Ashura is an Arabic term which means ten, and here, we mean the tenth of Muharram; the Arabic month that comes after the month of Hajj in the Arabic lunar calendar. Today is 27/08/2020 which corresponds to 8/1/1442.  So, the day after tomorrow is the tenth of Muharam.                            What is the story behind this day? When prophet Mohammad (peace and  blessings of Allah be upon him) came to Medina he found the Jews fasting on this day. He told them what was that day and they explained that they did this to thank God because the Israelites were freed from Pharaoh, the king of Egypt at that time, on that day.                                        The prophet told them that he and his followers had the right to fast on that day, more than the Jews. He ordered the Muslims to fast on Ashura, but they must fast one day ahead of it or one day before.

In Hadeeth, the fasting of Ashura atones the sins of the previous year. It also commemorates with the martyrdom of Al Hassan bin Ali, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Some Muslims consider it a sad day.                                                       We  fast to gain the favor of Allah and wipe the sins of the previous year. I am posting it to remind my fellow Muslims about it. But they can fast tomorrow and the day after. 

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  • Yea,, many moslem people do it in ashura. That's sunnah which means moslem people don't have to do it in ashura but who do it will get so much kindness and advatages. 

  • enriching post  thank you for  the share..

    • Aap acha urat, mod. Nadira! You are a good lady, may God bless you. Welcome mod. Nadira.

  • Good to read 😊

    • Tumara merhbani, Syed! Bahut bahut shukriya. lekin tumara, I meant your name is rare in your country. In our country, we have many people of that name. Nevertheless, thanks for your nice comment on Ashura.

  • Dear Dara, I am so thankful for the Blog.

    I have some points to mention.

    As you said, the 10th day of Muharram is considered a sad day. The day the son of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Imam Hussain and his companions were unjustly martyred.

    ISIS (Daesh) is not a new phenomenon. 1400 years ago, just 50 years after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), these so-called "Muslims" called a man of God, Infidel. These savages beheaded Hussein and took his family captive.

    They killed "Imam Hussain" like Jews tried to kill "Prophet Jesus". 

    The Army of Yazid, fasted on this day to celebrate "Killing of an infidel". That's why we never fast on this day or the day before it.

    Look at the following Painting. "heaven fell to the ground" by Hassan Ruholamin.


    • Mumnoon Muhammad! Thanks for the explanation of the martyr of Imam Hussein. As you know, we fast this day because Allah saved Prophet Moses and his followers from the tyrant Pharaoh. Therefore,  the day commemorates the two incidents. The infidels, the disbelievers, the faithless have no place on that Day of Judgement. I was just wondering, Khalif Ali ibn Abi Talib had many sons. Why Imam Hussein was chosen from them to be the best. Imam Al-Hassan and Imam Al- Hussein had the same mother. Of course, we pay respect to all of them. May Allah be pleased with them. Thanks again Muhammad for your comment. 

  • i am done with my fasting today for 2 days..  =) 

    • Saya harap kamu baik, Fizzy. Ashura for Muslims Sunnis is different from Muslims Shias. May Allah accept our fasting. Thanks for your comment on Ashura. 

  • Ashura is the tenth day of the month of Muharram in the Hijri calendar, and it is called by Muslims the Day of Ashura, which is the day on which God delivered Moses from Pharaoh

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