The price of Democracy


What is democracy? It is a control of an organization or a group by the majority of its members. Indeed it is a system of government by the whole people or the eligible ones of the country. It usually happens in elections. Typically, through elected representatives.

Our people are out in the streets for more than four weeks in a peaceful demonstration demanding democracy.  They did not want military rule. They wanted a civilian one. Our people ousted the previous dictator from power and a transitional government was born so that after two years, elections would be held and a civilian government would be elected by the people and see the light.

Two weeks ago, a coup was made and the army wanted the power for itself. Our generals in Sudan want authority for themselves. Many people died and others were wounded. They were wounded in their bodies and in their feelings too. Their mistake was that they wanted to live in a democratic society. 

 Many voices from the world were heard. The African Union, European Union, America, and some other countries called on both military and civilian people to negotiate and reach some sort of a general agreement or consensus.

Prime ministers of both New Zealand and England commented on our peaceful demonstration, even queen Elizabeth admired that performance of the people. Our people are calling for a civilian democratic system, I wonder if they are asking too much.


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  • Hi, Dara. Many democratic countries had victims for asking for democracy. Dictators and their armies don't want to lose their power, so they do everything for that. It is normal for citizens to ask for democracy because they want to choose their leader to improve their lives.

    The world must support people who ask for democracy and warn dictators and their armies to keep human rights. I hope that your country will go a good way.

    • Domo arigato Tam. I shall come back to answer you later. Thanks for your nice wishes.

  • Spasibo Chemistry! Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks again.

  • It's a bit tough question.. Isn't that? In my opinion, in the first case unstable economy easily collapse democracy.

    • Thanks, Chemistry for your nice comment. I hope to be one of your friends.


  • Ahib Allah, wa ahib alkalimah aljameela, jamal rouhik ya ustatha Sewar! Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • Ana amshi fain min kalamik attaiyb ya Rosemary. Thanks for pressing the like button.

  •      Democracy……….What a splendor word it is. In every time people always hunger to its taste. And they hardly struggle to gain it, in order to have a promising future to themselves and to their children. Even though, from the depth of their core, they know that, the whole experience left nothing but a bad taste in their mouths, but they do not hesitate to offer their lives to be its dowry.

         In my theory, democracy means; respect others’ opinions, religion, nationalities and characters. Unfortunately, we have a deep lack of its definition. Even between our family members. So, we need to teach our children, not only, how to memorize its identification, but also, how to practice it in reality. So when they grow up, they can make the change in the future.

         Finally my friend, God bless you, your family and your country as well.

    • Hatha athamun gali katheer ya ustatha Sewar. The dowry for democracy is very expensive. By paying your life for it. I agree with you, my lady. Sacrifice is necessary in these cases. People for their children pay too much. They do not care about the consequences. They want to build a nice future for their young ones.    

      Teaching democracy to our children is a good idea. I really like that. Your idea is very promising. teaching them to respect others' opinions is something very important. You have raised nice and useful points to be added there. Thanks, Sewar, and God bless you too.


  •  May Allah protects our brothers and sisters in Sudan

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