Hackers steal your personal information. Hackers embedded security database server. Hackers may try to steal your data and many other messages like that. We find these things on the internet. The people who do that are programmers or genius people. They might be even philosophers of their time.  They do technical things that hinder us from accessing our accounts. they get illegal access to our computers. It becomes complicated, or even difficult to access our accounts.  

 Of course, we heard the story about the hackers who invaded the global system, about two or three years ago. Governments complained about this. The hackers wanted a ransom. I am not sure how the matter ended. The good people repaired the illegal access to their computers. Then, it was over at that time. On the news,  the story of Russia and the United States' computers invasion is not far. The controversy is still going on. The diplomats between the two countries are still working on it to settle the matter.

Hackers can do good things. They can even help to create things for our future generations, but deep down, I guess it is only to show us that the world is full of good and bad. Why do they use illegal ways,  instead of legal ones? What is the benefit they gain from that? Is it money? They can do it the other way. They can earn it, and we will be grateful for them. Some people question the appropriateness of this practice. Nevertheless, It is life and its paradoxes. 


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  •             In the previous comment I mentioned that hackers are selfish people. I want to calrify to why I said that. The main point is that while they are doing it they do not think of the outcome of their acts. In addition, they tend not to care about the victims feelings or surroundings. All what they care about is giving themselves the pleasure of reading others secrets. God bless you my friend.

    • .................. giving themselves the pleasure of reading others secrets. God bless you my friend.

      which is prohibitted in all norms and ethicks of social life.

    • Doosri or tesree dafa, main bola, yei acha nahi hain. Why do they do it? God bless you, Mr. Mishaikh.

    • Hatha kalam sahih ya ustatha Sewar. They do not care about the feelings of the other people. You absolutely right about it. God bless you and your family as well. Many thanks, 

  • Alf shukr ya ustatha Rosemary! Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • Kulick zoag ya ustatha Sewar! Thanks for pressing the like button.

  •          My friend, in my humble opinion, these kind of people are selfish. They feed their selfishness from others secrets, pain and fear. And unfortunately, we help them to continue what they start by sometimes enjoying listening to such gossips. In addition, we tend to keep quiet about such acts due to our fear. We are always afraid from what others would think about us if our secrets are exposed. This is human being nature. No shame of that.

             As a supportive family, all families must have this characteristic, if any member of our family happened to him or her this kind of abuse we have to support them instead of blaming them about their secrets and we have to inform the cybersecurity people. God bless you.

    • Anti muhiggah ya ustatha Sewar! They are indeed selfish ones. They take advantage of their talent to intimidate us. Of course, we do not know how to cope with computers as they do.  Here is the difference between them and the laypeople like us. our knowledge is limited to certain features.

      They know how to access our devices illegally and get their noses into our affairs. Naturally, we have our secret information and we do not want nosy people to interfere. Thanks, my respected lady for your meaningful comment.


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