The pen

The pen


In life, we find strange things. Along the way, we meet people. Good ones and bad ones, too. Our thoughts and beliefs are made about them. Our judgment is formed about them, and it is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Anger and hostility may arise later. The most important thing is, we meet those people face to face and we know them personally.  This is natural.  

The most difficult thing to understand or rather the most confusing thing is the people you know by the pen. That writing instrument which is consisted of a metal nib or ball fitted into a metal or plastic holder. They are called pen friends or pen pals.

Most of My EC friends are known to me by their pens. I have never seen or met anyone of them except my students who joined this marvelous website a few years ago. What I am trying to get at is that most of the people and the majority of them are very friendly and they treat you well. A few of them are a bit hostile.  

I find that my ideas and my suggestions are given a hostile reply.  Some of these people do not like to reply or even mention anything concerning me. Of course, the issue is subject to several factors. Personality, age, nationality, and so on.

In real life, it is ok, because you see that person and you know him or her, but for those who are in foreign countries, they are far away from you. The only means of connection is the pen. So, I find it strange to have such a hostile attitude.


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  • Terima kasih banyak, Fizzy! Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • I missed having a penpal... lost contact to all of them... >_<


    • Saya harap kabar kamu baik, Fizzy. Thanks for your nice comment.


  • Yaateek alf afiya ya ustatha Sewar. Thanks for pressing the like button.

  •      It is a nice topic. On behalf of myself allow me my friend to say: I always admire the magic which is spread at MEC from your pen. I learned a lot from your tweets, learning videos and topics. Thanks for that.

         My friend, remember that, the rule of living our life in peace is; accepting people around us as they are. With their differences. Different perspectives, different priorities, different tempers, different personalities and different ideas. So don’t be upset from their behavior.   Anyways, with your permission my friend I would like to speak about my pen.

         I am really fond of it for many reasons such as: My pen is my secrets’ keeper. As a woman I have a lot. But I can’t reveal them to anyone except it. It has the ability to translate them into poems and notions. And my pen is my heart’s tears weeper.  Sometimes when the memory takes me back to my beloved ones pictures whom passed away without even goodbye. The pen pours my tears on my diary’s book as an ink. Add to that, my pen is my great weapon I use it to keep my students discipline. I am sure you have, as a teacher, understand me. I hope my pen caught your attention. God bless you.

    • Kalam jameel jidan ya ustatha Sewar. The pen can reveal for its owner plenty of things about himself and the others, too. I agree with you that we have to accept the others. It is the only way we can live with one another. I really appreciate your encouragement. By the way, your comments and nice words give me the ability to move forward.  Thanks for that.

      You are a distinguished lady. I really appreciate your polite manners and the way you construct your sentences. Your pen describes and shows us how respectable you are. Don't forget to extend my regards to your husband and the rest of your family. I apologize for not answering you earlier. God bless you and your family.

  • Hi Sono, Thanks for pressing the like button. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks again.

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