Hajj 1443 - 2022

Hajj 1443 - 2022


Hajj is next week. People have already gathered from different areas of the world to perform Hajj. It is a difficult journey especially in the past. Nowadays, it is less tiring than before. Of course, the financial and physical abilities are very important for the individual to perform Hajj.

 It starts on the eighth of the month of Thulhijja..  It is called (Tarwiya day) Irrigation day. Pilgrims come to perform (Tawaf Algudum) arrival circumambulation. They  come on this day and get ready for the early morning trip to the mount of Arafat. It is on the ninth of Thulhijja, This is the great day of Hajj.

Many prayers and supplications are said and accepted by Allah, the Almighty. Before sunset, pilgrims move to another ritual which is called Muzdaliffa. Stones are collected from this area and the prayers of Magrib and Isha are prayed combined and shortened.

Then pilgrims stay the night there, and at dawn, they go to Mina to start throwing the stones at (Jamarat). They start with the big Jamarah (jamratul agaba), then the middle Jamarah, and at last, the small one.

Some pilgrims go to Makkah to perform (Tawaf Alifadah) finishing circumambulation,  and get back to the area of Mina to shave or lengthen their hair, others start their sacrifices or Hady. Pilgrims stay two or three days in Mina and then they go to perform (Tawaf Alwadaa) goodbye circumambulation and leave Mecca for their areas or their countries.

Please, for more details, see my previous blog about Hajj.




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  • Yes, the financial and physical abilities are very important for the individual to perform Hajj.

  • Hello, Teacher Dara.

    My mother-in-law failed to go on Hajj. The schedule is in 2024, but they say people who are more than 60 years are forbidden to go. They worry about physical strengh. It maybe only for Indonesian as too many people in the queue, I'm not sure.

    • Saya tidak tahu, tetapi saya harap dia bisa Hajj Dari 2023. New rules were taken concerning Hajj. I hope your mother in law will be able to perform pilgrimage next year. Thanks for your nice comment and I am sorry for the late reply. 

    • Thanks for the wishes, Teacher Dara. 

    • Tidak apa2 mod. Onee. No problem and thanks again.

    • Terima kasih banyak mod. Onee Chan. Thanks for liking the blog. 

  • A good piece of information

    • Hello Persona, is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for your nice words.

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