Paris VS Bayern during COVID- 19


Last night, I watched the final champions league  match of (uefa) between Bayern Munich  and Paris saint Germain. It ended one nil for the German team. It is their sixth European title. The match began under closed doors and no fans to spur  any team. The decision was part of the proactive actions, which seek to stem the spread of COVID-19 The chances were equal.

At the start of the first half, Neymar with a nice pass from Mbappe tried but the goalkeeper denied him. The German team retaliated with a counter attack but the post helped PSG. Kylian Mbappe lost a golden opportunity towards the end of the first half. Neymar was brought down after the start of the second half which led to a brawl in the pitch. At last, the head of Kingsley Coman finished us.

I wanted to jump and break our only television in the house. My wife told me to stop that. I was furious and angry. I wanted the French team to win. I don't know why? It seems to me that I do not know how to support the good play, or maybe I am just a fanatical admirer of nothing.

It is true that I like football but my concentration is only on individuals like Messi, Neymar, or Mbappe. I discovered that was a mistake, a big one. The team is not just an individual. It is a group of people working together. Congratulations to the winners. 

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  • Bayern Munich star Kingsley Coman won the best player award in the final match, for the levels he presented against the Parisian team, not to mention scoring the winning goal for his team in the 59th minute of the second half.

    • Almushkila, Kingsley Coman faransawee minana. Kingsley Coman is French. I wanted him to let the French team win. I was afraid of their Brazilian striker but Coman surprised me. Thanks, Ahmed for your comment. 

  • Neymar da Silva was greatly affected by the loss of Paris Saint-Germain against Bayern Munich, in the Champions League final, where he shed tears after the end of the match and appeared to be sad while climbing to the podium, to get the silver medal.   Neymar da Silva was one of the worst players in the match, as he did not provide the desired level, and he lost most of the balls that reached him in the offensive third, and wasted an opportunity to score at the beginning of the match.

    • Mashkoor ya Ahmed! Ana shuft Neymar yabki! It was true, Neymar was very sad and he was crying. His team was dreaming of winning this champions league tournament for the first time. They were not lucky. There was too much pressure on him, Ahmed. The eyes of the world were watching at him and him alone. That kept the pressure so tense on him. Di Maria did not try to invest this correctly. Thanks, Ahmed for your nice comment.

  • It's sad that there are no supporters for each team. I hope that the situation will change and people will live as they lived before.It's not bad to be fanatical adherent of a football team if you behave accordingly. - index
    • Ifgaristo poly Anastasia!  My only condolences are the audience. I just kept telling myself about the fans. Did you know that I did not have my last meal last night? I was so angry and could not stand anything. I hope this pandemic will move away soon. Thanks, Ana for your nice and sympathetic comment. 

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