feed our bodies. This process continues but in Ramadan, it stops completely during the day which gives it a break. It can be a period for our stomach to relax and maintin itself.

Some doctors advice their patients to fast. We shall talk more about Ramadan later.

to be continued....

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In Pursuit for Perfection


Many people left us in 2023. My niece Mariam. She was the mother of Al-Hilal Sudanese team player, the late Walideen. My father-in-law, Ali Farrat. They were not as famous as Hollywood stars, such as Raquel Welch, Tina Turner, Jim Brown, David MacCallum, Lisa Marley, Mathew Perry, and the lovely, Gina Lollobrigida.

Dimitry Utkin the leader of the Wagner group died in a plane crash, and many others that the space is not enough to mention all of them.

We do not mention the earthquake that hit Agadir and Taroudant in Morocco. More than fifty or sixty thousand were killed, I am not exactly sure about the total number of those who passed out during 2023.

It is life. People come and people go out of it. The year twenty-three was very sad. Our country ran into the biggest war of all its previous wars. Many of my people were killed and severely massacred. Some women were raped and tortured.

I do not want the new year to be like 2023. I hope for the best for all of us. In our rush for perfection, we do strange things sometimes. Why don't we do it the right way, or by the right competition?












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The guns of the present.


I am starting my blog with a question, and I shall end it with a question too. Is peace far from our reach? For over fifty years we have just suffered and heard daily news of wars everywhere. Some spots are boiling and others are less severe.

Since the beginning of this world, mankind killed each other. They never stopped doing it. Most of the regions of the so-called third world are killing each other.

look at the middle east, Palestine, and Israel. Open the news and our country, Sudan is always on the headlines of every news: Yemen, Somalia, Syria, the Ukraine. The list of ongoing armed conflicts is long.

Defending ourselves is a legitimate right. On the other hand, overindulgence in things is counterproductive. Extravagance is not good.

Resorting to the voice of reason is a must. Sometimes we do not know what we are fighting for. Could we sit at a table and try to put an end to all our conflicts?


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Hajj 1444H


The pilgrims ended their Hajj on the third day at Mina. They would start to perform the goodbye Tawaf (surrounding the Kaaba) and go back home. Some of them go to Madina, others go to the different cities in Saudi Arabia. For more details, please visit my page about Hajj. Happy new year to all. Thank you.

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Hajj 1443 - 2022


Hajj is next week. People have already gathered from different areas of the world to perform Hajj. It is a difficult journey especially in the past. Nowadays, it is less tiring than before. Of course, the financial and physical abilities are very important for the individual to perform Hajj.

 It starts on the eighth of the month of Thulhijja..  It is called (Tarwiya day) Irrigation day. Pilgrims come to perform (Tawaf Algudum) arrival circumambulation. They  come on this day and get ready for the early morning trip to the mount of Arafat. It is on the ninth of Thulhijja, This is the great day of Hajj.

Many prayers and supplications are said and accepted by Allah, the Almighty. Before sunset, pilgrims move to another ritual which is called Muzdaliffa. Stones are collected from this area and the prayers of Magrib and Isha are prayed combined and shortened.

Then pilgrims stay the night there, and at dawn, they go to Mina to start throwing the stones at (Jamarat). They start with the big Jamarah (jamratul agaba), then the middle Jamarah, and at last, the small one.

Some pilgrims go to Makkah to perform (Tawaf Alifadah) finishing circumambulation,  and get back to the area of Mina to shave or lengthen their hair, others start their sacrifices or Hady. Pilgrims stay two or three days in Mina and then they go to perform (Tawaf Alwadaa) goodbye circumambulation and leave Mecca for their areas or their countries.

Please, for more details, see my previous blog about Hajj.



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An uncompleted joy (1)


Sara and Dina are sisters. Sara is two years older than Dina. Their parents died when they were very young. They left a big house, an elegant car, and a huge amount of money in the bank for them.  They were wise at the beginning and they agreed to live in the house and sell that car and buy two for them. Sara thought that the car was part of their parents hereditary. They were supposed to keep it but later on she changed her mind for both of them to have a car for each of them.

Dina's boyfriend came to the scene and the problems began. Adam was a greedy fellow. He wanted to have the house and everything the two sisters had. He started by harassing Dina to sell the house and divide the money. As the matter of fact, he wanted to have the money for himself.

He began the aggressive pressure on Dina. Sara told her sister that Adam was not true in his love with her, and that he was not loyal to her at all. She told her that many times he tried to approach her but she refused.

 At first, Dina did not pay any attention to her sister's warnings but she noticed some changes on her boyfriend's behavior. Coming late at night, ill tempered, and the smell of wine was all over him.

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Flight #1443H


Ramadan flight announces the departure of its flight number 1443H. to Rayan door. Passengers on this flight are kindly requested to fasten their piety belts and refrain from anything that is illegal.

