Deep Grief


I was in love with someone. I went away for a while, when I came back she had been engaged to another man. I went through deep sorrow. Of course, the wheel of life must go and you must get used to that. I do not know how to express myself properly but those lines might reflect something of it. Thanks in advance for your point of view:



Someone help me!

Life is hard,

Your words are harder.

I pretend not to feel,

Under the daily tears,

The anguish is clear.

After you,

I remain in grief.

You are the oppressor,

The grief's getting deeper

The echoes, the squeak

they are against my will.

My heart is silent

who is the healer?

Someone help me.

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  • Shookrun jazeelan ya ustatha Sewar. Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  •      My friend, all what I can say at this moment is: Yes, we never, ever know what we have got until we have lost it. And for sure the pain which follows afterwards, not only is unbearable, but also it haunts us down and become our own shadow wherever we go, unless we have the strength to run away from its golden cage and flay high and high to free ourselves from its memory. Never loose the opportunity. Yes it would be hard mission but for our mental and physical health, it is worthy.

         Finally my friend, there is always a new life begins for us with every second. So, let us go forward joyously to meet it. God bless you and your beloved Fatima.

    • La akhfeeki ya ustatha Sewar, alalam kan shadeed! It is true, the pain was so great and I was hit deeply in that little pump at the left side of my chest. Of course, it was an experience and it is no longer there. I am speaking about more than forty years ago. That was a long time ago.

      As you said, my wife, Fatima is all I have now and my children. I am glad that my eldest daughter had her bachelor's degree and she is waiting for a job to come. God bless Sewar and her respected family. Thank you. 

    •      Thanks a lot for your nice comment. Congratulations for your beloved daughter. I am sure that; when you became a father, and you heard your daughter’s voice, you would feel that this little one are akin to every drop in your veins; that she is the very flower  of your life and you will cleave so closely to her in so much you seem to feel every movement that she makes.

           In return, I am pretty sure that, she should be thankful for your believing in her abilities and talents.  And furthermore, for her only knew of the meaning of the real happiness, which it lies in your love and the certainty of your care.

           Finally my friend, God bless you and your nice family as well. By the way, with all my respect my friend, what is your real name; Salah or Dara? Frankly, I am confused. Thanks in advance.

    • Bilmunasaba, Fatima tahib tagraa kalamik alhilu ya ustatha Sewar. She told me that you came from a good family and your people knew how to raise you well. My daughter also likes your nice words. Even my sons say who is Sewar!

      The good word is like medicine. It goes directly into the heart and makes its magic on it. Thanks for your nice comment on Deep Grief. May God bless you and your family.

    • Mara tanya, shookran aala ataaleeg aljameel ya ustatha Sewar! I really appreciate your nice words. By the way, Fatima is sending you her greetings. She read your comments and she told that she liked you a lot.

      Don't forget to extend my regards to your family and friends. Thanks again, and God bless you and your people.

    • Dara is my internet name. I shall come back to reply to the rest of your nice words later. Thanks again.

    •      Really I respect your choice to have an internet name. It seems you like this, no shame of that. Doing what you like is kind of freedom. And liking what you do is sort of happiness. May happiness blooms at your life time for ever after, and your family’s life time as well. God bless you my friend.

    • Wa anti kathalik ya ustatha Sewar, Rabana yajaal Ayamik kuluha surur. My wife, Fatima read your hopeful lines and she was very happy. She told me to extend her greetings to your respected husband and the rest of your family. Thanks again and God Bless Sewar and her family.


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