What are we going to do?  Sometimes it seems to me that the amount of food and water is not enough for us. When a group of people has absolute power without effective constitutional limitations. Wars are everywhere. Conflicts are all over the world. take a look at the map of the world, you will find many hot or red spots.

The princes of war are giving us no chance at all. They do not want to step down and give us a break as if they breathe the smoke that is coming from the barrels of their guns. The problem of the Nahda dam between our country, Egypt, and Ethiopia. The water of the river Nile is enough for the three countries and maybe more than a hundred.  Countries are crippled by the destabilization of the economy and politics.

Sadness is seen on the faces of our sons and daughters.  I could not imagine how are we going to raise our families and bring them to the beaches of safety! The year twenty-twenty one is about to say goodbye, and a new year is coming after a few weeks' time.

Every year we hope and expect the better to come. Would the new year, twenty-twenty-two be different?  I am not pessimistic, but at the end of each tunnel, we could not see any thread of light. 

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  • As you had really mentioned; Wars are everywhere. Conflicts are all over the world. we have to look for peaceful way to gain peace everywhere, regardless of colours or religion.

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            My friend, all what I can say in this complicated case is: All theories about economic or political destabilization is grey, but the golden one is; we have to keep our faces to the sun shine. Because there is always a smile waiting to be on our lips. A smile which creates a halo effect that helps us remember other wonderful events more fiery, feel more optimistic, more positive and more motivated. I am sure that will keep us a distance from a headache. God bless you my friend.

    • Ya salam aalaik ya ustatha Sewar, kalamik daiman jameel. Our young men and women are fighting peacefully to gain their civilian government. Of course, by civilian, we mean an elected government chosen by the people. Despite that, the army is using maximum force to disperse the demonstrators,

      Our brave men and women are patient and they do not use any kind of force against them. Their only weapon is peace. That peace worries our generals a lot. Thanks, Sewar for your nice words, and God bless you and your family.

    • That sounds pretty fabulous. 

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  • Hi, Dara. I really empathize with you. In particular, there are many conflicts in African countries. As you know. there were many conflicts in Europe, but now, it seems that conflicts are little in Europe.

    Countries in Europe learned from many conflicts and organized European Union. Many European countries were organized as a union. In the EU, European countries use the same currency and constitution, there is no customs duty in there. They organized NATO, which is a big army that the armies of the member of the EU join.

    I think that this may be a hint that we can reduce many conflicts in Africa. Of course, it isn't easy, but we should hold up an ideal, shouldn't we? Do you have ideas about peace in Africa?

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