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  • Hello Mayumi!
    How are you?
  • Magandang happun Mayumi, saan ka nagaling? Long time no talk. I hope you are in a good condition. 

  • Wishing you an awesome comeback, Mayumi! Thank you for commenting on my blog and discussion. Stay safe! :)
  • Mara ming salamat Kaibigan kochi. I'm glad to be one of your friends. Can you see my blog, The Wedding and give us your point of view? Thanks again. Dara Dara
  • Kamusta Mayumi, ako sandali ikaw. I hope to be one of your friends.

  • For my new sweet friend. ^^
  • Dear Mayumi,

    Many thanks for your comment on my wall. Glad to meet you! ^_^


  • Mayumi, ikaw talaga maganda, guto ko kaibigan mo. I hope to be one of your friends. Can you see my blog, The Wedding and give me your point of view?

  • Dear friend Mayumi,Thank you very much for liking my poem & it's encourage for me.

  • Hi, Mayumi, 
    Thank you for your comment about you like this song. 
    I also just like listening to this song very April. because, it reminds me of what I was having a date with my wife for a long time ago.  If you don't mind me saying, please have a lot of fun memories. Have a nice day.  

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