The duration of this flight is approximately twenty nine to thirty days. Eating and drinking are forbidden during the day time from sunrise until sunset. At sunset, you can eat and drink.

Praying or any other deed will be rewarded twice and every work for the sake of Allah will be rewarded in great quantities.  We wish you a pleasant journey.

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Deep Grief


I was in love with someone. I went away for a while, when I came back she had been engaged to another man. I went through deep sorrow. Of course, the wheel of life must go and you must get used to that. I do not know how to express myself properly but those lines might reflect something of it. Thanks in advance for your point of view:



Someone help me!

Life is hard,

Your words are harder.

I pretend not to feel,

Under the daily tears,

The anguish is clear.

After you,

I remain in grief.

You are the oppressor,

The grief's getting deeper

The echoes, the squeak

they are against my will.

My heart is silent

who is the healer?

Someone help me.

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What are we going to do?  Sometimes it seems to me that the amount of food and water is not enough for us. When a group of people has absolute power without effective constitutional limitations. Wars are everywhere. Conflicts are all over the world. take a look at the map of the world, you will find many hot or red spots.

The princes of war are giving us no chance at all. They do not want to step down and give us a break as if they breathe the smoke that is coming from the barrels of their guns. The problem of the Nahda dam between our country, Egypt, and Ethiopia. The water of the river Nile is enough for the three countries and maybe more than a hundred.  Countries are crippled by the destabilization of the economy and politics.

Sadness is seen on the faces of our sons and daughters.  I could not imagine how are we going to raise our families and bring them to the beaches of safety! The year twenty-twenty one is about to say goodbye, and a new year is coming after a few weeks' time.

Every year we hope and expect the better to come. Would the new year, twenty-twenty-two be different?  I am not pessimistic, but at the end of each tunnel, we could not see any thread of light. 

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The price of Democracy


What is democracy? It is a control of an organization or a group by the majority of its members. Indeed it is a system of government by the whole people or the eligible ones of the country. It usually happens in elections. Typically, through elected representatives.

Our people are out in the streets for more than four weeks in a peaceful demonstration demanding democracy.  They did not want military rule. They wanted a civilian one. Our people ousted the previous dictator from power and a transitional government was born so that after two years, elections would be held and a civilian government would be elected by the people and see the light.

Two weeks ago, a coup was made and the army wanted the power for itself. Our generals in Sudan want authority for themselves. Many people died and others were wounded. They were wounded in their bodies and in their feelings too. Their mistake was that they wanted to live in a democratic society. 

 Many voices from the world were heard. The African Union, European Union, America, and some other countries called on both military and civilian people to negotiate and reach some sort of a general agreement or consensus.

Prime ministers of both New Zealand and England commented on our peaceful demonstration, even queen Elizabeth admired that performance of the people. Our people are calling for a civilian democratic system, I wonder if they are asking too much.


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The pen


In life, we find strange things. Along the way, we meet people. Good ones and bad ones, too. Our thoughts and beliefs are made about them. Our judgment is formed about them, and it is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Anger and hostility may arise later. The most important thing is, we meet those people face to face and we know them personally.  This is natural.  

The most difficult thing to understand or rather the most confusing thing is the people you know by the pen. That writing instrument which is consisted of a metal nib or ball fitted into a metal or plastic holder. They are called pen friends or pen pals.

Most of My EC friends are known to me by their pens. I have never seen or met anyone of them except my students who joined this marvelous website a few years ago. What I am trying to get at is that most of the people and the majority of them are very friendly and they treat you well. A few of them are a bit hostile.  

I find that my ideas and my suggestions are given a hostile reply.  Some of these people do not like to reply or even mention anything concerning me. Of course, the issue is subject to several factors. Personality, age, nationality, and so on.

In real life, it is ok, because you see that person and you know him or her, but for those who are in foreign countries, they are far away from you. The only means of connection is the pen. So, I find it strange to have such a hostile attitude.


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Hackers steal your personal information. Hackers embedded security database server. Hackers may try to steal your data and many other messages like that. We find these things on the internet. The people who do that are programmers or genius people. They might be even philosophers of their time.  They do technical things that hinder us from accessing our accounts. they get illegal access to our computers. It becomes complicated, or even difficult to access our accounts.  

 Of course, we heard the story about the hackers who invaded the global system, about two or three years ago. Governments complained about this. The hackers wanted a ransom. I am not sure how the matter ended. The good people repaired the illegal access to their computers. Then, it was over at that time. On the news,  the story of Russia and the United States' computers invasion is not far. The controversy is still going on. The diplomats between the two countries are still working on it to settle the matter.

Hackers can do good things. They can even help to create things for our future generations, but deep down, I guess it is only to show us that the world is full of good and bad. Why do they use illegal ways,  instead of legal ones? What is the benefit they gain from that? Is it money? They can do it the other way. They can earn it, and we will be grateful for them. Some people question the appropriateness of this practice. Nevertheless, It is life and its paradoxes. 


