An uncompleted joy (1)


Sara and Dina are sisters. Sara is two years older than Dina. Their parents died when they were very young. They left a big house, an elegant car, and a huge amount of money in the bank for them.  They were wise at the beginning and they agreed to live in the house and sell that car and buy two for them. Sara thought that the car was part of their parents hereditary. They were supposed to keep it but later on she changed her mind for both of them to have a car for each of them.

Dina's boyfriend came to the scene and the problems began. Adam was a greedy fellow. He wanted to have the house and everything the two sisters had. He started by harassing Dina to sell the house and divide the money. As the matter of fact, he wanted to have the money for himself.

He began the aggressive pressure on Dina. Sara told her sister that Adam was not true in his love with her, and that he was not loyal to her at all. She told her that many times he tried to approach her but she refused.

 At first, Dina did not pay any attention to her sister's warnings but she noticed some changes on her boyfriend's behavior. Coming late at night, ill tempered, and the smell of wine was all over him.

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  • Lovely relating turns up different morality.

  • Halet chetore Saba, thanks for liking that topic. The second part would be as you expected. Thanks again.

  •  I hope Dina won't be deceived by her boyfriend and agree with her sister.

  • Hello Teacher Dara,

    Interesting story! This actually happens in many parts of the world. Sometimes, love makes people blind. But true love reveals a great thing.

    I'm looking forward to reading the next part. 

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Shookrun jazeelan ya ustatha Sewar, thanks for pressing the like button.

  •       My friend, what I know for sure is that; everyone has his or her own story of hope and sorrow, victory and loss, joy and light. All that represent our share of life lessons. So, how well we learn from them is up to us. At the end, It is our journey. We have to deal with one another of its very tinny details, can’t be helped. God bless you and your lovely family as well.

    • Ma shaa Allah alaik ya ustatha Sewar. Kalamik jameel wa kharij min Algalb. I definiely agree with you my lady. It is important how we get the lessons from these strories. Thanks for your nice words. I am sorry for the late reply. I really appreciate your sharing of your valubale information with us. Thanks again.

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