The great famous man stepped from his luxury car. The crowd was giving him a high and sincere welcome. Instead of being polite and waving respectable smiles of thanks or gratitude, he was wearing his dark glasses and in a hurry to get to the office. With a frowning surly face.

At the office, his boss was angry with him and he told him that he no longer needed his services. The star was surprised. He knew that the public outside loves him and his performance. He could not find an answer to the behavior of his chief.

Without leaving him to further thoughts, he told him that being humble was important to the company. Arrogance, vanity, and self-conceit are traits that they did not approve of. Therefore, he said, "please, go to the accountant and take all your rights and leave."

The star was astonished and he could not say a word. He was thinking of the people who came to say hello to him, his fans, and the special people who love him. He knew that he should have at least, smiled at them or waved his hand to them. His manager had been among those people observing his attitude and his response to them.  

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  • Terima kasih banyak Fizzy! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • What goes up comes down 

    Safer to be humble and down to earth..

    Nothing lasts in this life 





  • Sorry, but your posts are always a bit blurry.  

    “The great famous man”? what was the profession of this “great” “famous” man? If his only duty was to entertain the public, then the “boss”  was right – He was not doing his job well ( especially if  that was against the organisational culture of the company)

    “Arrogance, vanity, and self-conceit” – where did that conclusion come from?  Just from this one small scene?

    And if I won't sound too rough, a crowd is a bitch (sorry for my french)  and it never loves anyone. The crowd  just wants entertainment

  • A great lesson for this snobbish guy

    thanks for sharing . 

  • It's probably many people like that, but not many bosses would do that.

    Thanks for sharing, Teacher Dara. :)

  • Uhm, there are a lot of reason why he could've not smiled or whatsoever, maybe he's running late or whatnot, either way, it shouldn't be enough to fire someone, if the story said that he did this in many ocasions and had done something more rude than just not smiling at fans, then i would beleive that him being fired is justified, but no. I think that manager is a prick and idiot for firing a star without proper reason, he would pay him for terminating a contract and would also be hated by the actors fans. 

    • Kamostaga M, wala problema. We could find many justifications for that star why he could not smile. When you deal with the audience or people the matter is different. I respect your point of view. We do not know about the terms of their contract and whether he is going to pay the star or not. On the other hand, Thanks for your nice comment on Vanity.

  • Sue that company because terminate STAR contract suddenly.  =)

    • Fizzy, maksud kamu, the star should be treated in a different way! The feelings o others are not important in the business world.  I really hope that point of view is not correct. Once more, thanks for your nice comment Fizzy. 

  • Hmmm maybe public like that untouchable style , kinda bad boy with dark glasses :d 

    After few days, boss will learn things and  beg him to come back ))

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