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Ashura 1443 H


Tomorrow is the tenth of Almuharram, the month of the first Islamic calendar. This date marks the day that Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) was chased by Pharaoh. When they reached the sea, the followers of Prophet Musa were desperate and they told him that Pharaoh would eliminate them. God told Musa to hit the sea with his stick and it was divided into two divisions. They were like two great hills. A path was made between them, and the followers of Prophet Musa passed.

When Pharaoh came in trying to reach them the two hills were back and he was drowned with his army. Prophet Musa and his followers were saved. On the same day, there was the battle of Karbalaa. Alhussein Ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was martyred along with his supporters. We fast tomorrow. It is not obligatory. For more information on Ashura, please, look at my previous blog on the topic.

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Heat of love

The train is moving fast.

The heat of love increases.

Try to be happy in your love.

If that love is too much for you, do not surrender

your heart to the days' behaviors.

Because the train is moving fast.

Love exists in the world, from eons past.

Stars twinkle at night, and darkness likes light.  

birds love each other,   

There is a beautiful song in the garden,

 Our nightly encounters were nice.

gentle and peaceful whispers.

That train is still moving fast.

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Ramadan 1442, 2021


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Arabian calendar. It is the month of great blessings, and during it, The Holy Quran was revealed to the world through Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). God's mercy and blessings fill the world. Worshipers focus their thoughts and physical energy towards spirituality rather than materialism.

Muslim people wait eleven months for it to come. Some of them are here and others left this world before it comes. Most of them hope to reach Ramadan before they go to the other world.

People start fasting from dawn until sunset every day. Ramadan reminds them of the difficulties of millions of people living in poverty experience on a daily basis. Fasting during the month of Ramadan brings a level of social belonging to the community. Opportunities are grabbed in this month and many hope to collect more from Allah, The Almighty.

If you give iftar to a fasting person, The Almighty will give you the same reward that is given to him without detracting from the reward of the fasting person in the slightest. I hope with the coming of Ramadan all the conflicts of the world are over.


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The great famous man stepped from his luxury car. The crowd was giving him a high and sincere welcome. Instead of being polite and waving respectable smiles of thanks or gratitude, he was wearing his dark glasses and in a hurry to get to the office. With a frowning surly face.

At the office, his boss was angry with him and he told him that he no longer needed his services. The star was surprised. He knew that the public outside loves him and his performance. He could not find an answer to the behavior of his chief.

Without leaving him to further thoughts, he told him that being humble was important to the company. Arrogance, vanity, and self-conceit are traits that they did not approve of. Therefore, he said, "please, go to the accountant and take all your rights and leave."

The star was astonished and he could not say a word. He was thinking of the people who came to say hello to him, his fans, and the special people who love him. He knew that he should have at least, smiled at them or waved his hand to them. His manager had been among those people observing his attitude and his response to them.  

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A famous Sudanese song (Oh time)



Oh time, halt for a few moments.

Have a little mercy,

Grant me moments of bliss

Oh time, halt for a few moments.

Oh time have a little mercy

After that, take the rest of my lifetime

Take my youth and my eyes.

Oh time, be gentle with me,

Be gentle with my lover,

My perfect soul mate

With his joy, his peace of mind,

With my reverie,

with what occupies my mind

with his sentiment and feelings

with every thought, that occurs in his imagination

Oh time, halt for a few moments.

Have a little mercy,


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It was love

The birds are still in the trees.

In the spring of love, we used to  sing

 We talked privately and watched the birds

 flying from one branch to the other,

Suddenly, yesterday was lost from us,

 and there was sorrow in the heart.

We flew together in a sky dream.

We squeezed the intoxication of love

But we were still thirty

It was love,

Don't ask or blame us

Paradise was only a step but

It was lost and then yesterday

 was lost  from us

It was love.

Don't ask or blame us.


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Ashura is an Arabic term which means ten, and here, we mean the tenth of Muharram; the Arabic month that comes after the month of Hajj in the Arabic lunar calendar. Today is 27/08/2020 which corresponds to 8/1/1442.  So, the day after tomorrow is the tenth of Muharam.                            What is the story behind this day? When prophet Mohammad (peace and  blessings of Allah be upon him) came to Medina he found the Jews fasting on this day. He told them what was that day and they explained that they did this to thank God because the Israelites were freed from Pharaoh, the king of Egypt at that time, on that day.                                        The prophet told them that he and his followers had the right to fast on that day, more than the Jews. He ordered the Muslims to fast on Ashura, but they must fast one day ahead of it or one day before.

In Hadeeth, the fasting of Ashura atones the sins of the previous year. It also commemorates with the martyrdom of Al Hassan bin Ali, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Some Muslims consider it a sad day.                                                       We  fast to gain the favor of Allah and wipe the sins of the previous year. I am posting it to remind my fellow Muslims about it. But they can fast tomorrow and the day after. 

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